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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Thought for the day.

With thanks to Robert Tressel, author of 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'.

Imagine a shipwreck close by a barren desert island. There are two survivors, one who has reached shore with a chest containing a thousand gold sovereigns. The other survivor lands with some bottles of fresh water and some cans of baked beans. The question is: which of the two is the wealthier?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

First election thoughts

Phew; what an election!
The result went some way to restoring one's faith in the collective sense of the general public to get it right when electing a government. It demonstrates that in politics, as in life, no one should count their chickens before they are hatched.
Much has been made of the dramatic rise of the Scottish Nationalist Party, winning in all but three seats north of the border. They will try to exercise some muscle in Parliament putting Cameron on the tightrope. He will implement the conclusions of the Smith report for DevoMax but must surely insist that the SNP represent only a small percentage of the population of the UK. After all, 15% of the Scottish electorate voted Conservative a fact that Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP in Westminster, seems to have forgotten when he claimed, ramping up the rhetoric, that Cameron had 'no legitimacy' in Scotland.
It is also worth remembering that UKIP with 4 million votes won one seat, polling more than the Lib Democrats and the SNP together who garnered 64 seats between them. Hardly Democracy, is it!!

When a member of the audience in the pre-election BBC programme, Question Time, suggested that the Lib-Dems could become an irrelevancy, Clegg replied; 'charming'. However, that's what his Party has become, not charming but irrelevant, but why? Most people point to their failed promise to peg tuition fees in the coalition but for me, it was another pledge that they failed to honour that wrankles most. Clegg promised to support electoral boundary revision but in a fit of pique renaged on this commitment. He would never be forgiven and during the election, the Conservatives lost no opportunity to stick the knife in.

Will the Labour Party attempt to bring back Ed Balls from the political wasteland? They could get him elected to the Lords in the next New Year honours and from there, back into opposition, but I doubt it. He and Miliband were too close to the toxic treasury team of Gordon Brown, too close to the whiff of financial ruin to be ever trusted again.

Who will replace Miliband? The choice could lie with either Yvette Cooper, tying with Caroline Flint as the most odious women in Westminster, or Andy Burnham, the angel of Mid Staffs. With candidates such as these, Labour could join Balls in the political wasteland.

However, the most galvanising aspect of the new Parliament will be the presence in Westminster of two charismatic performers, Alex Salmond and Boris Johnson. With the prospect of a referendum on Europe to come, politics in the UK will never be boring. Bring it on!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Qualification for standing

UKIP candidate, Mr Robert Blay, has been suspended from the Party by threatening to shoot a Conservative rival if he (the rival) ever became Prime Minister. It seems that Mr Blay was outraged by the fact that Mr Ranil Jawardena's father came from Sri Lanka.
Whilst having reservations about the shooting, in the main thrust of his argument I believe he is absolutely right. Mr Blay argued that he could trace his families British heritage over 400 years whilst the Jawardenas arrived in 1970. It should not be possible for a first generation immigrant to hold any position of power over the British people and that includes Baroness Warsi and Ed Miliband. I have spoken of this before: here,   here,  & here

There should be a minimum of two generations living in the UK as residents before a person qualifies to hold Council or Parliamentary positions. No ifs; no buts.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

BBc promotion of US actors and actresses

I know it's irrelevant at this time in the electoral cycle but I must express my indignation if not my hateful detestation of the BBC's fawning over US actors and actresses on the 'One Show'. Tonight, 5th May, they are interviewing somebody from a program that might or might not be called 'Friends'. Are there no British of Northern Irish actors to profile? Are there no home grown programmes to promote? What is it with the BBC that they give air to these nobodies when there are hundreds and thousands of British and N Irish talent waiting for the oxygen of publicity. Could it be that the BBC fat cats get some reciprocal deal with US tv production companies?
By the way, don't you just loathe those so called comedy shows with 'canned laughter'?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Brand endorses Miliband

You may have seen Brand's recent video exhorting Miliband and Labour. If not you can see it here:

Russell Brand has a reputed worldwide following of one million people. His pronouncements influence people which is why he should be careful what he says. Fortunately the people he most touches are the very young and the very stupid; unfortunately, some of these have the vote.
In an election where statistics are bandied about like confetti, we should stick to facts. Socialism NEVER works. It sounds good and ethical but the reality is we are not born equal and the strong (clever) will always prevail. That is not to say that social justice is dead in the water but the populace must treat promises of equality as a falsehood.
Democracy also sounds good and ethical, but it too is flawed because it allows the (many) weak to dilute the vote of those who can make informed decisions in the National interest. Democracy allows one man, one vote without weighting for intelligence. The insane are denied the vote but why are Socialists who suffer the same problem allowed their say? 'Insane' you protest!. Who else would vote for a Party that in 1976 brought the UK economically to the brink and had to be rescued by the IMF. Only the mad or stupid. Who else would vote for a Party that so overspent the budget in 2010 that Liam Byrne, the Labour Treasury Minister admitted that no money was left, leaving the Country effectively bankrupt.  Only the mad or stupid.
I'm not advocating that people should vote for the Tories; only that people should not vote for Left wing parties and that includes the Greens and SNP.  Far better to vote for Nigel Farage and  shake the whole system up with the long term aim that the people who lead the country do not represent factions within the community but only act in the interest of the NATION.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

It's a princess

CONGRATULATIONS to the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter. May she have a life of joy.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Where are the Unions?

Have you noticed that nobody seems to be talking about the Unions this election?
With just five days to go, the news surrounding the Labour Party is all about the SNP and a possible pact with the Socialists with the sole intention of keeping the Conservatives out of power. No matter that the Labour Party brought the Nation to its knees through imprudent economic policy; no matter that the Conservatives (with the Liberals) have recovered the situation, the Scottish National Party dogma demands common sense be abandoned in their single-minded determination to lead their proud country to ruin. Indeed, such has been the level of hate filled vitriol  we have heard from the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, I would be surprised if relations with the Scots can be recovered in a generation.
But where are the Unions? Could their quiescence be due to their harmful influence on voter's intentions? It is well known that Miliband  and half the Parliamentary Party are sponsored by the Unite Union, itching to implement their left wing policies, regardless of the well-being of the Nation. Instead of leaders of industry advising policy, we will have beer and sandwiches at No 10 as Len McCluskey calls in his favours, dictating his terms for ruining the country.
Not once did Miliband have to field questions about the Unions in the Leaders debate on the BBC. I have heard nothing in the media leading me to think that a pact has been agreed for the duration of the election. Don't rock the boat must have been the message; no strikes, no inflammatory rhetoric.
This will all change if Labour gain power. I fear that with their determination to hold on to power, they will adopt measures that will effectively make it impossible to dislodge them.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dystopia beckons

One can't help but feel that the world is on the verge of a disaster.

10,000 migrants have been rescued by the Italian navy from the Mediterranean in one week as they flee desperate poverty and religious conflict in African.  At the other end of the Continent, refugees to South Africa have found themselves increasingly unwelcome and violence has broken out as resentment grows. As hundreds of thousands continue to flee from north and central Africa and the harsh Islamic regimes towards Europe and South Africa, one can envisage the sheer numbers overwhelming countries unprepared  to receive them. You can't blame them.

The United States are too far away to feel the impact of this mass migration but Europe must be the main destination and therefore must meet the challenge. The problems facing the West are numerous; the migrants are likely to need medical attention and basic humanitarian aid. They will also bring them the baggage of their culture and religion, often offensive to many in the West. They will need to be accommodated in the short and long terms. Camps will do for a few months but any longer will lead to more unrest and an onset of inter-tribal and inter-religious violence such as is seen in Calais.

Action needs to be taken now in anticipating the problem; even today Muslims in Cardiff are littering lamp posts with anti-democratic posters saying that only Islam has the answers. What part of the Islamic message don't the politicos get? Islam suffers no opposition; it takes first place in ALL aspects of life.  There will be some, so-called British, Muslims who have applauded the slaughtering of thousands of Christians in the Middle-East by the followers of Islamic group, IS. They will have celebrated the throwing overboard of 10 Christians by Muslims from a boat heading for Italy.

