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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Jihadist weaponry

The image of Hayat Boumeddiene, alleged accomplice of the terrorists responsible for the Charlie Hebdo slaughter, shows her using a crossbow, a weapon of choice for many Arabs until recent times. It had to be because innovation of arms, as with other technologies, lagged behind the West as many Middle Eastern Countries lived a third world existence still seen in Yemen and Somalia today. Much as they despise the West it is interesting that today the typical Arab Jihadist wouldn't be without its 'satan' technology; the Kalashnikovs, the rocket launchers, grenades, the kevlar based body armour, the mobile phones, the computers and the world-wide web. All available from the decadent West because since the days of the Prophet their capacity for innovation has been stifled. Where are the Arab machine guns, the Arab tanks, Arab fighter jets etc? Indeed it could be argued that if it hadn't been for oil, most of the Arab countries would still be third world incapable of financing global terrorism.
Is it not the case that although they claim to hate the West and its values in reality they know that they are jealous of the advanced way of life to be found, for instance, in Europe and America and like spoilt children would prefer to see this destroyed rather than live perpetually in the shadow. The leaders of the more enlightened Muslim States are already taking steps to ensure their survival post oil. They are buying as much prime land in Europe and America as they can and I wonder what the leadership of Al Qu'eda think about that!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Weaponisation of the NHS

The Labour Party leader, Mr. Ed Miliband is short of topics on which he can challenge the coalition Government. The economy is recovering, unemployment is down, business confidence is up and Mrs May seems impregnable at the Home Office leaving him with very little to talk about if you disregard the dubious question of the standard of living. I say dubious because they really must have rummaged about amongst the statistics to find anything grim amongst all the relatively good news, especially since all the bad news came as a consequence of the last Labour Government. Remember the note left by the outgoing Socialist Treasury Minister, Liam Byrne, after the last election, apologising that all the money had gone.
Now, it seems, Miliband has turned his attention to that good old standby the NHS urging his Party to weaponise the health service in the fight for votes. Never mind that the NHS in Wales is failing under a Labour administration, never mind the debacle of the Mid Staffs Hospital on Andy Burnham's watch, never mind that the privatisation of the NHS was began by the same man at Hitchingbrookes. These facts are conveniently ignored as the Party arms itself for battle. Not for them a policy of promoting enterprise, creating jobs, attracting inward investment that will benefit the economy. No; the Labour Party is battling on a front line consisting of an institution that deals with sick, unproductive people at considerable, almost LIMITLESS cost to the taxpayer. Of course it is important to many, particularly the old and vulnerable but to make it the number one priority in reaching out to the electorate suggests a Party devoid of talent, devoid of ideas, pinning their hopes on a gullible and uneducated core vote. The Lemmings voting for the Lemming Party.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Two thoughts from both ends of the Religious Spectrum.

I have been thinking on two matters at opposing ends of the religious spectrum.

Consider these two scenarios. If a merciful and loving God created the universe and mankind you would surely believe that we would all be singing from the same hymn sheet. On the other hand, if you imagine that mankind created God, it is likely that the deity would reflect local culture and practice and therefore vary from place to place.
Now, ignoring the nonsense about 'free will' being a gift of God, which of these scenarios best fits the picture we see round the world today?

I have been pondering on Professor Richard Dawkins' eponymous creation: The Foundation for Reason and Science. Surely it is an oxymoron! The basis for both science and philosophy is mathematics and that in turn revolves around the integrity of the number 'one'. But the question arises; what is the number 'one' and how certain are we about what it represents? For example we cannot give with certainty the correct answer to the question; what is the square root of one and are even less certain when we talk of fourth roots? This uncertainty must mean that if we wish to build an edifice, we should do it on foundations that are concrete rather than the shifting sands of dubious mathematics.


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Astrology; truth or fiction?

