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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A romance....

It is May 2020; Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have won a landslide victory in the General Election even winning the seat, Witney, of ex Prime Minister Cameron. Corbyn's party, under the anti-austerity banner and organised by the efficient Momentum group had mobilised their supporters from every disaffected group in the Nation from ex-prisoners, trade unions and ethnic minorities, stirring up old prejudices with promises of future rewards.
Her Majesty the Queen had invited Corbyn to form  a Government and he'd accepted, telling Her Majesty that he intended to. What he didn't tell her was that he was about to declare the Country a republic despite it not being in his manifesto to do so. After his victory he had received calls of congratulations from the Irish Taoiseach and the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah whilst declining to take a call from the President of the United States, Donald Trump.
His first task on assuming office had been to summon the Chief of the General Staff with the news that the Army, Navy and Air Force were to be disbanded with officers' pensions halved. Withdrawal from Nato and the disbandment of Trident swiftly followed. Next, the new Home Secretary, McDonnell, announced that the Police Force was, in the future, to be run directly from No. 10 as a personal protection force for the Cabinet. Dissidents were sacked with no pension rights.
The Church of England was then stripped of all rights, St Pauls and Westminster Abbey being converted into mosques.
Her Majesty the Queen was then informed that she and her family were no longer welcome in the Country, her properties to be forfeit and she had to go into exile. It was too much for the Monarch and she died in days from a broken heart. Corbyn refused her a state funeral, softening only to permit her ashes to be scattered over a rose garden in her beloved Windsor Castle before it was turned into a madrassa. Her escort, the Duke of Edinbrough, died shortly afterwards, according to his staff, also of a broken heart. Charles chose to be exiled in Canada but his sons William and Henry took their families to the US where they were granted citizenship and immediate celebrity status.
Corbyn then took over Buckingham Palace as the new Labour Party headquarters, famously standing on the balcony with his brother Piers to wave to the crowds of supporters, mainly bussed in immigrants. The head of the Bank of England was summoned to the plush new offices in the palace to be told to print more money to reward his supporters. Next he had to make good on his pledge for more council housing. The heads of the major building firms were summoned and told that they had to build state owned homes at low cost on the sites of old barracks and airfields or lose their licenses. Tenants, mostly Muslim immigrants, were told that their accommodation was dependent on their continued support of the Labour Party.
All traces of British imperial past were excluded from the school curriculum and all statues of former heroes, Churchill, Dowding, Thatcher were ordered to be torn down and replaced with effigies of the Tolpuddle martyrs and Trade Union leaders. Similarly with all street names and public parks or areas. Trafalgar Square was renamed Scargill Square. Following the first state visit by a foreign dignitary, the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic, flanked by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, Northern ireland was forcibly returned to the Irish Republic amidst much rejoicing on the Falls Road and much dismay in the Shankill Road.
The nationalisation of the railways and abuse of corporate powers had seen a flight of big companies from the UK leading to huge stock market losses and major removal of capital from the Country. The Bank of England was forced to print more money to keep the cogs of power turning but the NHS was now in permanent decline as most doctors had emigrated leaving behind a non-English speaking rump. Arabic was fast becoming the first language of public health.
Within two years, the Country, out of direction and leadership, was spiralling to a chaotic and catastrophic end with all that made the Country great, its culture, its tradition but most of all the fair minded Britishness of the indigenous peoples, gone. You cannot build a Constitution around Human Rights. It just doesn't work.

Across the Nation, in the Shires and Home Counties, more and more people tended to place a jug of water on their dining tables and in increasing numbers raise their glasses above to toast the King (Across The Water). The fight back had begun.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Derivation of Character

Two stories in the press about unexpected behaviour caught my eye this week. The first concerned Jack Letts, the son of an Oxfordshire organic farmer and baker.

The second concerned the son, Jake Petty, of a Church of England minister.

