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Monday, 15 October 2018

Monarchy update

This blog sends congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the announcement of their impending parenthood and to Eugenie, daughter of the Duke of York, on the occasion of her marriage.
To those who would end the monarchy in the UK I would say who else would bring so much joy and pleasure to the population as shown over the weekend? Who else would give so much joy and pleasure to the people of Australia, new Zealand and the Pacific islands of Fiji and Tonga? Some unknown Republican in a suit? The monarchy is a unifying force for good, not only in the UK but around the world with whom our sceptred isles wish to trade.
Long live the Queen.

Friday, 12 October 2018

The evidence for the existence of souls

That there is an 'afterlife' is a question that has haunted mankind almost from the beginning. It lies behind so many myths, stories, superstitions from as many different countries and cultures that it is legitimate to ask if there is some basis of truth behind the belief. The common conception of the afterlife is that on death, life somehow continues, often in the form of a soul that escapes the body.
The idea was, almost from the beginning, hijacked by the priestly classes to promote their own ambitions, deriving images of heaven and hell to coerce the living into accepting their divine privilege to control.
The idea of a heaven and hell is an example of the two world reality of the universe as posited by Plato with his 'phenomenal' and 'noumenal' halves; the one we exist in and another, unknowable, a theme taken up by Kant who described the latter as 'transcendental'.
So; is there another world; another part to our universe and if so, what part, if any, does it play in the 'afterlife' story?
The Davies Hypothesis suggests that our universe is a duality because nature's prerogative to express absolute nothingness (pleroma) as a positive/ negative balance. What evidence do we have that nature does this? Because of nature's delicious paradox that there are TWO valid solutions to the square root of one; plus and minus one.
Could it be that we exist in one part and that the afterlife exists in the other? What is the evidence?
The Davies Hypothesis shows that nature doesn't only observe the reality of there being two solutions to the square root of one but rather that there are four valid answers to the fourth roots of one, two real (or rather one real & one 'unreal') and two imaginary, based on the square root of minus one, 'i'. We think of a length as 'real' and positive, only. Nature dictates that a length can be described in three extra, unsensed dimensions, two of which survive the transition from pleroma to dual universe.
For further discussion of this I refer readers to my book (Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions) or the series of short videos on you tube.(see link above)
Suffice to say that we exist in one part (positive) of a dual universe and the other part can be construed as being negative. This also includes the dimension of time, the negative time being reconciled, as per Heideggar, with the past.
However, as these dimensions all act at right angles (orthogonal) with respect to each other there can, therefore, be no 'trespassing'. Negative time, equating with the past, does not, therefore, mean we can go back in our own time-line. We cannot travel to the past. The past is something else but is it the repository of souls?
I think not. I suggest that souls have been conflated with character which is passed on; not at death but with procreation. Further, character is a trait of consciousness, the manifestation of the brain working in three dimensions of time.
By adopting this point of view we can suggest that following clinical death and before decay sets in, the brain still functions in 'imaginary' time, that responsible for dreaming, allowing some perception by the 'deceased' of tunnels of white light, gardens etc. The character of a person is an amalgam of nature and nurture, nature allowing the inheritance of a prior character (including memory) from a forebear from either parents. This ancestor, itself the product of a previous ancestor, can be many generations older. It is this that I believe has been confused with soul. Nurturing ensures that this character is always 'of the time'. Souls therefore reside in the continuous line of inherited genes in our world.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Plato's dual universe explained

Let me start with a statement of the existence of a universe, 'u'.
u = u
Using the usual rule for equations we can now say:
u - u = 0
We can further say:
u + (-u) = 0             Note coefficients of terms, +1 & -1, the square roots of one
Multiplying both sides by 'u', we have:
u² + (-u²) = 0
We can go further by introducing complex terms:
u² + (iu)² = 0        where 'i' is the square root of minus one
I suggest this recognises the duality of the universe as posited by Plato. His 'phenomenal' world is represented by the 'real' term 'u' whilst his 'noumenal' universe, the unknowable part, described by Kant as 'transcendental', can be seen to be represented by the complex term, 'iu'.

