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Thursday, 13 August 2015

ISIS spread to SE Asia

There is news that terror group ISIS have recruited 10,000 followers and potential jihadists in South East Asia, Malaysia, the Phillipines and Indonesia. This comes as no surprise since there has been trouble at the Malaysia-Thailand border for years as Islamic groups attempt to disrupt life in the five provinces closest to the border.
However, this is a very disturbing development, truly threatening peace on earth on a global scale. It is time to get tough with the Abrahamic religions before it is too late. Because it will be impossible to convince Muslims of the non-existence of God without treating Christians and Jews the same, the whole question of faith in mythological 'beings' must be addressed.

We may have some help in this from an unexpected corner.

Pope Francis has recently cast doubts on the historic perception of the nature of God and Archbishop Welsby has previously shown an element of pragmatism on the same question. see previous posts:

To totally overturn over two thousand years of wisdom is not done lightly but the time has come to educate once and for all a reluctant audience that there is no, never was and never will be a God of Abraham. Once this has been achieved and all the imams and priests 'defrocked' the cloak of religion will be removed from the jihadists exposing them for the criminal terrorists they are.

Readers might like to read my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions, for proofs of the non-existence of God

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Life under Corbyn

Would life under a Corbyn administration be that bad? His major policies can be categorised as achievable or otherwise and since most come into the latter category the outcome of his electoral victory might not be so bad as people fear.
Which of his policies are achievable? It is possibly to raise the highest rate of income tax without upsetting the majority of voters but the principal targets are well able to avoid paying it by adopting a strategy of new loopholes and hidden tax havens. Where there's a will, there's a way!
His ideas about the Nationalisation of key industries makes sense. The utilities and railways DO NOT conform to a traditional market economy; they are contrived and currently run against the interests of the electorate. The railways share the same lines and the energy and telephonic industries use the same cables and pipes. The Country needs to take back these industries under the Public domain and run them on a non-profit status. For too long the British people have been shafted by these industries in the name of mammon. It is not, these days, beyond the wit of man to set up a system that works for everyone, especially as some utilities such as water, vital for the Country's wellbeing, should not be in foreign (and therefore possibly enemy) ownership. Workers in these nationalised industries should not be classified as 'civil servants' but employed as if they were in the private domain. Disappointingly, Corbyn will want employees to be entitled to adopt trades unions with full striking capability, posing the biggest single threat to the strategy.
I also like the idea of a National Investment Bank to ensure that Bitish inventions benefit the Nation, not, as so often happened in the past, the Americans and Chinese via worldwide banking interests. Corbyn is right to be wary of the Banks, all capable of treachery in the interests of profit; their only God.

But what of the unachievable? What about his friendship with Hamas and President Maduro of Venezuela? From the first minute that Corbyn enters No 10 he will be told the facts of life, including the unacceptibility of his idea to cancel Trident.
With regard to Hamas, I suggest that the Israeli Secret Service, Mossad, have a hold on British politics. I believe they have proof of a British Governmental shame, so great as to discredit all British policy since the eighties and later. They will ensure that Corbyn toes the line as every Prime Minister has since then and does not upset Israel. As Israel's greatest ally, the US will insist on the same.
The CIA is also privy to the British Government's shame and therefore influences the UK's policies. They and Mossad lead the UK by the snout adopting a stick and carrot approach with British politicians. Do as we say and we will look after you; go your own way and we cannot be responsible for what happens to you - or your family.
Have you, by any chance, noticed what happened to Blair. Despite his being out of office and a failure, he managed to make a lot of money on the talk circuit. Why? Maybe it was because, under pressure from the CIA, he pushed the UK into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite grave misgivings. To a lesser extent, could it be that Gordon Brown has made money by the same route. How? Because they are benefitting from the carrot side of the policy. Do as we tell you and we will see that you and your family are financially secure. It's not only the Prime Ministers. Have they got to Hatton as well and probably Chilcot? Hatton's report was widely thought of as a whitewash and is Chilcot so frightened he daren't publish a report that is well overdue?
Remember the ex Attorney General, Dominic Grieve? Despite overwhelming evidence that the Dr. Kelly enquiry was flawed, he sat on his hands and resisted the call for an inquest. Was he compromised as well? Was his family threatened? I wouldn't be at all surprised because National Government agencies act like Mafia families. Comply or die!
In the end, Corbyn will have to go through the motions of leadership, making changes that might hold back 'globalisation' in the UK markets which may be beneficial but essentially doing as he's told by forces beyond his control.
And what is this National shame? Perhaps we have a clue with questions being asked about Edward Heath KG.