The majority of astrologists believe a person's personality can be linked to astronomical events at their time of birth. They also use astronomical data to make predictions about the future by means of horoscopes.
We are all familiar with horoscopes finding them in many papaers and magazines; most of us will look for our 'sign' out of idle curiosity, possibly impressed that the popular characteristics assigned to a particular star sign is often correct. For example I am a 'Pisces' and do identify myself with the typical trait of being a dreamer. Other traits are:  Compassionate,  Adaptable,  Accepting,  Devoted,  Imaginative or possibly,  with a less positive point of view:  Oversensitive,  Indecisive,  Self-pitying,  Lazy,  Escapist.

Scientists today consider astrology to be a pseudoscience with claims unproven yet over many millenia and in many differing cultures  these beliefs have persisted. How is it possible that all people born in a specific time frame bear the same characteristics? I may have the answer.
Readers of this blog and my book ( see;  here  ) will know that I suggest that whilst an embryo grows a brain it uploads data from both its parent's DNA using the 'unreal' dimension of time. This contains information, besides that concerning a child's ability to survive and grow into adulthood,  other data containing a record of all  antecedents. In fact, I also believe that although traits such as eye and hair colour may be assumed from near relatives, the character of a person may come from either parent from many generations ago. I have previously imagined that the process was at random but what if nature only chooses the character of an ancestor born at the same time in the lunar calender, say. This alone would produce the trend we observe, but rather than the date of birth being the important factor, I might suggest that it is the day of conception that is the most relevant, possibly ironing out some of the inconsistencies we doubtless observe.
A problem with this scenario is that posed by non identical twins with different characters. I have suggested that their characters may have come from different ancestors but surely according to the idea above both these antecedents would be born under the same star sign. Of course, it is possible to have the same star sign but appear different according to whether the traits are 'positive' or 'negative' as can be seen in the Piscean list above.

According to this hypothesis it is possible for the time of birth (or better conception) to influence a person's character as observed astrologically over the history of mankind and perhaps science should stop being so blinkered in its approach to what it refers to as the 'pseudosciences'. Sometimes the empirical approach is not always right because often it is what you don't see in experiments that are just as important as what you do.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Pope is critical of the Curia

In a blog I posted in October, I suggested that the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches may be preparing the way for a fundamental shift in their positions regarding belief. see; here

Now we learn that that Pope Francis has openly criticised the Curia of sinful behaviour, vanity before duty, cupidity before spiritual devotion, self aggrandisement before humility; that sort of thing. I can't help feeling that there is a sense of something happening here with global implications and the Pope is laying out the groundwork. The Archbishop of Canterbury I feel sure will be complicit in what is about to happen; not immediately perhaps but in time for the 1700 year anniversary of the Council of Nicaea in 2025.
Who can tell, but knowing how the Vatican works should warn the Pontiff to watch his back. His position as 'Vicar of Christ' will not protect him from a vengeful Curia.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Family 'black sheep'.

A global study asked people in Britain, US, Canada, Australia, Germany and Sweden to look at their family trees to identify the relatives who didn’t fit in with the rest of the family.
More than 6,000 adults were interviewed and the results cross checked with archives and census data for the family history website Ancestry.

The findings show around six per cent of adults in families are black sheep, meaning that one would appear in every three generations, or every 97 years.
Dan Jones, of Ancestry, said ‘Despite there being around three million ‘black sheep’ in the UK, our research reveals that historically they remain relatively rare beasts, with just one appearing in a family almost every 100 years on average. Read more:here

Readers of this blog will know that in my book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS', I postulate that within weeks of conception an embryo's brain uploads the data it needs for life from its parents DNA. Physical characteristics such as eye and hair colour may be typical of recent family but I maintain that 'character' or, I might venture to say, 'soul' may derive from much earlier generations. see:

I suggest that the figure of three generations gap between appearances of 'character' is a consequence of the limited genealogical data. It would be interesting to study, say, the records of thoroughbred horses to see if there is a correlation in positive traits between Shergar and his antecedents.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Housing costs and the Rule of Two

