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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Khalid Masood/ Adrian Elms. Who is he?

Khalid Masood/ Adrian Elms. Who is he? The Westminster killer was brought up in a Christian family but by his late teens he was in trouble with the police. At school he was considered popular with a particular fondness for sports, particularly football, with little or no interest in religion. So what triggered this transformation?
His mother was a 17 year old woman in East Sussex and his father was thought to be an Afro-Carribean man. I believe that character (soul) is a mixture of nature and nurture. I further believe that the natural part of the mixture is the inheritance of the character of an ancestor, from either side of the family, often from many generation ago. During the early years it is plausible to assume that the parental love and care allows the nurturing process to prevail and presumably continue until some trigger allows the underlying character to come through. At some time, either through grooming in prison or by social media, Elms became radicalised and morphed into Masood. But why? when many others resist this brainwashing. The clue might be in his Afro-Carribean background.
The Carribean under European control needed slaves to work the sugar cane and other farms. The slaves principally came from Africa, amongst them those from Islamic lands taken from their homes by traffikers, often Africans from countries such as the former Dahomey who sold them on to slave traders. Once in the Carribean they would have been forced to convert to mainly Roman Catholicism whilst practising their home religion in secret. Could it be that Elms, faced with a vision of radical Islam found the trigger to awaken a latent character he was compelled to embrace? Could it be why he found it so easy to become a jihadist, why he was able to undertake a crime of horrifying proportions despite an upbringing that eschewed such behaviour. He had become that jihadist of old in mind and body like many others AND chillingly, like many in the years to come.
Of course, this may occur with Europeans whose ancestors may have been crusaders.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Is Erdogan the most dangerous man on earth?

Forget Trump, forget Kim Jong-un, could it be that the most dangerous man on earth is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey. Following the Dutch refusing his Party permission to hold a political rally in the Netherlands in favour of his referendum position by denying entry to the Turkish Minister of Housing, Erdogan has accused the Dutch Government of being fascists and promising that the 'harshest penalties' will follow. Make no mistake, this is the rhetoric of war.
Erdogan's referendum is seeking changes to the Turkish constitution that move away from the aspirations of Ataturk for a modern  secular democracy and more towards an Islamic republic. Erdogan's association with the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be denied and this league's aims are intrinsically linked to global Islamification.
Since the Muslim Brotherhood were ousted by the military coup in Egypt, the Brotherhood has moved many of its functions to Erdogan's Turkey. see the report by: AL ARABIYA INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES:

If successful, Erdogan will effectively control the executive and judiciary in Turkey, leading to a powerful Islamic state on the edge of Europe, not unlike the Ottoman caliphate that the President aspires to. The Caliphate was not built by word of God alone; it was built by military force, gainsaying the claim that the religion is one of peace. Bollocks!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

could post mortem brain activity be a proof of the three dimensionality of time?

Canadian doctors highlight a case where brain activity has been seen in a clinically dead person 10 minutes later. See here:

Could this be a proof of the three dimensional nature of time? The Davies Hypothesis
posits that the brain operates in three dimensions of time. 'Unreal' time, associated with the past, is responsible for knowledge and memory. 'Real' time brain activity continuously monitors the senses in the present, allowing us to identify our situation in the here and now and giving us understanding. 'Imaginary' time, associated with the future, utilises knowledge and understanding to find solutions and suggest courses of action. It is also responsible for dreaming, the acquisition of wisdom and appreciation of the arts and the abstract. The brain operates with all three aspects of time, often at the same time, leading to rapid response. But where's the proof?
It is my belief that when the heart stops. so too does 'real' and 'unreal' time leaving 'imaginary' time to function alone until lack of oxygenated blood causes the onset of decay. During this period, the 'imaginary' time function continues to dream, preparing the body, as it has since embryonic days, for what comes next in life, in this case final death. These final dreams as with many may come with visions, often of peaceful scenes of gardens, tunnels with comforting bright lights exuding feelings of sublime ecstacy. Often these visions have religious themes, but nearly all, I suggest, lead the dying towards a peaceful and often welcome end.
Are there other conditions that point to the brain operating in three dimensions of time? What about a condition from which I suffer- sleep paralysis? The condition arises, usually in bed, when a person sleeping soundly becomes aware that they cannot move their arms and legs although the muscles of the heart and lungs continue to operate. This terrifying condition causes panic which can last for what seems like minutes. I try, with great difficulty, to attract my wife's attention and she, recognising the problem, has to shake me, often very vigorously, to full consciousness. Medical web sites suggest the condition is not serious but I believe that those who die of heart attacks during these episodes cannot tell their stories. It really is frightening but what causes it? In this case I believe that it is the 'imaginary' time component that is switched off. The 'real' time aspect of the brain switches on, the 'unreal' time responsible for memory recognises the situation but the 'imaginary' time continues in dreaming mode and does not respond to the stimuli to switch on the waking up signal by for instance telling the relevant gland to produce cortisol. (The heart and lung function continues to operate under a much older order of brain activity, programmed to work continuously at all time.)
Doctors and psychiatrists might think of other conditions that could be explained by the three dimensional nature of time. Get in touch.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Lord Heseltine has been sacked by the Conservative party for his stance on Brexit. He voted in favour of amendments to the bill allowing the Prime Minister to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the precursor of the UK's leaving the EU. These amendments were designed, despite arguments to the contrary, to delay or obstruct the process of leaving the EU whilst simultaneously pushing for a second referendum they hoped would overturn the first. It was a cynical ruse, using the spurious claim that Brexiteers wanted to return sovereignty to the British Parliament, therefore it follows that Parliament should vote on the final terms, rather than allow the Government of the day to act on behalf of the Nation.

His preoccupation with the European Union suggests that he clearly has NO faith in the British people being able to cope on their own and NO belief that the Country can function better without the cloying bureaucracy of the European red tape. Many people will view his stance of having no confidence in the British, as one of giving comfort to an enemy, as one bordering on the treacherous.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Slaves or immigrants?

Ben Carson the black, African -american, new secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development has compared slaves with immigrants attracting widespread criticism from the usual suspects, the luvvie liberal left and civil rights groups who called his remarks offensive. But hasn't he got a point.
Those originally taken from West Africa for slavery were taken under duress, forced to endure miserable conditions whilst being chained and brutally treated. They were forced to work for long arduous hours on minimum or no pay and denied any sort of freedom for hundreds of years. Yet, some of those slaves may have been pleased to leave the hopeless, disease ridden life of the native mud hut African economy and inter tribal feuding to seek a better life (or die). And is this not the case today?
African immigrants cannot rely on European slave traders to take them, they have to arrange their own version of escape, risking many life threatening perils to find a better life (or die) away from the squalor of the African and Middle Eastern hell holes. Only this time the liberal elite cannot blame rich European landowners of a crime. This time the diaspora of people moving to the green fields of northern Europe and the US are the people themselves. In the days of slavery, the migrants had no choice but is it not the case that because of what happened they DID forge for their descendants the better life they hoped for and that without slavery many African Americans like Ben Carson would not be living a relatively good life compared with their relatives in Benin and elsewhere. You could make a case for saying that many African Americans should jolly well be grateful for slavery.

Friday, 24 February 2017

3 men losers; 2 women winners

Yesterday (23rd Feb) was a bad day for three men with collateral damage for those you supported them.
All three losers were at the wrong end of political manoeuvering but only two were Westminster orientated. Claudio Ranieri won huge praise last season for leading 5000-1 outsiders, Leicester City, to the Premier league title but this was not enough to save him from the chop; he was sacked as manager with his side one point above the relegation zone. Football holds no sentment; you are only as good as your last result or in Ranieri's case the season so far. I only hope that the owner of Leicester thought fit, beforehand, to offer his Manager, in the light of his past glory, the opportunity to resign. He was, after all, let down by his players.
The other two losers were political animals, Paul Nuttall of UKIP and the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. I hate to say this because my father was a Liverpool man, but  whatever the merit of his arguments, Nuttall's broad scouse accent is enough to put anyone off. I know it shouldn't be, but the man had a good product to offer the Stoke electorate but lost despite the constituency boasting a huge number of Brexiteers. I can only think it was his accent because the Labour man was eminently pathetic, beatable and grossly unsuitable as a member of parliament. Corbyn's speech, the morning after reminded me of other Socialist speakers with their dream of  a Utopian paradise of equality for all. I was reminded of the old adage, if you take from Peter and give to Paul you are always sure of Paul's support and it was surely to the Pauls that Corbyn addressed his speech; a plea to the faithful not to abandon his Party in the light of the Copeland defeat. He denied the loss was due to his socialist agenda, his predilection for discourse with terrorist organisations but could only offer lame excuses.
Two women, however, triumphed. Trudy Harrison won Copeland for the Tories, a seat they last held in antiquity and Prime Minister, Theresa May, who has impressed the electorate with the assured start to her tenure and the confident manner in which she has addressed difficult problems such as Brexit.
Yesterday was a good day for women.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Merkel & Islam