The equation can be further refined as:
 (±u)² + (±iu)² = 0     Note the coefficients, +1, -1, +i, -i, the fourth roots of one.

The statement suggests that the dual universe sums to zero, the absolute nothingness from which it emerged a vindication of Plato's idea.

It also is a vindication of the Davies Hypothesis regarding the roots of one, unity.

For more details read my book, Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions (see margin).
Or refer to my series of short talks on you tube:

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Marr- May interview Sept 2018

It is not, in my view, the BBC's role to hold the Government of the day to account. That is the job of Her Majesty's official opposition, currently the Labour Party. It was astonishing, therefore, that the BBC's presenter, Andrew Marr, should conduct an embarrassingly awful interview of the Prime Minister, so partisan it went beyond the bounds of politeness. Apart from repeatingly asking the same unanswerable questions of the type, 'what if..?.', he resorted to Corbyn's tactic of not listening to replies but asking the same fixed questions, rudely interrupting or talking over his 'guest'. At one point, referrring to a 'Grauniad' video of a Windrush 'victim', he vehemently prosecuted his view that came across as suggesting the PM, a former Home Secretary, was personally responsible for some sort of war crime.
For her part, Mrs May, tried to keep her temper but should have been firmer in dealing with the presenter's rudeness and frankly crass ignorance. Her Government's duty is to protect the Nation and that includes its financial well being. In this way the Government looks after the best interests of the tax payers. Her program includes weeding out those people who have illegally taken up residence in the Country, claiming benefits and evicting them. It is right and sensible.
If there is an administrative, man-made error, she regrets it but Marr's persistent attempts to  bully her into making some cringingly awkward personal apology was in bad taste. It should be remembered that many of the problems arose because the immigrants were inadequately documented at the time of a Labour Government. It is one thing to be an investigative journalist but another to be a boorish twat.
But then Marr was a Labour man; still is on this evidence, like his employers at the British Bolshevik Corporation..

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Trump's veiled message to the UK

In his speech to the United Nations it seemed to me that POTUS, Donald Trump, had a veiled message for the UK. First he emphasised that the US would always remain sovereign; nobody would dictate the  policies of the Country except the people of America. Unlike the UK who have accepted the law of an undemocratic EU. He seemed to be saying: what's taking you so long to get out? Brexit is a must.
Then he spoke of the benefits of Democracy and trade in building prosperity and banishing poverty around the world. He held up as an example, Venezuela, a Country, once prosperous, bankrupted by the Socialist policies of successive regimes.This at the same time as the Labour Party of the UK were holding their annual conference and John McDonnell, the deputy leader, was outlining his plans, unashamedly Socialist that paid no heed to the failures of the past.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Third of a million

This week marks the one third of a million views of 'Indaloblog'. Thanks to all who have taken the trouble to peruse the various articles. Please forgive me if I hope in the future that some of the views lead to the purchase of one of my very readable books. The best seller lists are full of books written by women; when you've read all the Jeffery Archer and Stephen Leather publications why not turn your attention to my Apsaras books about a Thai refuge or the Beautiful Saigh Valley stories of inns.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Character and DNA by Prof Plomin

American psychologist and geneticist, Professor Robert Plomin has come to a conclusion on what decides one's character. He says:

'DNA accounts for at least half the variance in people’s psychological traits, much more than any other single factor. Put simply, ‘nature’ trumps ‘nurture’ every time, and not just marginally, but by a long, long chalk.'

see Daily Mail report:

This is no more but considerably less than you would have learned by reading:
Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions

This work which challenges scientific orthodoxy, defines (possibly for the first time) consciousness and the primary role of DNA in establishing- along with nurturing - the character of a person. It also, tentatively puts forward an answer to why people sharing the same star sign have similar characteristics.

Not that anyone will take any notice. A copy of the work was mailed to the Daily Mail years ago but went without acknowledgement of receipt let alone a comment.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Motoring or the problems of motoring

With roads in the UK gridlocked and questions about the feasibility of electric cars rife I present the solution as given in my 2009 article in the Reader magazine.

The Ministry of Transport is looking at the problem in the wrong way. We do not need to have electric cars, we need to electrify the roads. In the same way that trolley buses operated, so we upgrade the system and put the electrics underground or under road.