In my rule of two, see,, I state that in any social system, nature is mimicked to the extent that any aggregation will reduce  by coalescence but can never number less than two. I wonder if we can apply this rule to home ownership.
Imagine the ideal in a village or town where each house is occupied by the owner. now imagine that as houses fall vacant they are bought by owners of another house. Fuelled by 'buy to let' mortgages, more of the properties sold are bought by existing owners forcing the remaining residents to rent. Gradually over many years these multiple property owners grow like the Church and the Oxbridge Universities leaving fewer and fewer single owner occupiers. you can see where this is going: left long enough unattended the number of owner occupiers will dwindle as controlling, greedy landlords dictate the supply, forcing up costs to unbearable levels. It is another example of how the current 'Capitalist' model which has served well since the industrial revolution, is failing in the 21st Century and the cost of housing in the UK is a manifestation of this failure.
This is only a theory but something needs to be done about the cost of UK housing. Prices must come down to ensure housing is affordable to all. What about limiting banks to give 50% maximum mortgages and putting mandatory rental income at, say, 1990 levels? Greedy landlords will sell as they put their money into schemes, offering a better return, bringing the price of houses down.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I had a visit

I had some Jehovah Witnesses round the other day. One lady asked if I believed in a personal God? I told them to repent and stop peddling their myths and superstitions amongst the vulnerable public. The lady went off promising to send someone cleverer than her the next time, clearly feeling incapable of discussing the Paradox of Epicure, the flood story narrated in the Epic of Gilgamesh or indeed the the Gnostic gospels. Not surprising really as JWs are not encouraged to read anything that does not appear, and is therefore endorsed, in the 'Watchtower'. Her feeling of inadequacy might be addressed by her superiors in the way that God encouraged Jeremiah when he protested that he couldn't spread the gospel because he had no words to use. God touched his lips and told him to fear not as the words would be there when he opened his mouth unlike the case with our poor Witness.

Two days later a hundred children are slaughtered in a school in Pakistan by Taliban jihadists. What links the two? Faith with not an iota of common sense. It's no good trying to persuade the 'Witnesses' that there is more to life than blind faith and to look for truth elsewhere and the same applies to Islamic fundamentalists who believe only what their Imams teach them from a strict interpretation of the Qu'ran.
The Witnesses preach the imminent end of the world with Armageddon as we entered the 'last Days' in 1914. The Taliban and their allies want any early fulfilment to this prophesy with a policy of women and children first. I despair of the Abrahamic religions.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Quantum paradox solved?

One of the paradoxes of the quantum theory is the question of how paired particles communicate at speeds greater then the speed of light. The argument goes something like this: if two electrons are simultaneously generated from an interaction it is always found that they spin in opposite directions, even if they are huge distances apart. How can it be that the second electron knows which way to spin to fulfill this observation?

The secret is to adopt my theory of Negative Dimensions. Perceived spin, ɸ, is determined by three dimensions, the real spin, ɸ, the 'unreal' spin, -ɸ, and the imaginary spin, iɸ where 'i' is the square root of minus one.
The perceived spin can be related to the three spin dimensions by the equation:
ɸ = ±√[ɸ² + (-ɸ)² + (iɸ)²]

From which we arrive at:   ɸ = ± ɸ

In other words, at the point of generation of the two electrons, they automatically assume the two options for spin, plus or minus. Naturally.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Very timely

The Daily Mail has published a report by scientists suggesting that the Big Bang created two universes, the second of which goes backwards in time.

The radical theory was proposed by Dr Julian Barbour of College Farm in the UK, Dr Tim Koslowski of the University of New Brunswick in Canada and Dr Flavio Mercati of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, also in Canada.
Their research attempts to answer questions that remain about the ‘arrow of time’ - which is the concept that time is ‘symmetric’ and everything moves forwards.
They say that at the time of the Big Bang not one but two universes formed – both moving equally in each direction through time, but opposite to each other.

Read the full article Here

Read more: 

How interesting, coming as I publish my own ideas on time on this blog. They argue that on creation two universes are created, compared with my view that our one universe has two parts. They also introduce the notion of backward time in partial agreement with my notion of three temporal dimensions related to the present, past and future.

It is interesting that scientists are slowly edging towards my ideas on Negative Dimensions as put forwarded in my booklet, available for download from Kindle or Kobo;