In other words, if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, we will hardly notice the difference.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Thank God.

An immigrant in Calais, one of mostly young men, yesterday, told a television interviewer, 'that God had sent him to England'. You just can't believe that people in the twenty-first century can be so naive, bordering on stupid. But it is what one might expect of a desperate person whose main learning comes, most probably, from a Qu'ran based education.
The problem is that it is this sort of person who is likely to gain entry to the UK, bringing with him all the baggage of his past, his upbringing and culture and I seriously doubt that it will enrich the lives of the indigenous population. I wonder if the presenter might have asked the man if he ever questioned why his God, known to Muhammad, had failed him and his family and why he wanted to go to a Country where the God, known to Jesus, seemed to be so much more benevolent. It wouldn't even cross his mind to think this and it is this inability to question his faith, so brainwashed are the followers of Islam, that provokes the mockery they attract and the fear in the British people for the future.
I wonder what these young men's reaction might be if it was made a condition of entry that they had to convert to Christianity. At every port of entry a vicar stood by a font to do the necessary, behind him a large poster of the Archbishop of Canterbury, listing the benefits of conversion. Ridiculous? Probably, but then, as I understand it, you can't visit Mecca unless you're a Muslim.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Straight from the horse's mouth

A banker working for Goldman Sachs is reported to be in line for a multimillion dollar payout next year in the event of a successful public flotation of a Company. The same banker is also reported to be behind the bid of Greece to join the Euro despite evidence that its economy was in no state of readiness for the transition. Goldman Sachs is reported to have made millions of dollars from its consultations and advice and will feel no shame in the part it played in subsequent events. It will not care about Greece, the Greek people, their trials and tribulations, the loss of assets and the deep embarrassment of a proud Nation. All will be nought to a Bank who like all the others are single minded in the aquisition of money. Nothing else matters. Recently, a market trader speaking to the BBC, spoke honestly about the way Banks viewed recessions as a money making exercise whilst real people suffer. See here:

Greece is now apparently thinking of suing Goldman Sachs. It won't do any good; the Bank has more money than Greece; it can afford to pay for the legal team that by hook or by crook will get the right result in a fresh demonstration of the New World order. The only game in town is money; lots of it. This polarisation of money wealth can only bring trouble as the disenfranchised, those without hope and the means to provide for their families no matter how hard they work, rise up.

Governments, in the pockets of the bankers, will be first to face a public backlash. Assassinations of the corrupt leaders will leave countries rudderless before anarchy takes hold as the people realise that without action they will be dead anyway. Eventually there will be no hiding place for the Bankers; their money will be taken from them. No numbered Swiss or Liechtenstein accounts will hold back the mob, no cache of gold and platinum will be safe as money becomes valueless. Remember if the $US is worth zero, zilch, nought then a trillion dollars is worth exactly the same as one dollar. This is the human equivalent of Nature balancing the books as it does the environment. The Bankers will only have themselves and their greed to blame. It's no good saying they give to charity with their well organised bashes in Beverley Hills for 'A' listers giving visible expression to their cupidity.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Greek economy. A guest blog

According to mainstream media, the current economic crisis in Greece is due to the government spending too much money on its people that it went broke. This claim however, is a lie. It was the banks that wrecked the country so oligarchs and international corporations could benefit.

Published: July 5, 2015 | Authors: Chris Kanthan | NationofChange | Op-Ed
Every single mainstream media has the following narrative for the economic crisis in Greece: the government spent too much money and went broke; the generous banks gave them money, but Greece still can’t pay the bills because it mismanaged the money that was given. It sounds quite reasonable, right?

