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Monday, 21 May 2018

Mayor of Sheffield

Further to my blog of 30th April, Sheffield has just elected as Mayor, a man who moved to the UK from Somalia. He is yet another example of a newcomer to the Country who presumes to influence the political life of families who  have lived in the Country for hundreds of generations. Don't misunderstand me, Councillor Magid Magid might well be a very decent, capable man but it is the principle that's at stake here. Under my proposal, his grandchildren, well versed in British culture and values would be entitled to seek public office.
They might bring new perspectives to the job I hear the progressives cry. What they might bring are echoes of the life they left behind, a life of harsh brutality; an alien culture that offered no hope of a better future . They moved to the UK, invariably to find a better life, one crafted by generations of the very people they wish to usurp as leaders. It can't be right.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Bishop Curry's, 'God is love' sermon

Much has been made of the 'God is love' sermon preached by the evangelical preacher, Reverend Bishop Michael Curry, at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. What a load of bollocks that was and overlong in its delivery. God is no more responsible for love than he is of hate.
Why do I think that? Because 'love' can be found in many ways in the animal kingdom; it is not confined to God made mankind, infused with love to further God's work of filling the universe with children. I'm sure we've all witnessed the unconditional love of our pet dogs and seen pictures of the obvious affection held by families of apes. Love evolved because nature deemed it neccessary for the proper nurturing of children, both human and otherwise and because conventional science can't explain it, the good Bishop has kindly stepped in with his glad but erroneous tidings. No matter how passionately he spoke, it was nonsense and I suggest he would have been better advised to talk about the Davies Hypothesis which explains the love/hate condition, for the first time ever quantifying spiritual values.

I hope the good preacher doesn't now go home with his 'By appointment' sticker, drawing more fee paying acolytes  into his Church of wishful thinking although I fear he will be lured by the celebrity status his world-wide talk will attract. Call me a cynic but in this world of mammon, it strikes me that 'God is money' is a more realistic buzz phrase than 'God is love'.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Meghan & Harry

Conratulations to His Royal Highness, the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their marriage today.

This blog is proudly Royalist and today will present a good example of the unifying effect a good monarchy can have on a community regardless of its diversity. The obvious joy of the happy couple will be shared by huge numbers of subjects regardless of their politics, gender, age, sexual orientation and social status. I suggest it serves as a model for those countries suffering social and political upheaval, allowing the people to come together to celebrate what it means to be part of their particular community. The UK (and some other Countries) is lucky to have Queen Elizabeth as their sovereign, a woman who devoted her life in the service of her people, a shining example of how it should be done and what may yet be possible in Countries that once had a Monarchy such as Libya, Iran and Iraq.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

A vision of dystopia

Andrew Gwynne, the Labour Party's campaign co-ordinator says that his party wants to give the message of hope to electors in the next General Election. What, therefore, can the voting public look forward to?
As we reflect on the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth, I ask myself what a vote for Corbyn's Labour Party entails:

The politics of Marxist (Communist) Russia, with millions of innocent deaths.
The economics of Venezuela, with many innocent deaths.
The defence capability of Switzerland and withdrawal from Nato with potential for national disaster
The Rule of Law of the mob. (union flying pickets) leading to civil war.
The State headship of a republic, a President with dissolution of the Monarchy. (see above)
The foreign policy of appeasement and surrender, betraying British values to follow three white feather politics.
The religion of Islam with millions of innocent deaths.

In short, is this not a vision of Dystopia?

