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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Gravity waves.

Last night (10/3/2015) the BBC's Horizon programme gave viewers an update on the search for gravity waves, the looked for proof of cosmologist, Alan Guth's, theory of inflation in the very early universe. The programme focussed on the work at the 'Bicep 2' telescope and the Planck satellite as they scoured the universe for evidence of  B-Mode polarisation, the tell-tale fingerprint of gravity waves. Despite many years of searching, at extremely high cost, in sites such as the South Pole, no conclusive evidence has been found of this product of the 'Big Bang'. I may have the reason.
In my theory of the Universal Creation, a duality, as postulated by Plato and later by Immanuel Kant, was formed from nothing (See my book: SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS). These two parts of the universe act homeostatically, the 'unreal' part pervading the other in the way the old medium the 'ether' is supposed to have done. According to my theory this 'unreal' part of the universe is dominated by matter defined by negative and complex dimensions, the latter characterised by the factor, the square root of minus one. It can be shown that the force of gravity acts over both parts thereby diminishing its strength in our ('real') part of the universe compared with the other forces of nature.
If gravity waves exist, and I am open minded about Guth's vision of inflation, then their non-appearance may be due to the fact that those produced in the 'unreal' part of the universe cancel out  exactly those created in the other by a process called 'interference'.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Austin Mitchell's gaff

Austin Mitchell. Labour MP, has finally realised it. People who vote Labour do so without any real understanding of the issues let alone choosing what's in the best interests of the Country.

Now Mr Mitchell has dismissed the idea that Labour is on course to lose a seat it has held since 1945.
He told The Independent on Sunday: 'There is no chance we'll lose Grimsby, even if we selected a raving alcoholic sex paedophile we wouldn't lose Grimsby. The same could be said of monkeys in Hartlepool.

Read more: here

For years this blog has been saying that the majority of people in the traditional working class regions such as the north east England and south Wales act like Lemmings voting for the Lemming Party. It doesn't matter how badly the Labour Party run the country the people follow the Trade's Union message and reject the 'toffs' and follow the Reds over the cliff. Now there is a viable alternative; the working class can snub the arrogant champagne Socialists and vote UKIP. I think that Mr. Mitchell might regret his gaff.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Is she really a racist?

A UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan, has admitted that she finds negroid features strange but has no idea why. She is being vilified as a racist and has been expelled from the Party, but why?
She would no doubt find the presence of Emperor penguins strange in the UK. Endemic to the Antarctica, they have adapted naturally to their freezing continent and being technologically ignorant have found no means of flying to new quarters. But what of other humans? The UK has for most of its considerable existence been the natural home to 'white' people, those with negroid features having adapted naturally to sunnier climes. Now whilst accepting that they are welcome to migrate to less warm countries, is it to be assumed that  residents of the UK must always accept that such movement is 'natural'. Would it be natural for a never seen before tribe from the amazon to appear in central London. Would it not be natural for people to find it strange without knowing why, their minds having been indoctrinated by the liberal left wing to believe that they must comply with an artificial norm; namely that contrary to proper practice all strangers must be welcomed into our midst despite historical evidence that one should only trust first family, second community and thirdly, country. Remember the fifth column; it will all end in tears.
Give Rozanne a break; she is being honest.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Wanted. New British chocolatier

Cadbury, a much loved British company was sold to US mega firm Kraft in 2011 and is now part of the Mondelez group of brands.
In February 2015 the Telegraph newspaper printed an article cataloging the degradation of this once fine product. The messing with Creme Eggs is the last straw. See here

Why doesn't a British confectioner challenge this US usurper and make chocolate as Cadbury used to and try and drive their rivals out of the marketplace?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Another look at Picasso

Having spent an hour or so looking round the Picasso museum in his home town of Malaga, I have to ask, at the end, was he mocking the art establishment? Not only were the images uninspirational, the execution of the paintings was at best indifferent and at worse, pathetic. It is almost as if he was goading the art world to dismiss his work. It is all the more disappointing because his early work held the promise of being good in the impressionist style.
I have already made the pilgrimage to the Museo Reina Sofia to see Picasso's painting 'Guernica' and again came away disappointed. On this occasion one can't fault the content nor the use of an austere palette but again the execution, the lack of basic painting skill that captured one's attention.
Is it time to reappraise his work?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Blair and Miliband

It has been reported that ex Prime Minister Tony Blair has pledged to do all he can to help Ed Miliband win the forthcoming elections. Why? They belomg to opposite ends of the Socialist spectrum and Blair has been out of UK politics for some years pursuing his own personal fortune. Could it have something to do with the publication of the Chilcot enquiry into the UK's involvement in the Iraq War whilst Blair was in power? Already overdue there is now no likelihood of it being published until after the General Election. Could it be that Blair believes he will be castigated for his role and that with Miliband in No 10 he can mitigate the outcome as a quid pro quo for any electoral support? Surely not!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Jihadist weaponry