Except that it is a big fat lie … not only about Greece, but about other European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland who are all experiencing various degrees of austerity. It was also the same big, fat lie that was used by banks and corporations to exploit many Latin American, Asian and African countries for many decades.

Greece did not fail on its own. It was made to fail.

In summary, the banks wrecked the Greek government and deliberately pushed it into unsustainable debt so that oligarchs and international corporations can profit from the ensuing chaos and misery.

If you are a fan of mafia movies, you know how the mafia would take over a popular restaurant. First, they would do something to disrupt the business – stage a murder at the restaurant or start a fire. When the business starts to suffer, the Godfather would generously offer some money as a token of friendship. In return, Greasy Thumb takes over the restaurant’s accounting, Big Joey is put in charge of procurement, and so on. Needless to say, it’s a journey down a spiral of misery for the owner who will soon be broke and, if lucky, alive.

Now, let’s map the mafia story to international finance in four stages.

Stage 1: The first and foremost reason that Greece got into trouble was the “Great Financial Crisis” of 2008 that was the brainchild of Wall Street and international bankers. If you remember, banks came up with an awesome idea of giving subprime mortgages to anyone who can fog a mirror. They then packaged up all these ticking financial bombs and sold them as “mortgage-backed securities” at a huge profit to various financial entities in countries around the world.

A big enabler of this criminal activity was another branch of the banking system, the group of rating agencies – S&P, Fitch and Moody’s – who gave stellar ratings to these destined-to-fail financial products. Unscrupulous politicians such as Tony Blair got paid by Big Banks to peddle these dangerous securities to pension funds and municipalities and countries around Europe. Banks and Wall Street gurus made hundreds of billions of dollars in this scheme.

But this was just Stage 1 of their enormous scam. There was much more profit to be made in the next three stages!

Stage 2 is when the financial time bombs exploded. Commercial and investment banks around the world started collapsing in a matter of weeks. Governments at local and regional level saw their investments and assets evaporate. Chaos everywhere!

Vultures like Goldman Sachs and other big banks profited enormously in three ways: one, they could buy other banks such as Lehman brothers and Washington Mutual for pennies on the dollar. Second, more heinously, Goldman Sachs and insiders such as John Paulson (who recently donated $400 million to Harvard) had made bets that these securities would blow up. Paulson made billions, and the media celebrated his acumen. (For an analogy, imagine the terrorists betting on 9/11 and profiting from it.) Third, to scrub salt in the wound, the big banks demanded a bailout from the very citizens whose lives the bankers had ruined! Bankers have chutzpah. In the U.S., they got hundreds of billions of dollars from the taxpayers and trillions from the Federal Reserve Bank which is nothing but a front group for the bankers.

In Greece, the domestic banks got more than $30 billion of bailout from the Greek people. Let that sink in for a moment – the supposedly irresponsible Greek government had to bail out the hardcore capitalist bankers.

Stage 3 is when the banks force the government to accept massive debts. For a biology metaphor, consider a virus or a bacteria. All of them have unique strategies to weaken the immune system of the host. One of the proven techniques used by the parasitic international bankers is to downgrade the bonds of a country. And that’s exactly what the bankers did, starting at the end of 2009. This immediately makes the interest rates (“yields”) on the bonds go up, making it more and more expensive for the country to borrow money or even just roll over the existing bonds.

From 2009 to mid-2010, the yields on 10-year Greek bonds almost tripled! This cruel financial assault brought the Greek government to its knees, and the banksters won their first debt deal of a whopping 110 billion Euros.

The banks also control the politics of nations. In 2011, when the Greek prime minister refused to accept a second massive bailout, the banks forced him out of the office and immediately replaced him with the Vice President of ECB (European Central Bank)! No elections needed. Screw democracy. And what would this new guy do? Sign on the dotted line of every paperwork that the bankers bring in.

