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Monday 29 November 2021

Christmas present idea

 It's that time of year again. What to do about presents, particularly for those who have everything.?

Why not give a book? Why not give one of my books; there's plenty of choice and they're not bad, or so I'm told.

Please go to my Amazon page to see the titles:

(Apart from 'Antiquities Roadshow they are not suitable for young children).

for those living in and around Mojacar I am happy to sign copies. 

Monday 22 November 2021

Creeping insurgency

 From as long ago as 2015 this blog has been suggesting that a 'Trojan Horse' strategy has been at work in the UK but now we have seen evidence that the next stage in the exercise is at hand. Please see previous blogs:

What has changed? I suggest that the vilification of British institutions, most recently, Yorkshire County Cricket Club, is the most strident demonstration that the next phase in the take-over of the UK is underway. As suggested in the earlier blogs the first phase was the absorption into the populace of peoples from abroad complete with their different cultures and values. Of course when numbers were small it made little impact but a toehold was made. Indeed, small numbers of immigrants were probably beneficial, allowing for an introduction of fresh blood and genetic strengthening of the population. Over the decades, immigration increased but the emphasis changed from mostly Christian folk from Commonwealth and English speaking countries to Muslim people escaping the ravages of war and poverty. It must be borne in mind that in the move they brought with them the baggage of their past including their religion which endured over the generations. One cricketer of Pakistani origin objected to being called a 'p**i' yet was discovered to have sent antisemitic messages when he was younger. That hypocrisy was overlooked as sponsors deserted the hapless cricket club in numbers, dismantling a century of glorious history and sporting goodwill.

Now the numbers of non Anglo-Saxon peoples in the Country and their sympathisers have swelled to a new, critical level where they can start to challenge British culture, British value and even British history in an attempt to demean the indigenous population. They have begun to devalue the glorious British history and dismantle the statues and symbols of a past that brought great advances and civilisation to huge swathes of the globe. The immigrants and their heirs are beginning to cast off their obligations, as guests, to adopt the British way of life and take on the mantle of conquerors and impose their way of life. The Black Lives Matter movement is a manifesation of this change and so too the introduction of Black History in some schools possibly suggesting that to be white is somehow, shameful.

We have reached a critical point. The British people, welcoming and generous by nature will only stand so much of this treachery. They see a thousand more immigrants a day arriving at the UK shores, mostly Muslim from Iraq, Syria and others with no serious attempt to return them as they claim 'human rights' to resist repatriation. Is it time for the UK to adopt a more hardline approach? Is it time to be nasty to be kind? Is it time to say enough is enough like some other Countries? The Prime Minister's remit is to protect the people of the UK, its history and culture, not the rest of the world and time is running out for him to act.

Politicians looking to the polls are reluctant to speak out for fear of being branded 'racist' or 'fascist'. New Parties will spring up with new leaders, dubbed right wing and probably proscribed. With nowhere to go the people will react and it will not be pretty.


Tuesday 9 November 2021

Is our universe unique?

Is there any other universe like ours?

The Davies Hypothesis suggests that dual universes emerge from an absolute nothingness called the Pleroma according to the equality: 

P = 0 =  f [ (±x)² + (±ix)²] where 'i' is the square root of minus one.

Here we have nothing composed of something, two seemingly positive terms cancelling each other out. but how do we get a universe? The 'x' could refer to anything; a cabbage for example, but this is very unlikely to result in a viable universe.

 I suggest that 'x' represents the very ingredients and recipe for making a viable (dual) universe including all the laws of nature we observe? Although there are endless possibilities, the pleroma is eternal and infinite, very few result in a successful, viable universe suggesting that perhaps ours is a unique solution, making us, as witnesses, very special indeed.

If it is a unique combination of physical constants then other viable universes would be made of the same elements as ours, obey the same rules of nature, etc, but evolution may have followed a completely different path, possibly rendering such a universe as unrecognisable. 

I suggest that because ‘x’ is possibly the same in all viable (dual) universes, impingement and coalescence may occur. One can infer from that that in some far off reaches of our universe, too far to be identified, there may be vestiges of a totally alien world including life.