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Friday, 22 August 2014

Tony Martin

I read a sad tale concerning the farmer Tony Martin who was jailed for causing the death of an intruder to his remote farmhouse. Apparently, as a consequence of his traumatic experience at the hands of the criminal justice system, he no longer wishes to return to his home, often sleeping in his car. He went to bed one night with no other idea than sleep whilst an intruder with complete free will, entered his house intent on committing a felony. Martin's innocent sleep became a nightmare when he, the victim of crime, was arrested for doing what the Police were obviously not; protecting the public.
As usual with British so called justice the victim's interests were ignored. Law prevailed in a demonstration of the inadequacy of the criminal justice system to serve the legitimate needs of the law abiding public. Martin should never have faced trial; the Police, the Crown prosecutors, the Judge should hang their heads in SHAME.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bishop of Leeds

The Bishop of Leeds has written to the Prime Minister asking for more help for beleaguered Christians in Iraq. Clearly his earlier appeal for British Christians to pray for their  brethran's salvation has failed which begs the question of why, having appealed to the highest authority he now turns to a decidedly earthly office for help.
Has he thought that the Islamic state's persecution of Christians may, after all, be God's Will and his request might put the PM at risk of heresy by complying.
As for the PM, what does he not understand about the meaning of Islam, translated as 'Total subjugation to God'. There are no half measures. Harvesting votes in an imminent election by appeasement is immoral. Back sliding or apostacy is punishable with death. There has been little support for the cessation of killing from the other Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, possibly because, if they are honest with themselves, they are heartened by the slaughter of Christians. The only way to halt the spread of this terror is proscription and why not? No one expects anything other than the total eradication of another horror, ebola. Half measures will not do. This is the 21st century; how can people still believe in supernatural Gods? It is literally beyond belief; get rid of all the Abrahamic religions for a safer world. They are not the only source of evil but they are they main causes. Replace them with Churches based, not on the supernatural but on humanity and which subscribe to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Rather than write to the Prime Minister, the Bishop of Leeds might have made more impact by admitting that he now no longer believes in a God, merciful or not, and retiring to do penance for all the lies he's told and false hopes he's raised in his ministry.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Is this the proof that God does not exist?

On the 30th July I wrote a blog about the Theory of Everything but I have since realised my theory holds a greater truth. See: here

If the universe comes into being because one of the four pillars of existence is randomly removed it can be argued that a Prime Mover is responsible. However, such a Prime Mover must exist outside his 'Creation' but where? In my theory, there can only be one place and that is the Pleroma which is by definition devoid of anything including Prime Movers. Reductio ad absurdum.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Christopher Hitchens. 'God is not Great'.

I have just finished reading Christopher Hitchens' work, 'GOD IS NOT GREAT'. This is after the January 2014 publication of my own work, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS'. I mention this so as not to be accused of plagiarism although I see that we quote from much the same body of  past opinion. It would be strange if this wasn't the case. We also approach the God question from different angles; whereas I take a new mathematical concept to arrive at an uncreated, dualistic universe, Hitchens examines the arguments from both sides of the philosophical debate. Hitchens' arguments are compelling and ought to sink the heavily listing ship of faith out of sight but the fact that they are still warring, all over the world, in the name of God is testament to the arrogance and stupidity of the religious leadership. Can you see the Archbishop of Canterbury and the His Holiness the Pope saying well of course you'r right; we have been perpetuating a fraud for nigh on two millenia but listen; the people want and need us?

It is a pity that I never met Hitchens but I sense that we would have had a great deal in common, reaching our conclusions via different mechanisms although I suspect that with his acute perception he might have been sceptical about some of my reasoning. All the more reason why we should have exchanged views although his first hand experiences, use of data and polemical skills are vastly superior to mine. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to hear what someone who read both books side-by-side would have to say. I would hope that they might venture that they complemented one another, but perhaps I delude myself that any work of mine could share the same bookshelf! Time will tell.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Decline of Golf

I learn that the game of golf has been in decline during the last decade. It seems that people cannot justify the cost or more importantly the time to pursue a hobby that makes demands on both resources and other family commitments.
It is a trend I recognised in 2005 and invented my short putting game called 2-Ball Golf and a later version, Marble Golf.
Both games differed from 'Crazy' or 'Mini' golf in needing skill and strategy, but introduced before the recession I assume the public were not ready for this innovation. However, the games do not take five or six hours to play nor do they take four miles of walking to endure,  an attraction that will be immediately recognised by some golfers, not least the retired and infirm.
If any one out there in cyberland wishes to help me in resurrecting the scheme, please contact me but in the meantime go to  or   here  for more information.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Calais migrants

Fighting has broken out in the Calais camps holding migrants trying to reach the UK. Inter tribal disputes between Eritreans and Sudanese men have led to over 50 injuries as widespread unrest looks set to escalate. These people are no doubt desperate but why are they insisting on coming to the UK. Eritrea and Sudan are not Commonwealth countries and have, as far as I know, no historical ties so what is the draw if not for free handouts. As for escaping from persecution in their own lands we can now see that they will only increase the risk for the innocent and naive British by visiting on them their local grievances and insinuating their own customs and practices. They must be sent back from whence they came, no matter how tough it seems because the long term outlook for the UK and the indigenous British will be dire.