(By the way, the very next day, the exact same thing happened in Italy where the Prime Minister resigned, only to be replaced by a banker/economist puppet. Ten days later, Spain had a premature election where a banker puppet won the election).

The puppet masters had the best month ever in November 2011.

Few months later, in 2012, the exact bond market manipulation was used when the banksters turned up the Greek bonds’ yields to 50%!!! This financial terrorism immediately had the desired effect: The Greek parliament agreed to a second massive bailout, even larger than the first one.

Now, here is another fact that most people don’t understand. The loans are not just simple loans like you would get from a credit card or a bank. These are loans come with very special strings attached that demand privatization of a country’s assets. If you have seen Godfather III, you would remember Hyman Roth, the investor who was carving up Cuba among his friends. Replace Hyman Roth with Goldman Sachs or IMF (International Monetary Fund) or ECB, and you get the picture.

Stage 4: Now, the rape and humiliation of a nation begin under the name of “austerity” or “structural reforms.” For the debt that was forced upon it, Greece had to sell many of its profitable assets to oligarchs and international corporations. And privatizations are ruthless, involving everything and anything that is profitable. In Greece, privatization included water, electricity, post offices, airport services, national banks, telecommunication, port authorities (which is huge in a country that is a world leader in shipping) etc. Of course, the ever-manipulative bankers always demand immediate privatization of all media which means that the country gets photogenic TV anchors who spew establishment propaganda every day and tell the people that crooked and greedy banksters are saviors; and slavery under austerity is so much better than the alternative.

In addition to that, the banker tyrants also get to dictate every single line item in the government’s budget. Want to cut military spending? NO! Want to raise tax on the oligarchs or big corporations? NO! Such micro-management is non-existent in any other creditor-debtor relationship.

So what happens after privatization and despotism under bankers? Of course, the government’s revenue goes down and the debt increases further. How do you “fix” that? Of course, cut spending! Lay off public workers, cut minimum wage, cut pensions (same as our social security), cut public services, and raise taxes on things that would affect the 99% but not the 1%. For example, pension has been cut in half and sales tax increase to more than 20%. All these measures have resulted in Greece going through a financial calamity that is worse than the Great Depression of the U.S. in the 1930s.

After all this, what is the solution proposed by the heartless bankers? Higher taxes! More cuts to the pension! It takes a special kind of a psychopath to put a country through austerity, an economic holocaust.

If every Greek person had known the truth about austerity, they wouldn’t have fallen for this. Same goes for Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and other countries going through austerity. The sad aspect of all this is that these are not unique strategies. Since World War II, these predatory practices have been used countless times by the IMF and the World Bank in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

This is the essence of the New World Order — a world owned by a handful of corporations and banks; a world that is full of obedient, powerless debt serfs.

So, it’s time for the proud people of Greece to rise up like Zeus and say NO (“OXI” in Greece) to the greedy puppet masters, unpatriotic oligarchs, parasitic bankers and corrupt politicians.

Dear Greece, know that the world is praying for you and rooting for you. This weekend, vote NO to austerity. Say YES to freedom, independence, self-government, sovereignty, and democracy. Go to the polls this weekend and give a resounding, clear victory for the 99% in Greece, Europe, and the entire western world.

My bit.
The trouble is the German Banks would lose money if the Greeks are not bailed out. Most of the money from any bailout would go directly to help German Banks recover some of their money. The joke is that the Germans are the ones who most benefited from financial support after WW2 and it wouldn't go amiss if they adopted a less judgmental position especially as the Greeks have a legitimate claim for damages against Frau Merkel's Country.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Mannans speak from Syria

