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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Freedom to speak the truth versus religious dogma.

 The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has asked Islamic countries to boycott Western states that allow the alleged, blasphemous characterisations of the prophet Mohammed.

So strong is his apparent belief in the prophet's veracity, I wonder that he ever, in quiet moments, considers why the non-muslim West seems so much more advanced than the Islamic States. Surely, under the guidance of their God they should be more advanced in technology and civilisation. The English speaking West has seemingly prospered despite the Qu'ran being written in Arabic. Why? Has he ever considered why, since the days of the Prophet, there has been no further clarification of the position, no further advice on whether Muslims should follow the Sunni or Shia practice. They are killing one another and yet no intervention from Him on high. There has been nothing, a deafening silence from the Almighty for millennia and yet to listen to the likes of Imran Khan we are talking of an omnipotent god.. 

To Imran Khan what I've said may be blasphemous but nonetheless is true. What he proposes is that freedom to speak the truth about religion should be outlawed whilst embracing, in the twenty-first century, the unverified 'truth' of religious dogma.

This blog maintains that religious belief in gods, unverified by rigorous scientific evidence, should be abandoned whilst adopting  a view that living bodies especially advanced forms have a spiritual dimension allowing for an understanding of the supernatural and the abstract. It is the view of this blog that churches and other places of worship should cease to pander to imaginary gods and instead heal the spiritually unwell in the same way that hospitals cater for the physically ill.

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