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Tuesday 20 April 2021

Football Betrayal

 In 2012 this blog lamented the sale of so many British companies to overseas buyers and investors.

Yesterday we heard of the formation of the European Super League, supported by the UK's top six clubs, mostly foreign owned, which will destroy the fabric of Football in Europe. This betrays the trust of fans who have followed their clubs for as long as a hundred and fifty years and is one of the bedrocks of communities. But what do the owners care? Nothing comes in the way of their greed. One feels that the prime motivators are the Americans. Dissatisfied that their sporting franchises cannot match the 4 billion global fans who regularly support (real) football the Americans turn to Europe. It is no surprise that the whole shebang is being backed by JP Morgan, an American Bank with global reach. Why should they do it? Simple: greed, unadulterated greed and an eye for the creation of a global brand. As for the fans; they don't give a damn about the people that turn out every week to support the Club they love.


Liverpool fc:  Fenway Sports Group. US

Manchester United fc: Manchester Utd fc. Major shareholders, Glazer family US

Manchester City fc: Sheik Mansour. Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates

Chelsea:  Roman Abramovich. Russia.

Arsenal: KSE, 100% owned by Stanley Kroenke US

Tottenham Hotspur: ENIC. Major shareholder Daniel Levy. UK 

As a Manchester City supporter I hope that all resources will be mobilised to repel this odious development that essentially removes the element of competition and promotes 'elitism'. This in turn means that for the chosen clubs there can be no prospect of failure and therefore eternal economic prosperity.

Throughout the lockdown due to the covid epidemic, watching football has been a joy for millions.

People not greed should motivate FIFA, UEFA and the UK government to stop this disgrace.  

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