I don't know which report I find most depressing.

Mrs Merkel, the German Chancellor has told a European Defence Committee that Europe should take in more Syrian and Iraqi immigrants. She added that Islam was not responsible for terrorism. Of course it isn't. This story appears in today's papers (17th feb 2017) alongside a report that a school in Oldham has lost its headmistress to threats of abuse from the mostly Pakistani born parents who disapprove of her 'western' dress. It is feared that this is another 'Trojan Horse' attempt to stop the introduction of western values into a curriculum they, no doubt, wish to be based on Qur'anic studies.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Open Britain

Following the speech of Tony Blair asking the British people to  force the Government to hold a second referendum and the appearance of Mandelson on the Marr show today, it is difficult not to think that these two are preparing for the introduction of a new centre-left political Party, Open Britain. They are awaiting the outcome of the two by-elections being held this week when Corbyn's Labour Party are expected to do badly, possibly losing one or both seats.
Who the hell do they think they are? Both men, despised by huge swathes of people from both ends of the political spectrum and wider aspects of life, brought, in their way, the whole of Westminster into disrepute. Indeed many think that Blair, in particular, should be languishing in jail for his part in the Iraq War. You'd have thought both men would have learned to keep their mouths well and truly shut.
So, one can't help but imagine that this movement is not being wheeled out for the benefit of the people of the United Kingdom but has more to do with the machinations of two men who only have self interest at heart. But what can it be? As Europe fails over the next few years do these chancers see opportunity in the chaos...

Friday, 17 February 2017

Same sex marriage and the Church

The Anglican Church is in trouble over the issue of Same Sex Marriage (SSM). A report by the House of Bishops was brought before the General Synod for approval in terms of being 'noted'. The paper, which broadly approved the idea of the Church conducting SSMs was voted on on by the house of Clergy and the house of Laity, requiring approval from all sections to gain approval. It failed, meaning that it could be years before the issue is considered again, leaving all parties in a state of unsatisfactory limbo.
The problem is one of scripture. Although the bible doesn't mention 'marriage' Genesis tells us that God gave Adam a wife so that thereafter a  man would leave his parents and 'become one flesh' with a woman, in his case, Eve. So it is said God ordained the institution of marriage.
On one side of the argument opponents of the move say that scripture, time and again, reviles against same sex relationships whilst others say that the God of love cannot harden his heart against loving couples of any hue. Those against argue that marriage should be for a man and woman who wish to bear children naturally whilst those for the proposition say that same sex couples can adopt. There are also irrelevant issues of 'human rights' abounding.
As I say in the conclusion of my book: 'Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions', should Churches abandon all notion of a supernatural, creator God and instead embrace the spirituality of man under the banner of: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. With God out of the way the door opens for love, hope, compassion and charity to flood in.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Labour reinventing themselves?

Did you see on Sunday 12th Feb, the appearance on TV of Tom Watson, labour's deputy leader (on the Marr show) and Chuka Umunna (on the Ridge show)?
Both went out of their way to promote the Labour Party's patriotism, love of Country, family life, defence of the realm, in fact all the sort of things we expect to hear from a Conservative Member of Parliament. Could it be that as their popularity wanes, the traditional working class vote collapses, the Labour Party are having to reinvent themselves, putting Britain first, before the two crucial by-elections later this month.