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Thursday 29 December 2011

Value for money.

Thomas Cook, a travel company in trouble are advertising their summer holidays at prices reduced by £400. I presume that the resorts are similarly reducing their charges to the travel companies. In the face of this severe recession the time has come for firms in all businesses, not only holiday companies, to start offering value for money and this means ditching the management by accountants philosophy. The accountant's way of running businesses, where only the bottom line counted, has got to stop and management must revert to operating as they once did; supplying goods and services because they want to run a business that meets the requirements of customers, is ethical and satisfies their own need to be successful without being greedy.
Accountants should be at the service of companies, not running them. This should be left to the experts in the field who can continue to innovate, search for new solutions and new customers, regardless of the risk and the annual profit. But what about the share price, I can hear you ask? The share price will drop if profits are not maintained. This is the problem. It doesn't work; shareholders, although owners, had NO say in the running of the companies, particularly executive salaries that have gone through the roof in recent years. Stuff it! It's about time that a new system of raising money was found. One where the senior management of companies do not form a closed shop network that protect their interests at the expense of the true owners.
For too long, Companies have been stifled by constraints imposed by well meaning but ideologically challenged accountants that have no place in the marketplace. Value for money and customer satisfaction should be the new mantra and this goes for Government and town halls as well. Get rid of waste; stop paying union representatives to do union work at the public expense; stop expensive junkets and perks for civil servants and cancel all twinning expenses as a waste of time. The taxpayer and ratepayer should be at the forefront of those who receive value for money and those who run public bodies should do well to remember it. 'But we won't get the quality of management we need if we pay the bosses less', I hear you say. Balderdash! There are thousands of men and women who can run the Councils at half the salaries of those currently employed. It is precisely this mentality that is undermining the way of life of millions of citizens who are sick to the back teeth of paying more for less. Rates are up but the bins are only emptied once a fortnight. It's a disgrace. People in the Public domain should be thankful they are in employment and demonstrate their appreciation by doing more to give their citizens a better deal for their money, remembering it ought to be a privilege to serve the people.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Trial by jury

A nineteen year old student has been sent to jail for two weeks for non attendence in court. On the fifth day of a trial he went to London with his mother to watch a show. Not only did he hold up a trial thereby increasing the expense of administering the law, but also the other eleven jurors who have lost a day out of their lives.
It's about time the expensive anachronism of trial by jury was consigned to history. There is no need for this extra degree of supervision in administering what passes for justice. The prosecution service vet all cases to the extent that only those with a good chance of success go through to trial so that in the majority of cases, those before the judge are guilty as charged. Why waste time and money on twenty or more people who have better things to do with their time such as working to put bread on the table. (They start with twenty to reach a final twelve) A recent trial was ended and the jury retired to consider their verdict. It took one minute for them all to decide on a guilty verdict but not wishing to look too precipitate in their decision, played cards for an hour before the foreman called a court official to say that they were ready.
For too long British justice has  erred on the safe side, the British taxpayer bearing the cost of 'justice'. Now the costs are too high, barristers and solicitors eager to get ther hands on the public purse. The Minister of Justice should put an end to this practice of trial by jury-most of the jurors cannot understand some of the cases in any case- and leave the judgement to trained arbiters either singly or, for more important and complicated cases, in twos or threes.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Supermassive black holes

A report in the Telegraph today says that supermassive black holes ten billion times bigger than our sun have been discovered 300 million light years away. To see the report click on the link below:-

Supermassive black holes

The existence of such huge natural phenomena are difficult to explain in terms of the current cosmological theories but are entirely to be expected in the New Cosmology I have postulated. Old theory suggests that our universe began 14 billion years ago with the Big Bang, when all matter was created from a singularity. In this timescale it appears unlikely that such large Black Holes that have been discovered could form.

My New Cosmology suggests that the universe was created by a different mechanism about that time but since has been coalescing with other, some younger and some much older universes that share common physical properties. Since this formation of universes has an infinite and eternal past and future, some of those melded with our own will be huge by comparison. Galaxies and Black Holes from within all the coalesced universes are free to intermingle causing much of the galactic activity recently discovered.

To find out more go to site at: and follow the links to my website.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

New World Order

Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Sarkozy of France, the present leaders of the countries defeated in  World War II, this weekend set out the timetable for their eventual take over of Europe. It beggers belief and would, I'm sure, disappoint many of those that gave up their life in the great wars of the twentieth century. The British PM must get the UK out of political union while he can.
I can't help but think that this development is exactly what those who set up the Common Market had in mind all along. It is part of the process to establish the New World Order by subjugating all nations to a small, all powerful body of suprawealthy people and their organisations. One can see how easy it is to spread panic amongst the individual nations by manipulating the markets particularly with energy. A doubling of oil prices, now, would pretty much destroy most economies and lead to rioting in the streets. There's nothing like having the people revolt before you move in and take over.
The formation of post war Europe has been a tortuous road from the beginnings in 1949 with the formation of the European Council, through the Treaty of Paris in 1951 which established the EEC and eventual British membership in 1973, bitterly opposed by the ungrateful French. Spain joined in 1977 and in 1993, the Maastrict Treaty was signed creating the forerunner of the enlarged European Union we have today. More than twenty-five different countries with their cultures, history, beliefs and aspirations, each with their own national Governments, trying to live together in peace and harmony. It was never going to work but that didn't stop the people who are ultimately behind this process from going ahead, ignoring all opposition, and achieving what could never have been done against each country individually. In Ireland a referendum on a treaty had to be retaken until the people voted to accept, having earlier rejected it. The politicians are complicit in this scandal and Cameron must be compelled to ignore the siren calls for compliance and pull back.
In 2002, with the introduction of the Euro, the powers that be played their masterstroke and the countdown to inevitable failure had begun. First it was Greece, followed by Ireland and other Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain. The Greeks people now have to suffer years of austerity as a condition of German financial help. Ireland have already submitted their new proposed budget to the Germans for approval and Italy have replaced their President at the behest of the EEC chiefs. These are early days but already Democracy is being replaced by stealth and the people of the EEC are going to find themselves ruled from Brussels before too long and they will be powerless to respond. One of the original joys of Europe was the diversity of the different peoples and their ways of life. How DO you get a Spaniard brought up with the 'mañana' mentality to adjust to the 'just in time' philosophy of industry. Do you even want to? Why would you want to go to a country for a peaceful and relaxing holiday only to discover that it's exactly the same as back home?
It's not only Europe that's being dismantled. The Arab countries are seeing a new order and it's just possible it is all being orchestrated by the same people as wish to subdue the Europeans. It's strange that it's all going on at the same time.
Who are these people, hellbent on domination? Who has the ambition to ultimately hold all the power? Many have suggested a conspiracy based on the Bilderberg group although to me it seems to behave like a cloud of starlings swirling in different formations with everchanging personnel. Others say that only an entity as wealthy as the Holy Roman Catholic Church, on their own or collaborating with others, could make a difference. Then, of course, there are the aliens! Whoever they are, they are out there plotting and the consequences, as we have already seen, are unlikely to be good news for the ordinary man in the street.