People or profits

I have just watched a Despatches tv program about the drive by Companies to reduce their costs by cutting the cost of products, in each case at the expense of working people. Whether on zero hour contracts or the minimum wage, working people are the last link in a trading chain that should allow Firms to provide goods or services for customers at the right price. So far so good but it doesn't take into account the greed of the City. You see, if a company such as Tesco  announces a 2% profit drop, then theoretically the owners, the shareholders, shoulder a smaller return on their investment. No problem; businesses go up and down but what is this? Because year on year profits do not go up, the market marks the stock value down, thereby affecting the incomes of pension holders and owners alike This sentiment drives the Executives of top companies, holders of large amounts of stocks to promote growth at almost any cost. This means that grocery companies move into different spheres of activity such as electronics, books, music but also trim margins on their core business. Very often this means that for instance dairy farmers can no longer survive or low earning workers cannot earn enough to support a family.
It is another example of how the Capitalist society is now failing people, fuelling the division between the haves and have nots. Unless the government addresses serious problems in the well-being of the working classes I can see trouble ahead. The problem is the Government, headed by Cameron and Osborne, have no understanding of the aspirations of normal people whilst themselves benefiting from the stock market machinations.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Theory of Everything

Let me ask you a question? What is the square root of one?
Most people will come up with the answer one and most certainly a fewer number will come up with the answer, minus one. This simple fact introduces us to the fact that mathematics does not offer us the absolute truth. If we do not know what unity means we can have no confidence in any aspect of life and ultimately the meaning of the universe.
But wait; are there any other facets of the number one? The cube root of one gives us the answer plus one but the fourth root gives us the answers 1, -1, i, -i  where i is the square root of minus one. Now we are even less certain of what unity means. I shall call these terms the four facets of unity.
What does this mean in real terms; how does it effect us in the real universe, if at all? The answer is not a lot but it does tell us a lot about the real nature of the world we inhabit. Let me explain.
In my book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSION' I explain how by using these different facets of unity, neglecting for the moment the term '-i' we can demonstrate the duality of the universe. I have shown that the universe we experience, U, can be described by the equation:
U = ± √[ u² + (-u)² + (iu)²]
where u = the real universe, -u = the unreal universe,  iu = the imaginary universe and i = √-1

This gives us U = ± u, demonstrating the dual nature of the universe. We shouldn't be surprised because the ancients always told us that the universe was composed of the light and dark, good and evil, heaven and earth etc.
What happens if we include the fourth facet of unity, '-i'? Its simple; we rewrite the above equation like so:
U = ± √[ u² + (-u)² + (iu)² + (-iu)²]
When we resolve this equation we get:  U = 0. Everything cancels each other out.
Yippee, I hear you say but it serves to demonstrate a key fact; nothing less than the ultimate reality of life; the Theory of Everything. The Universe as REPRESENTED by the symbol 'zero', what I refer to as the Pleroma, is in fact an exact balance of the 'real' and 'unreal' components.
But if the world we inhabit has any meaning, what happens to the fourth facet of unity, I hear you ask? Good question and one that can only be answered in the 'Creation' process. The Pleroma, although dimensionless, is infinite in space and eternal in time. At some random time the '-iu' term disappears from the equation, causing the schism which gives rise to the dual universe in which we live and all the energy and matter from which we are made.


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Can the Criminal Justice System cope?

The Governor of the Bank of England intimates that many bankers have committed illegal acts in the past and should face trial. Also in the light of Operation Yewtree, the police have found over 50000 men in possession of illegal computer images of paedophilia. The question is: can the criminal justice system cope with not only the imprisonment of offenders but also their trials?
This is not a time for long drawn out proceedings with expensive drawn out legal arguments that cost the taxpayers a fortune and make the lawyers and barristers the same. Particularly for the bankers' trials, trials should be held without juries on the grounds that arguments will be beyond the understanding of many of the chosen twelve. In any case people (mostly if not all men) found in possession of indecent images should be encouraged to plead guilty. Forget arguments that they are doing research or that they didn't know the images were on the computer; we're sick of hearing the excuses trotted out by legal teams to earn their Chambers huge fees at the public expense. Good justice is quick justice it is said and these crimes should be dealt with as speedily as possible but where to put the guilty?
To cope with the numbers new prisons should be built with no thought to the human rights of prisoners who gave none to their victims. They should be solitarily locked up in small cells with no intermingling with other convicts and no visits from outside. Complaints that this is barbaric should have been addressed before the crime was committed. Food should be basic but additions paid for and supplied by family. There will be no television except for educational and correctional purposes and only suitable reading material on offer. Such a regime should be economic to run, relatively trouble free and with the bonus that inmates will need less time to come to their senses. Once out the chances of reoffending ought to be reduced. This is not the time to be going soft on those who abuse others whether financially or sexually. We need our resources to help the innocent, the many victims of despicable behaviour often perpetrated by those who are in priveleged positions. Weed them out and lock 'em up, NOW.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

So you thought the Ukraine conflict had nothing to do with religion. Think again.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the conflict in Ukraine was one of division between those who look for closer ties with the West and those who hanker after a return to some sort of union, perhaps, federation, with Russia. You could be forgiven for thinking that the conflict had nothing to do with religion. Think again.
Problems with an East/ West split in Ukraine go back to the sixteenth Century when the mainly Greek Catholic and Orthodox Country was ceded to the predominantly Roman Catholic, Polish/ Lithuanian Commonwealth. Lying on this religious fault line, Ukraine has suffered since from unrest particularly when three hundred years later the Greek Catholic Church joined forces with the Russian Orthodox Church to attack the Polish Roman Catholic community resulting in tens of thousands of deaths on both sides. When Stalin took over the USSR the Greek Catholic Church was abolished in Ukraine. Since secession from the Russian Federation the Greek Catholic Church has been reinstated but religious divisions in the Country remain.
As usual the Abrahamic religions are at the fore in human conflict and as usual many Churches in the UK will welcome a handful of the faithful to hear a sermon about peace on earth. What hypocrisy! Do the Churches operate in a real world?