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Monday 3 May 2021

SNP hatred of England

 What motivates the Scottish Nationalist Party?

They have been adamant that they want to leave a union of four countries to join a union of twenty-eight with the attendant loss of representation. They will have seen the relative poor performance of the EU with acquisition and distribution of drugs in the face of the Covid epidemic and yet the warning light hasn't been noticed. They continue to insist they will be better off despite a hard border with the rest of the UK, the need to adopt the Euro as currency, the falling revenue from oil and gas and the  fact that many Scots work in England.

This dogmatic insistence that Scotland leaves the United Kingdom cannot be as a consequence of reasoned argument. No! Surely it is down to a five century hatred of the English and the, for them, uncomfortable fact the the UK seat of Government is in Westminster. It sticks in the Scottish craw that  Holyrood isn't the ultimate arbiter of Scottish rule, a hurt that persists from the Scottish loyalty to the Rome based Pope and French alliances in the sixteenth century rather than the Protestant kings and queens.

It simply doesn't matter how well the EU does; it doesn;t matter how prosperous the Nation becomes; what matters is that Scotland and its folk do not appear to be under the English yoke, a half a millennium chip on the shoulder that will never go away. The SNP simply hate the English.

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