Monday, 30 April 2018

Immigrants in power

Well, it was only a matter of time. A perfectly good Secretary of state for the Home Office has been forced out to be replaced by a man whose parents arrived on these shores as immigrants from Pakistan. The former encumbent of the position was hounded out by the Shadow Home Secretary, herself the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica. This blog, whilst recognising that some immigration is beneficial holds the view that positions of political power in the UK should not be open to people whose family have not been fully resident in the UK for three generations or more, including the present. That proviso should also preclude the present Mayor of London standing and others such as the Milibands and Baroness Warsi.
How is it that these newly arrived recipients of UK hospitality see fit to run the Country and legislate for the families who have occupied these sceptred islands for thousands of years. Do they not have any idea how rude this appears, this presumption to come to the UK and tell the indigenous locals how to run their affairs paying particular attention to the welfare of those who have on arrival, contributed nothing to the culture and prosperity. Certainly, those who fought on our side in the war are deserving of special consideration but not to the extent where they influence debate on matters of national importance. The people of the UK have managed quite well without them for millennia; they ought to integrate for a few generations before they qualify in full.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

North Korean expertise

The North Korean President, Kim Jung Un, has said that he'll dismantle his nuclear weapons site in front of observers. This may in part be due to the site partially dismantling itself when a mountain collapsed following a large number of tests in the past year. However, it is interesting to ponder the future of the physicists and engineers employed on the North Korean project. They are experts in this important field and one can't help but wonder if their expertise is a marketable commodity. Can you think of any countries around the world who might want to avail themselves of this skill, paying the impoverished North Koreans plenty of much wanted hard currency?

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Davies Hypothesis LOGO

Some well respected scientist, I can't remember which one, said that the next big idea in physics, the one that could explain the mysteries of science and nature, account for the 'present' and unite the physics of the very small and the very big, should be very powerful but succinct enough to fit on the front of a T-shirt.
Well! here's my contribution: the logo for the Davies Hypothesis. (With thanks to RJD photographia)

The image highlights the four, fourth roots of one, where 'i' is the mathematical symbol for the square root of minus one.

The Davies Hypothesis posits that:
The universe, its creation and evolution is ordered in the way that it is because nature has to take account of ALL the correct answers to the question: what are fourth roots of one, unity?

Friday, 23 March 2018

How to get something out of nothing

How to get something from nothing. How do universes emerge from the absolute nothingness I call the pleroma?
See my latest video at:

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Democracy under threat

The Sky political editor, Adam Boulton, writes that Democracy is under threat. See:

This Blog first hinted that democracy had run its race at least eight years ago. Amongst others, see:


With Putin in Russia, Xi JinPing in China, Trump in the US cementing their positions as dictator/leaders it is becoming more evident that it is unwise to trust the electorate; they let you down by voting for what's in their interests, not the Nation's.
In Thailand, the people continue to vote for inappropriate parties which subsequently have to be toppled by military intervention. It isn't the only one, nor is it restricted to Countries out of the top ten in GDP. Despite bringing the UK within a whisker of bankruptcy because of their policies and still pledging to spend, spend spend if re-elected, 30% of the population would still vote for Corbyn's socialist party. It is easy to see why commentators believe the system is failing the people when the electorate refuse to engage with Kennedy's entreaty for people to not think what the Country could do for them but what they could do for the Country.
Countries run by and for the peasantry will always fall below those run by leaders with vision and an eye for the well-being of the Nation as a whole.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Siemens in the UK

There was news this week that the giant company Siemens has demonstrated its faith in a post Brexit UK by announcing greater investment in the Country. It is not the only one, other Companies and global Banks have recently announced further investment. But why?
Money; that's why! These huge corporations can see trading advantages, located in a Country that is both in and out of Europe. They have faith that common sense (and money) will ensure that the UK and EU will come to a satisfactory arranngement despite the hard line rhetoric of Commission leaders, fighting to protect their fiefdom. Huge European conglomerates, hamstrung as they are by EU laws and rules, can see the advantage of  using a UK base, with better opportunities to exploit a more global reach.
How can we know this is going on? Just listen to the louder, more urgent rhetoric from the Commission, their appointment of more hard-line executives to enforce member states toe the line.  The UK, handily placed with its Commonwealth ties, will become a hub for world-wide trade and it is this that is the underlying theme of Brexit and the one that ensures that it will happen..
If the EU persists as it is, then, as the UK plans are realised, a huge surface bridge between Kent and the European mainland will be inevitable to deal with the trade and the County will become one giant warehouse.