The interesting connection is that both men, although ostensibly well balanced Englishmen, expressed an interest in learning Arabic before fleeing to a Near East war zone. Why? What was it in their brain that compelled them to join the jihadists?
The answer may well lie in my theory explaining the origin of 'character' and the mechanism by which Nature endows a person. see my Youtube talk: The Davies Hypothesis

Letts' father had been born in Canada but it is documented that in the 1870s many Arabs made their way to that Country. In England there has been an Arab presence since the Cornish set up trade with the 'Spanish' Caliphate of Cordoba; perhaps earlier. Could it be that both young men had Arab genes in their ancestry and both inherited the character of an Arabic speaking forefather. It would explain why they wanted to learn Arabic, a language they would find easy to master because they already knew it, albeit deep in their psyche.
It is, of course, almost impossible to prove the connection and therefore my theory since it would also need to be shown that their birthdays coincided, but it does offer a potential solution to the questions we posed.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Greed or need is the mother of invention.

It's not often I agree with Eamonn Holmes. However, in a week that we find his hero, Alex Ferguson, visiting the home of Manchester City in search of good football, one must be charitable. Holmes has said on his Sky news program that he can't remember a more depressing time for the world and I agree. I suppose every generation feels that as they get older, life can never be as good as when they were growing up but this time, globalised twenty-four hour news programs highlight the disparity between those who have and those who have not.
Typically, as shown on tv last night, we have in Romania a community of Roma gypsies who have no prospects in life other than to forage in Europe's biggest rubbish heap. The favelas of Brazil, slums of  other South American and Asian cities are manifestations of this poverty and growing despair. In Europe, we have our own problems as widespread fighting in the Near and Middle East force refugees to flee the warfare and bombing to seek shelter in the West. Not in ones and twos but hundreds of thousands, often women and children. Add to this explosive mix we have North Korea threatening indiscriminate nuclear war, worldwide Jihad from a 7th century death cult and new mosquito borne diseases that threaten the new born of  the very people that need most help. It is not hard to see Holmes' point of view but yet, there is a class of people who are doing very well in this scenario; the stinking rich. I'm not talking of millionaires here, I'm talking of those who control assets of more than a billion dollars because with wealth comes power and with power comes greed and control. This financial duality is another example of the rule of two in action: see here

As this disparity grows, so does the likelihood of peasant uprisings that may take civilisation back to the seventh century world of Islam. So what is the answer? I don't know but should we be so scathing about greed, seeing what benefits it has brought.
In the Amazon forests and jungles of Papua New Guinea, tribes still exist in an 'aboriginal' ideal. They take from the land only what they need, living a life in harmony with nature. In this environment what motivates a drive for the civilisation with which we are more familiar? Is greed or need the mother of invention because in a world where the living is easy, the wheel doesn't get invented and without the wheel we wouldn't enjoy all those little items that make life comfortable. It is because someone had greed for more than the others that everything we understand as civilised life, became possible.
We can't be anti control either. Every community (or nearly) needs a leader; a chief who oversees the well-being of the tribe. It is, however, perfectly right that we expect the control to be fair and just and it is in this spirit that the Magna Carta was envisaged and enacted in the British Isles. This instrument transformed civilisation then and in these very troubled times its spirit needs to be revived in a new renaissance where aspiration takes the place of greed and good governance replaces control.

Trevor Phillips; right and wrong

Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has stated that Muslims are different from, presumably, those in the West. Well! in that he is absolutely correct. He goes on to assert that it is disrespectful of the West to expect them to change the way they behave in conformity to our way of life. In this he is absolutely wrong. Surely if one moves into a new community, it is more disrespectful not to adopt the ways, accept the norms, of the host population. In fact it is outrageous that Muslims expect the host nation to fall in with their beliefs and laws, especially when the only evidence they have for its validity is widespread bloodshed and misery visited, in the main, on women and children.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Corbyn - a definition

What do you call a fleet of unarmed nuclear submarines?  A 'corbyn'.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Out of body experience

The airing of David Bowie's latest record, 'Lazarus' on the day of his death raises the question of 'Out of body' experiences'. What are they and why do they occur?