We release this statement to confirm that, indeed we are in the Islamic State. 
A land that is free from the corruption and oppression of man made law and is governed by the shariah, the perfect and just laws of Allah subhanAllah wa Ta'la.
All 12 of us and why should this number be shocking, when there are thousands and thousands of Muslims from all corners of the world that are crossing over land and sea everyday to come to the Islamic State? 
That are willingly leaving the so called freedom and democracy that was forced down our throat in the attempt to brainwash Muslims to forget about their powerful and glorious past and now present.
Or is it shocking that those attempts have clearly failed? That regardless of being born and bred in the west, the epitome of democracy, our Islam was not washed away? And despite the totalitarian rules that are in place, Muslims are still awaking to their obligations?
Don't be shocked when we say that none of us were forced against our will. In fact it is outrageous to think that an entire family could be kidnapped and made to migrate like this. It wasn't by the command of a single person in the family but by the command of the Khalifah of the Muslims. 
Who has called all Muslims, whether young or old, single or in families, to make hijrah to the state of Islam. A land that has established the Shariah, in which a Muslim doesn't feel oppression when practising their religion. 
In which a parent doesn't feel the worry of losing their child to the immorality of society. In which the sick and elderly do not wait in agony, tolerating the partiality of race or social class.
Alhamdulillah for the establishment of the Khilafah.
We say to those that are concerned for our safety to put your hearts at rest for we feel safer than we have ever felt before. 
We call all Muslims, to rush to the command of your khalif. Race to your state. Race to what will give you honour in this life and the hereafter. Hasten to the obedience of Allah. 
Do not fear losing the life you built for yourselves by making hijrah but fear losing your Imaan and Islam whilst residing in darul kufr and not making hijrah. 
We pray Allah saves from such a fate and guides us all to be obedient to His commands. Ameen.
The Mannan Family in the Islamic State

Read more:

Of course it is the right of citizens to move to another country if they want; if they feel that they will lead a better life for themselves and their families. Many will argue that it is silly to take children to a war zone whilst others will welcome the departure of people who so obviously revile the Western way of life.
The Mannan family issued the statement above on their joyous arrival in Syria giving their reasons for leaving the UK but what does it tell us about these people and their hopes for the future.

Presumably they have previous for quitting a country when they feel they can do better elsewhere. Their origin was Bangladesh a benighted country best known for its poverty and natural disasters. I don't suppose they asked themselves why their condition should obtain when the majority of the country was in the habit of praying five times a day to a God who didn't listen or care. But hey, let's all move to the heretic UK where they'll give us a house, sanitation and other benefits for the asking. No matter that they didn't invite us to come or that this largesse is managed without the apparent help of Allah, it seems we can take advantage and show our gratitude by shunning British institutions and retaining our own culture and habits. Surely they won't ask us to integrate and horror of horrors, brainwash us into changing from our failed beliefs; our powerful and glorious past and present.
Let's look at this glorious past. The Ottoman empire and the Caliphate that extended into Iberia were indeed impressive territory gains made by violence but both were ultimately to fail. Where was the Muslim God when his people were in retreat; was he again 'testing' them as he did in the battle of Uhud. People who don't want to see, keep their eyes shut. What then? Whilst the Muslims continued to retreat into seeming oblivion, the West invented electric power, cars, televisions, the internet, refrigerators and every conceivable aid to living in civilisation  including the AK47. Don't get me wrong, the Moors in Spain were marvels at irrigation and plumbing, leaving a legacy enjoyed today and their architecture never fails to please the eye but how much better it would have been if they could conquer with their arguments and not their armies.
What about their glorious present? Would they be referring to their wanton destruction of valuable and irreplaceable artifacts fom byegone civilisations? Incidentally using JCBs built in the west because the Muslims haven't their own. Might they be pondering on the Taliban's cowardly tactic of hiding in schools, hospitals and mosques to thwart air attacks or IS's predilection for attacking soft targets like women and children. Could it be the glorious use of brainwashed youngsters to indiscriminately kill and maim innocent people by suicide bombing. Oh yes, the Mannans can reflect on the Glory of the recent cowardly attack on thirty British holidaymakers on a Tunisian beach, all unarmed.
Perhaps they value the work of Boko Haram; kidnapping schoolgirls to give to their troops as trophy 'brides' to be raped and tortured. Oh, but they like sharia! It will be such fun to take the children to watch a defenceless woman being buried up to her neck so that cowards can pelt her with stones until she dies. Better than an ice cream on the beach at Bognor.
If they believe this is glorious can they wonder that any decent minded person thinks them deranged if not already brainwashed themselves.
And then we have the children, 'born and bred' in the UK but to the Mannans' delight are Muslims, able to fulfill their 'obligations'. Let me tell the Mannans that their children came into this world WITHOUT religion. They became Muslims because their family foisted it upon their vulnerable offspring, betraying their persons and their futures. Now these selfish people have taken their children to Syria, a Country at war,  in some sort of nightmarish quest to find WHAT? What's more they're inviting all Muslims to follow them to the Islamic State where they can practice their religion without oppression. The only question is why do they continue in the belief when despite all their prayers the Middle East in particular is in crisis. Surely, they can't keep blaming the Jews, Christians and atheists! Some time, the Muslims will have to recognise that there is no God-only people, and that sometime they are going to heve to get along together and that means adapting to the real present; not hankering after a flawed seventh century tradition.
I hope the Mannans find what they're looking for but remember; happiness is not a human right and it will be hard to forgive them if they take up arms or the children come to harm.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Cuba's medical breakthrough?

