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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A football book that is readable

Austin & Macauley, the publishers described my novel, 'The George at Bustington', the third of, so far, three novels based on coaching inns in the beautiful Saigh Valley, as an 'enjoyable and engaging' read. They offered to publish the book for a fee beyond my pensioner resources so now as we await with eager anticipation the final games of the 2018 World Cup, I wish to promote my book about the players and staff of Bustington Wanderers football club.
The story is not about the game, although it crops up from time to time, it tells the personal stories, often addressing the taboos of both football  and life such as homosexuality, incest, racism and the supernatural, glued together by a background miasma of greed and corruption in the 'beautiful game' itself.
The book is available as a softback through Amazon or as an ebook for Kindle or Kobo, for the cost of a couple of pints at most.
The George at Bustington

Monday, 9 July 2018

Voting for poverty

You often hear remainers and Jeremy Corbyn argue that the people didn't vote in the Brexit referendum to become poorer. Pathetic.
The referendum asked voters whether they wished to stay in the European Union. It didn't ask if they wanted to become poorer, happier, have a better family life. A recent poll asked voters if they knew what they were voting for in the referendum and the overwhelming majority said they did. Almost every government Minister, including the then prime Minister, publicly stated that leaving the EU meant leaving the single market and customs arrangement. Do these 'remoaners' think the voting public are stupid? Then say so instead of coming up with these ridiculous statements about voting for poverty. Pathetic!

David Davis

How sad! A man of integrity at the helm of our negociations with a recalcitrant EU feels he cannot accede to the limited ambitions of Prime Minister, May's plans for Brexit.
For her part, Mrs. May is in a difficult position, having to balance the warring factions in her own Party, meet the wishes of the DUP in Northern Ireland, and counter the, frankly, treacherous posturing of the Scottish Independence and the Labour Parties whose sole desire is for another General Election. It is entirely possible that if she did call another GE a Party such as UKIP could rise, pheonix like, and capture the imagination of a public fed up to the back teeth with the established Parties.
I suggest that the UK settles now for World Trade terms and immediately starts discussion with other Countries on new trade deals. Amongst these should be Ireland. Despite being part of the EU, the Republic should claim special privileges to maintain no border between the two parts of the island. Where there's a will, there's usually a way.

Friday, 6 July 2018

National shame

The performance of the Colmbian football players in their match against England should be a matter of National shame. Their repeated fouling, arguing with the officials, despoiling of the penalty spot, headbutting, shoulder barging of English players as they left the pitch amounted to a disgrace which FIFA should address. That Maradonna a former Argentine player should immediately claim that the South Americans had been robbed was typical. He later retracted the statement but it only served to highlight the atrocious sportsmanship of the Colombian side and the insanity of 'the Hand of God', himself.
Talking of National shame, the British will welcome US President Trump shortly with mass demonstrations, stupid balloons and a ban on visiting Sheffield. The President is the leader of the UK's greatest allies, the man we would turn to if we needed military assistance, the man we talk to to establish trade arrangements, yet we are are set to treat him as a pariah. Why? Because the Mayor of  London is the son of immigrants and the Mayor of Sheffield is an immigrant. Where is the voice of the indigenous British people? Why isn't someone telling that sombrero toting idiot in Sheffield that Mexico won't help us.
What is happening to the UK that it is becoming a laughing stock, soon to be ridiculed by the EU for having the temerity to leave the United States of Europe. I can't help but feel sorry that Nigel Farage is leaving the political scene.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Complexity in the universe & in life.


 Where does the complexity found in our and every universe come from?

Ultimately, all complexity derives from the fact that there are TWO correct answers to the square root of one, unity. This delicious paradox shouldn’t exist. That the single most important unit for science, philosophy, reasoning and logic cannot be relied on for a straight answer is fundamental to the existence of the dichotomies, contradictions and, I believe, the mysteries of the world.
The effects of the simple two-part answer are obvious as nature takes account of the two opposite solutions. We have light & dark, right & wrong, good & evil, love & hate, for example. In fact life is full of these opposites as observed in ancient times and written as in the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes 3 which states that ‘there is a time to be born and a time to die, a time to sow and a time to reap’, etc up to, ‘a time to love and a time to hate and a time for war and a time for peace’.
The opening line of the bible says: ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth’, to my mind a clear reference to the duality of the universe.

But, there is more. This simple solution to why we have choice, say, is not sufficient to explain the greater complexity of the universe including life. The DAVIES HYPOTHESIS,
States that: the universe, its creation and evolution is ordered in the way that it is because nature has to take into account all the correct answers to the question: what are the fourth roots of one, unity?
By adopting this hypothesis it can be shown how the universe came into being and why and from what. This explanation of why the very two-faced character of the number one is fundamental to explaining the universe and can be summed up in mathematical notation as follows:

In the simple analysis there is only 'one. However, nature adopts the solution that gives many options.
Is this an example of design and demonstrates the reality of a designer? No, because nature or God cannot be before something emerges from the absolute nothingness I refer to as the pleroma. This 'something' is a  manifestation of nature's prerogative  to express nothing as a positive/negative balance as demonstrated by the two valid answers for the square root of one. In this respect nature can be equated with the TAO, claimed to be the source of all being yet without being itself. 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

What is justice?