I may have the answer. See my video here

SOS. Save Our Soldiers

In July 2013 I wrote in this blog about the treatment of soldiers recently returned from war; and the way they were being treated by the treacherous legal establishment. See here   and  here

They are still at it, yet Cameron maintains that the legal process must be gone through despite this course of action being prejudicial to the best interests of the Nation. It is my contention that the legal firms involved are giving succour and comfort to the enemies of the UK and this is TREACHERY. Arrest the lot of them.

Thursday, 7 January 2016


I present a series of 17 talks on youtube which challenge the scientific and religious orthodoxy about the universe, its creation and properties, including time.
You can watch these talks at:

The talks supplement the ideas contained in my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.
As before, I hope that the topics covered stimulate debate.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

More rain

In February 2014, I wrote the following:

The residents in Cornwall in the UK are certainly struggling as wave after wave of Atlantic weather systems drop yet more rain on their saturated lands. Flooding has caused many to flee their homes amidst calls that the politicians are standing idly by.
One can understand their frustration but is their ire towards the politicians warranted? As things stand what do they want the politicians to do? Act like Canute and insist that the water retreats? Hand out money belonging to other taxpayers, like confetti, as compensation? Compensation for what? Making the conscious decision to live in a known flood area? We all have sympathy for their plight and the emergency services are doing sterling work but is there no real chance of negating the overwhelming power of nature?
Probably not but does that mean we shouldn't try? The cost of annual river dredging is prohibitive; so too the infrastructure needed for effective draining but it doesn't come near to the human cost of despair and suffering. What can be done? I have spoken of this before but with winter weather patterns becoming ever more severe is it time to take another look at climate control? can we stop the build up of rain bearing clouds above the UK?
Is it possible to station a reflector and lens in geostationary orbit in space to harness the immeasurable power of the sun and burn off areas of low pressure and moderate wind speeds whilst they are still building out in the Atlantic? What about beaming microwave radiation directly at clouds or the new super-powerful laser gun being developed? Allow the farmers their ration between the hours of midnight and say four in the morning but having paid the initial costs it might represent a more economically viable means of protecting the people. It has side benefits as well. The UK could become world leaders in the technology leading to economic benefits and also the Nation would become happier, basking in the increased sunshine levels.

Here we are again, this time in Lancashire. Since I wrote this piece, I have heard of no plans to attempt such measures as I've suggested. Surely the Government must act now!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bar Council exam. Paper 1

Bar Council exams
Paper 1
In a hypothetical case the judge sums up as follows. Read his directions to the jury and then answer the subsequent questions.

'Members of the jury, this is a simple case of alleged rape concerning an extremely, almost obscenely wealthy defendant. We have heard that on such and such a date, he was in a hotel room in the company of two young girls. Because it was a warm day all those present were undressed and the defendant was in a state of arousal. This has not been contested, men are often in a state of arousal, but what happened then is. The defendant claims that in adjusting his position on the sofa, he inadvertently slipped and in so doing accidentally penetrated one of the girls despite her pleas for him to desist. I am minded to refer the papers of the case to the CPS because it strikes me that the girl's legs akimbo, might have facilitated this unwanted trip to paradise and brought on the defendant's unrelenting ecstasy, amounting to no less than an infringement of his human right to celibacy.
Leaving that aside for one moment, the defendant, a man of previously good character, his previous convictions for fraud and domestic abuse having been successfully appealed, is known for his charitable work with young children. The court has also received the written testimony of various politicians, artists, deejays etcetera as to his good character. On the other hand the witnesses for the crown are just girls.
Therefore members of the jury, bearing in mind all the circumstances, I have no difficulty in directing you to formally acquit the defendant on all charges.'

Question 1. Has the judge been 'got at'? Has he been bribed?
Question 2. Has the judge or his family  been threatened with punitive punishment if the defendant doesn't walk?
Question 3. Are judges fit persons to hear cases involving 'real' life?