The press have hailed a medical breakthrough from Cuba. It is reported that a Cuban team have made a breakthrough in stopping the transmission of HIV from mother to child during gestation.
Let us be clear about this; the Cubans are not the first. Over a decade ago, a Swiss paediatrician, Dr Beat Richner was producing amazing results in his Kantha Bopha children's hospitals in Cambodia. At the time, despite his results the WHO refused to back his work and he raised money by playing his cello for tourists. This man is a real hero who doesn't get the credit he so richly deserves. Over six ago I wrote about the doctor here

Check out his website at:

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tunisia in turmoil

I wonder if many Tunisians are having a crisis of faith this weekend. As a nation they have adopted a democratic, secular Government much to the annoyance of those who hanker after an Islamic Theocracy.
As we have seen this weekend, a rogue gunman with links to the Islamic State, can put in jeopardy the entire Tunisian tourist industry, responsible for 15% of the Country's GDP and employment for many, especially and most importantly, youngsters. It must be clear to many Tunisians that the cause of their problems is their faith and because of the apostasy rules, one they cannot easily get out of. David Cameron, in his speech yesterday, reinforced his view that Islam is a 'peaceful' religion but is he right?
From the start, Mohammed found opposition to his ideas and was forced to leave Mecca by the City leaders. How did he press his arguments? By raising armies to attack his former citizens. He was beaten at Uhud, claiming that Allah was testing him and went back to Medina to build a bigger army. This suggests to me that his God wasn't being overly helpful to his 'messenger's' pursuits, allowing non-peaceful measures to prosecute his claims. Hardly the 'peaceful' religion Cameron imagines. I'm bound to ask why, if Allah is omnipotent, he was unable to fill all the people of the world with his grace at the same time, thus avoiding any bloodshed.? But then who am I to ask such an obvious question?
The Tunisians are not stupid; they can see, by social media, the life in the heretic 'West' and by contrast that in the Islamic Middle-East. The apostasy rules effectively stop  people leaving the faith, marginalising those who attempt it from their families and communities. Many people must feel imprisoned. These people need help to throw off the shackles of their religion.
Whole families and then communities need to make the break and the 'West' needs to do more to change hearts and minds of those who adhere to this faith, starting with the leaders of countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Shortage of GPs

Apparently, despite the high rates of pay, there is a shortage of General Practitioners in the NHS. I'm not surprised: as I wrote  here,  over two years ago, who would want to spend their lives working not only with the general public but the sick general public?

Is the answer to make it compulsory for doctors to do two years service as a GP before being awarded their professional qualification?

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Affordable housing

I have previously pressed the case for inexpensive housing using prefabrication.

Now, call me a cynic, but as politicians again ring their hands about the shortage of affordable housing, I feel that they they are to blame. With the answers so obvious, I can only conclude that the major political parties must be in collusion with the major house building companies to stop the use of cheaper alternatives. Can someone prove this?