In previous blogs (here & here ) I've questioned whether or not 'justice' is an impossible 'idyll'; something we aspire to achieve, like the victims of Grenfell Tower, the Hillsborough disaster or the premature deaths at Gosport War Memorial hospital, but can never hope to fulfill. It seems the are always so many conflicting interests that one man's perceived 'justice' is another's travesty.
Can the Davies Hypothesis explain this conundrum? I believe it can by looking at the nature of good and evil. Normally we consider good and evil to be a one dimension continuum, with 'good' at one extreme and 'evil' at the other. however, the Davies Hypothesis demonstrates a better understanding if we consider good and evil as a three dimensional problem as explained in an earlier blog.

It seems to me that law and order are man made institutions whilst 'justice' is that spiritual concept, totally necessary for the good order of mankind but always unperceived like the Tao. Justice can then be thought of as 'imaginary' goodness in the diagram.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Janet Daby

It was, I suppose, inevitable that Lewisham East was retained by the Labour Party albeit with a reduced majority in a low turnout by-election. Putting aside the mentality of an electorate that would support a Labour Party that would ruin the country there is another issue.
The new member of parliament is Janet Daby and yes you've guessed it, she's a first generation immigrant, her parents being part of the Windrush community.
I have written previously on this subject see:  here, and here

The way we're going a significant number of parliamentarians will be relative newcomers to the Country and I question the wisdom of this development..

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Oxford Immigrants sex crimes

Another tranche of immigrants, originally from Pakistan, now of Oxford have been sentenced for up to an inadequate 15 years in prison for the sexual abuse of young girls. These loathesome men will be out in 7 years or so, free to go back to their communities showing no remorse whilst their victims bear a life sentence, suffering hateful memories and other mental traumas. This is not justice.It isn't even close.
Whilst they are in prison, these men will be afforded every luxury in case they play the race and Islamiphobia cards. They will be free to associate with others infecting all with there warped morality, spreading even more hatred for the indigenous anglo-saxons and their pernicious laws. And who pays for their upkeep in prison? The innocent taxpayer, of course. £300-£400 each per day should cover it and what about the families they leave behind. The mosque might throw some money their way but most will be met by totally innocent tax payers in the form of benefits. What justice is there for the innocent taxpayers? Has anyone given any thought that these men and their families should be deported and sod their human rights? They should have thought about that before they transgressed. If they were deported, it might concentrate a few minds and persuade other men to stop molesting young girls.
We must put the interests of the victims first, not the perpetrators.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Austria closes mosques

It is reported that Austria has closed some mosques and expelled imams, originally from Turkey, for holding extreme Islamic views. The president of Turkey, Erdogan has threatened action and predicted a war between those forces of the cross and those of the crescent. Strong words from the leader of a Nato country with a large army.
I believe that conflict of some sort is inevitable if leaders of the northern european countries fail to act on the worries of citizens concerned about the creeping Islamification of their neighbourhoods and towns. Muslims make no concessions to the culture and life of the indigenous population, insisting that only Islam is the truth and therefore undilutable. Across Europe, generous and hospitable people are becoming fed up with the Human Rights mob and their mantra that anything said about Muslims and their religion is racist, fascist xenophobia. The northern european people all have a limit to their forbearance and charity and clearly this point is nigh in Austria. Erdogan is quick to join the fray because he is a leader with ambition to restore the power of old Ottoman empire with himself as Sultan, if not Caliph.
Meanwhile, in the UK, citizens are arrested for trying to point out the religion of men being tried for the rape and abuse of young white girls, contrary to court orders. It is this, the denying of understandable freedom to express heartfelt views of the people by the UK's liberal elite that leads to frustration and conflict. Unless the UK leaders grasp the problem soon, all will be lost, something that the Austrians and others have recognised.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

What justice!

A three year old toddler is run down by a van travelling at 35mph, driven by a man distracted by using his mobile telephone. The toddler is brain damaged for life, his parents condemned to a lifetime of caring for him whilst the driver gets a two year suspended prison sentence.
The parents claim this is not justice but what would justice look like?
The toddler has lost his 'normal' life, perhaps even a few years of his expectancy. This is beyond monetary price.
The parents have lost the joy of raising a normal child whilst being condemned to a lifetime of caring and mental anguish. Irreparable.
The driver has the consciousness of guilt which effect will diminish over the years. He will recover his license to drive. No hardship, no justice.
The taxpayer, despite having no involvement, will foot the bill for the childcare for life. If the offender had been jailed, the taxpayer would be obliged to pay another £300 per day for his keep and his benefits on release. No justice for the taxpayer.
So it seems that there is no justice for anybody except that eventually the guilty walk away unscathed. So! what is the answer; kill him? Like Sisyphus, make him work for life, giving all his earnings to the family? make him suffer a debilitating procedure like the loss of a leg, to remind him daily of his crime. Humiliate the driver by making him attend the stocks every weekend for 2 years, say, where he can be shamed in front of the community.
It seems that in this case, Justice is impossible. Only the legal profession, like overflying vultures, will survey the scene of devastation with any hope of extracting value. But justice it aint.