The image of Hayat Boumeddiene, alleged accomplice of the terrorists responsible for the Charlie Hebdo slaughter, shows her using a crossbow, a weapon of choice for many Arabs until recent times. It had to be because innovation of arms, as with other technologies, lagged behind the West as many Middle Eastern Countries lived a third world existence still seen in Yemen and Somalia today. Much as they despise the West it is interesting that today the typical Arab Jihadist wouldn't be without its 'satan' technology; the Kalashnikovs, the rocket launchers, grenades, the kevlar based body armour, the mobile phones, the computers and the world-wide web. All available from the decadent West because since the days of the Prophet their capacity for innovation has been stifled. Where are the Arab machine guns, the Arab tanks, Arab fighter jets etc? Indeed it could be argued that if it hadn't been for oil, most of the Arab countries would still be third world incapable of financing global terrorism.
Is it not the case that although they claim to hate the West and its values in reality they know that they are jealous of the advanced way of life to be found, for instance, in Europe and America and like spoilt children would prefer to see this destroyed rather than live perpetually in the shadow. The leaders of the more enlightened Muslim States are already taking steps to ensure their survival post oil. They are buying as much prime land in Europe and America as they can and I wonder what the leadership of Al Qu'eda think about that!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Weaponisation of the NHS

The Labour Party leader, Mr. Ed Miliband is short of topics on which he can challenge the coalition Government. The economy is recovering, unemployment is down, business confidence is up and Mrs May seems impregnable at the Home Office leaving him with very little to talk about if you disregard the dubious question of the standard of living. I say dubious because they really must have rummaged about amongst the statistics to find anything grim amongst all the relatively good news, especially since all the bad news came as a consequence of the last Labour Government. Remember the note left by the outgoing Socialist Treasury Minister, Liam Byrne, after the last election, apologising that all the money had gone.
Now, it seems, Miliband has turned his attention to that good old standby the NHS urging his Party to weaponise the health service in the fight for votes. Never mind that the NHS in Wales is failing under a Labour administration, never mind the debacle of the Mid Staffs Hospital on Andy Burnham's watch, never mind that the privatisation of the NHS was began by the same man at Hitchingbrookes. These facts are conveniently ignored as the Party arms itself for battle. Not for them a policy of promoting enterprise, creating jobs, attracting inward investment that will benefit the economy. No; the Labour Party is battling on a front line consisting of an institution that deals with sick, unproductive people at considerable, almost LIMITLESS cost to the taxpayer. Of course it is important to many, particularly the old and vulnerable but to make it the number one priority in reaching out to the electorate suggests a Party devoid of talent, devoid of ideas, pinning their hopes on a gullible and uneducated core vote. The Lemmings voting for the Lemming Party.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Two thoughts from both ends of the Religious Spectrum.

I have been thinking on two matters at opposing ends of the religious spectrum.

Consider these two scenarios. If a merciful and loving God created the universe and mankind you would surely believe that we would all be singing from the same hymn sheet. On the other hand, if you imagine that mankind created God, it is likely that the deity would reflect local culture and practice and therefore vary from place to place.
Now, ignoring the nonsense about 'free will' being a gift of God, which of these scenarios best fits the picture we see round the world today?

I have been pondering on Professor Richard Dawkins' eponymous creation: The Foundation for Reason and Science. Surely it is an oxymoron! The basis for both science and philosophy is mathematics and that in turn revolves around the integrity of the number 'one'. But the question arises; what is the number 'one' and how certain are we about what it represents? For example we cannot give with certainty the correct answer to the question; what is the square root of one and are even less certain when we talk of fourth roots? This uncertainty must mean that if we wish to build an edifice, we should do it on foundations that are concrete rather than the shifting sands of dubious mathematics.


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Astrology; truth or fiction?

The majority of astrologists believe a person's personality can be linked to astronomical events at their time of birth. They also use astronomical data to make predictions about the future by means of horoscopes.
We are all familiar with horoscopes finding them in many papaers and magazines; most of us will look for our 'sign' out of idle curiosity, possibly impressed that the popular characteristics assigned to a particular star sign is often correct. For example I am a 'Pisces' and do identify myself with the typical trait of being a dreamer. Other traits are:  Compassionate,  Adaptable,  Accepting,  Devoted,  Imaginative or possibly,  with a less positive point of view:  Oversensitive,  Indecisive,  Self-pitying,  Lazy,  Escapist.

Scientists today consider astrology to be a pseudoscience with claims unproven yet over many millenia and in many differing cultures  these beliefs have persisted. How is it possible that all people born in a specific time frame bear the same characteristics? I may have the answer.
Readers of this blog and my book ( see;  here  ) will know that I suggest that whilst an embryo grows a brain it uploads data from both its parent's DNA using the 'unreal' dimension of time. This contains information, besides that concerning a child's ability to survive and grow into adulthood,  other data containing a record of all  antecedents. In fact, I also believe that although traits such as eye and hair colour may be assumed from near relatives, the character of a person may come from either parent from many generations ago. I have previously imagined that the process was at random but what if nature only chooses the character of an ancestor born at the same time in the lunar calender, say. This alone would produce the trend we observe, but rather than the date of birth being the important factor, I might suggest that it is the day of conception that is the most relevant, possibly ironing out some of the inconsistencies we doubtless observe.
A problem with this scenario is that posed by non identical twins with different characters. I have suggested that their characters may have come from different ancestors but surely according to the idea above both these antecedents would be born under the same star sign. Of course, it is possible to have the same star sign but appear different according to whether the traits are 'positive' or 'negative' as can be seen in the Piscean list above.

According to this hypothesis it is possible for the time of birth (or better conception) to influence a person's character as observed astrologically over the history of mankind and perhaps science should stop being so blinkered in its approach to what it refers to as the 'pseudosciences'. Sometimes the empirical approach is not always right because often it is what you don't see in experiments that are just as important as what you do.