To see how it all works click here

No recharging points or difficulties. Inexpensive. No car crime. No drink driving. No speeding. Policemen can fight crime, not motorists. No parking problems. Like the sound of that then read the bloody article.

Reference is made to my novel, 'Henry Bagshot'. This is available from Amazon under the title of 'The Lamb at Nettlesham'.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Zeno's Arrow Paradox explained


I suggest that Zeno's arrow paradox is more easily explained if you imagine that in our universe, there are three dimensions of time, not one.
The paradox of Zeno suggests that at any point in the arrows flight, it must be stationary, having already arrived at that point no further motion is required. With no duration scheduled for this momentary stop, the arrow can not advance, leaving it stuck mid flight. Some say that there is good reason to assume that the flight never takes place at all, a point taken up by the proponents of Biocentricism. We could now identify the problem as the same as regards the very meaning of the 'present', the here and now.

Where does the 'present' lie if the future extends from  ...well, infinity to now and the past begins immediately and extends back to the 14 bn years of the universe's age. Where lies the present, lodged as it is between the non-existing point at the end of the future and the beginning of the past? Does the 'present' even exist in reality? see diagram.

Using this conventional thinking, the arrow has the past behind it, the future in front of it and no room for the becalmed arrow stuck in the present. So why does the arrow keep flying?

The remedy is to think in three dimensions of time as Martin Heideggar did in the 19/20th century when he argued that everything could be explained with reference to the three aspects of time, the past, the present and the future.

'Real' time is the 'present'. We, and all forms of life exist solely in the present, 'real' time.
'Unreal' time represents the past. We can perceive the past because it was once the 'present' and can recall it with memory.
'Imaginary' time represents the future. Although we can have no 'present' without the future it doesn't, in fact, exist. It never has and never will.

The arrow, according to the Davies Hypothesis     only flies in 'real' time, the present, and because new time is being continuously created as the universe expands, so the present also is continuously renewed. see diagram. The arrow keeps flying.

explains some of the mysteries of quantum mechanics such as conjugate spin, entanglement, the two-slit experiment and Schrödinger's  Cat.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

State of the nation. Summer 2018

An American representative, when asked about the moral backbone of the US, in the wake of recent Trump allegations, said don't talk to me about moral backbone when the Leader of Her Majesty's opposition in the UK was was a raging anti-semite. He might have added: 'and a terrorist sympathiser' with links to Hamas and Hezbollah.
This is the UK today. a laughing stock, because we as a nation have let the idiots out of the asylum. How come we have a Muslim mayor of Sheffield barely arrived in the Country, who in a recent interview didn't remember the name of her Majesty, the Queen. How come the police are more interested in fining motorists for going 1mph of the speed limit but fail to crack down on knife and gun crime. How did it come about that prisoners' rights now outweigh those of victims and who is to blame for them running the prisons as in some South American countries.
How do commentators on tv get away with extolling the virtue of socialism when it is in decline around the world. One recently cited the NHS as an example of successful socialism. No one challenged him by pointing out that the NHS is paid for by hard working people earning a wage and paying taxes, which is capitalism. By companies paying taxes on the hard won profts which is capitalism. How can these stooges get away on telly with their idiocy and lies. This morning, the doubters were out in force saying that a 'no deal' in the Brexit debate would be disastrous; no food, no drugs, no aeroplanes, no trade, destitution and death all round. Firstly a no deal IS a deal; the uk would trade on wto terms. Hardly a defeat. Do these doom merchants have no faith in the British spirit and enterprise. Have they no faith in the British capability of overcoming any adversity to triumph. Like the old Armoured Corp motto: through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond.
The trouble is the UK is increasingly being occupied by peoples who are not British, peoples like the Mayor of Sheffield whose family fled from misery from a country full of losers, but are more likely to vote for a supporter of  Muslim terror groups, thereby perpetuating the problem.
The people of the UK will only take so much nonsense. I can sense the growing dissatisfaction as people frustrated by all attempts to quieten them as racists, fascists well up under a new banner. But who will lead them to the promised green fields?