The UK parties with the exception of UKIP vie to appease the immigrant electorate, offending the indigenous population at the same time, with their conciliatory offers. The UK must put immigration outside of the Party system and the Government form an all-party department to tackle the issue and they must do it immediately and honestly before the torrent of immigrants becomes a deluge.
Above all they must remember, they are where they are to protect the people of the British Isles and Northern Island, their values and cultures; nobody else.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Contenders' BBC debate

In front of a left wing BBC, 'impartial' audience, Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was up against four candidates whose policies were EXCLUSIVELY focused on spending English taxpayers' money. Let's look at the four opposition leaders:

Nicola Sturgeon.     SNP.  Scottish independence for 5m Scots
Leanne Wood.        Plaid Cymru.  Welsh nationalists.
Ed Miliband.           Labour.  First generation immigrant wanting to tell the British how to behave.
Natalie  Bennett       Green Party.   Immigrant wanting to tell the British how to behave.

What a bunch! How can it be right that these people are vying to represent the interests of the British people, the majority living in England and most likely to pay the lion share for the wants of the others? What about the indigenous English, Anglo Saxon families whose ancestors have lived in the country for thousands of years, sharing in the cultural, scientific and artistic development? Have they no voice?
And what about the impartial audience? The BBC wouldn't recognise one if it hit it in the face.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

A snapshot of the UK

I show here one page from the Daily mail. It is a snapshot of what is happening in a once great country, now ruined by the politically correct, the inept and those in over zealous pursuit of minority interests to further theirs. It amounts to no less than a dereliction of duty on the part of political leaders, tantamount to treachery.




Number of drivers caught speeding increases by 25 per cent in just one year after rise in 'stealth' cameras used by the police 

NEW New figures show that the number of drivers caught out by the 'grey cameras' have soared, with 112,000 divers given penalty notices or sent to court for offences on the motorway.

The rise of the hooligan GRANDADS: Warning that football fans in their 60s are trying to relive their youth and encourage a new wave of soccer violence

BHMCE0 Cambridge united football fans cheer as their team comes on
NEW Dave Doggett, the chairman of Cambridge United, believes groups of up to 10 men - aged in their 50s and 60s - are trying to relive the 1980s by arranging fights with rivals prior to games.

Freed British Guantanamo Bay prisoner awarded £1million compensation after legal fight led by Jihadi John apologists CAGE is held over terror killing

File image 2006  - Minimum use fee of $100.  Free at at last: Jamal Kiyemba, a radical Uganda Muslim arrested in Afghanstan in 2001, and jailed  in Afghanstan, Pakistan and Cuba and Uganda was released last Week. He was caught up on  one of the Kampala Streets.
Photo by Ronald Kabuubi
NEW Jamal Kiyemba, 36, a Leicester University pharmacy student who grew up in London, was detained in Kampala in connection with the brutal murder of top female prosecutor Joan Kagezi.

Fury after flytippers dump 40 TONNES of industrial waste at side of village road 

The mounds of rubbish, described by one police officer as the worst he has seen in almost 30 years, will cost the public purse thousands of pounds to clear up in in Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk.

Who is going to recover the Country and restore it to a law abiding, personally disciplined land with respect for the elderly and parents. A place free from apologists for heinous religions; free from left wingers whose policies of envy would rob the hard working to give to the feckless; free from the well-meaning but irresponsible people who put the guilty first whilst asking the innocent to fund holiday hotel style prisons; free from people who reckon that anything goes and fill the internet with pornography and lure youngsters into video games of sickening violence.
Or is it too late to turn the tide of filth that dominates the Country. There are still those that cherish the old values. People who help run the Guides and Boy Scouts, those who volunteer to help the aged and ferry people to and from hospital. There are many youngsters who aspire to do good when they are older but it is difficult, faced with the daily headlines we see to overcome a feeling that without some new heroes or heroines the place will lurch out of control. Her Majesty the Queen must wince when she reads the newspapers. She faces an election where Democracy will be tested when the Party with the most votes does not have power and the people choose to elect a Party that has twice come within a whisker of bankrupting the country. How can she trust her people when they behave so stupidly?
I do not see her son, her heir, being the man to do it. Charles is a good man, I’m sure, but is he strong enough to do his duty by his Country particularly as he has already vowed to become ‘Defender of ALL faiths’?  I doubt it; and I fear his sons will be no better. Maybe I’m becoming an old cynic, believing that our generation was the last good one but the more I see of globalisation, the spread of Islam, a seventh century cult, the less optimistic I am about the future. Where the hell has common sense gone?