Monday 5 December 2011

Feckless or Successful?

A thirty-four year old Dundee man has fifteen children by fourteen different women with a possible two more on the way. Since he is on benefits he cannot maintain any of them so that his 'harem' is supported by the tax payers. He has been described as 'feckless' by the newspapers but looked at in a different light, he might be a success. In the future he will be able to trace his biological line over a huge swathe of the population  in the same way that Genghis Khan's genes are said to be present in a large percentage of Asian people. Compare that  with most people of merit who restrict their progeny to the customary one or two and you can see that in next decades the numbers descended from his seed will swell to such a level that one ought to ask whether or not he did, after all, do well. How could I say that, you ask? Well! Man, like every other living thing, flora or fauna, follows the same simple path of:-  1. Being born. 2. Maturing. 3. Reproducing. 4. Dying.
I suggest this man is excelling at stage three!

He excuses his behaviour by saying that he is only complying with the Bible's instruction to 'Go forth and multiply' and, worryingly, it seems that there is no end to the numbers of women, presumably single, who want to be with child by this man. He is a one-man fertility service with presumably a high success rate. For a woman who wants to fulfill her biological need to have a family but has been unable to find a partner, he must seem a godsend. (On a darker note it is conceivable that a married woman, unable to conceive naturally with her sterile husband, might use his services and pass off the resulting child as their own.)

This spontaneous, albeit, informal 'harem' in many ways replicates those where they are the custom amongst those who can afford them. The dominant male keeps many women for the purpose of either pleasure or siring a large number of children. These women, often daughters of friends and trading partners were provided to cement social or commercial relationships to the mutual advantage of all concerned. It didn't matter what the women looked like or how intelligent they were as long as they satisfied the ruler in any one of several aspects. I can imagine that for some of them, the loss of liberty to choose a mate was offset by being part of a large, companionable family and possibly being spared the fate of lonely spinsterhood.
The point I am trying to make is that harems, natural in some societies, may not be a bad thing as long as the dominant male can afford to keep all the women and their children in comfort and treats them all as equal. The man in Dundee has found a way for the general public to fund his own lifestyle. Who is the fool? The man or the taxpayer?

Friday 2 December 2011

The Clarkson 5000

Never mind what TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson said, who were the five thousand idiots that complained to the BBC? I think we ought to know who they are and who or what they represent. Of course Clarkson didn't want to see public executions for strikers but he was putting into words that were unequivocal what millions of other people were thinking; that the civil service strikers were out of order to hold the country to ransom when the private sector is suffering so much more in the recession. The Union leaders are in fact blackmailing the country by insisting that unless the excellent offer made by the Government is increased to unaffordable levels they will bring chaos to the administration of the country. All this on a vote of just 30-40% of the workforce. You can see a political element at work here that wouldn't have been seen if the Socialists were in power.
It is time to curb the power of the Unions yet further and make individuals responsible for their own destiny. Withholding of Labour should not be acceptible without a corresponding employers right to withhold a job. Furthermore, going on strike should be seen as a breech of a person's employment contract and make them liable to instant dismissal, especially if their going on strike leads to others, innocents, being adversely effected such as working parents when schools were closed.

As Clarkson, so rightly pointed out, if a person doesn't like the terms of his employment he or she has the right to resign and seek more favourable employment elsewhere. It's not difficult, is it, but self determination appears to be an alien concept to at least five thousand people.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Bribery and Croatia

The more I hear Nigel Farage the more I like him. If only Cameron had half this man's balls.

Television programming

Has anyone else noticed that evening television programmes at the moment are becoming more like daytime programmes in that they require an IQ of a goldfish to enjoy or appreciate. At the moment I'm struggling to find something watchable besides University Challenge.

Come on television companies! Lack of cash or advertising revenue shouldn't mean that we have to put up with pap. Half the problem is that programmes are introduced or presented by people who although photogenic are frankly pathetic. Let's end the celebrity (but brainless) culture and introduce the idea that educated people are the real models by putting brains before bosoms and become realistic about remuneration of so called 'stars'. Don't dumb down but aim to educate and inform the viewers with programs that stretch the mind and broaden horizons.

Oh! And by the way I'm sick of natural history programs about apes.