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Friday, 8 September 2017

Trojan Horse.

We all think we know the story of the Trojan Horse; it was a trick employed by the Greeks to gain access to the City of Troy following a fruitless ten year siege. The Trojans, believing the Greeks had left, dragged the wooden horse into the City as a trophy of war, unaware that soldiers were hidden within. Under cover of darkness the soldiers emerged and opened the gates of the City, allowing the returned Greek army to enter and claim victory.
The story is mentioned in Virgil's Aeneid & Homer's Odyssey but it has become a tale synonymous with all such instances of subterfuge. However, does it tell the real story or is there some other, more insidious and natural that is implied?
The same ruse, albeit unrecognised, is being played out across the world as a consequence of the Muslim diaspora of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Some, but not all, Muslim immigrants genuinely seek a new, peaceful, life and attempt to adjust culturally to their host Country. They are often constrained in this by the canon of their faith, passed down to them by their parents and community, held by their ancestors for generations. The point I want to make here is that although first generation immigrants may make an effort to integrate with the host community (the horse), they will have children and grand children, 2nd & 3rd generations, holding the DNA and characters of ancestors of many generations earlier. (the hidden soldiers). The problems arise if these inherited, ancient characters were, for instance, jihadists in their homeland. Their allegiances of old are resurrected in the new born albeit in a different Country.
Implausible? Maybe, but thousands of young men and a few girls from Muslim families have felt the urge to go to Syria and Afghanistan to become jihadists, later returning to the UK to continue the fight. Why did they go and how did they become radicalised despite a Western upbringing? My theory of inherited characters might hold the answers. see: 

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Jacob Rees-Mogg is something of a rarity these days; a man of principle, who can be relied upon to faithfully do his duty and follow the rules according to his code of ethics. He has attracted some opprobrium for his opposition to gay marriage but more particularly his refusal to accept abortion under any circumstance, even after rape by a family member, in accordance with his Church's position on the sanctity of life. But none of this really matters.

What is troubling though, is the question of why an intelligent man, in the 21st century, still steadfastly has faith in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church when common sense should tell him to follow a different path. It could be that Rees-Mogg's inherited character is so entrenched with religious fervour he is immune to the nurturing impact of modern times. This would be in accordance with my belief of inherited characters or souls. see: here

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

World first

The UK Labour Party, flying in the face of public opinion, are set to hinder the process of Brexit. Could this be the world's first ever incidence of the rats surging to board the sinking ship?

Monday, 4 September 2017

China & North Korea

Following the detonation of a thermonuclear device and test of an intercontinental missile, where does China really stand on the vexed question of N Korea. Since the end of the Korean war I believe they have enjoyed having a buffer zone between themselves and South Korea, an ally of the US. They maintained the North, traded with it, armed it and maintained its Communist regime despite itself turning towards a a more capitalist outlook. As the Chinese economy grew, they realised the benefits of trade with the US and left North Korea behind but not before ensuring its survival as an independant state. To do this the Chinese recognised that the North needed a nuclear deterrent as insurance against a US backed South Korean incursion and attempt at unification. So now they have it and China says and ostensibly acts within UN directives in order to maintain trade with the US whilst maintaining the buffer zone in the Korean Peninsular-a win/win situation for China. Now that this is a reality, the rhetoric will die down and the world will have to accept that there is another nuclear power. Gradually the Chinese will covertly soften the stance on trade embargoes with North Korea ensuring that the Country prospers under Kim Jong-un a guarantee of peace and security on its southern border.
The US will quietly acquiesce to this recognising that there is no other realistic option. Japan will soften their stance once the North Koreans promise not to overfly Japanese territories; they, like the South Koreans have no other options either. As they have done for nearly seventy years nuclear weapons will continue to act a deterrent.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Home Grown terrorism

Over three years ago, I wrote an article that might explain the reason for 'home grown' terrorists.

I shall not recap but merely say that second, third, fourth and beyond generation Muslims, may exhibit allegiances, derived from their family past, that belie their western upbringing, leaving them open to radicalisation.
Yesterday, a County cricket match at the Oval was abandoned when a crossbow bolt was fired into the ground. This is just the sort of action we can expect from these Muslim fighters; life threatening, terror inducing, cheap, almost always without risk of discovery.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

No deal is the only deal.

The words coming from the UK/EU Brexit negotiations do not sound optimistic. I'm surprised anyone thinks they can be. On the one side we have an arrogant Frenchman who has to represent 27 dispirate Countries aware that failure of the EU project is a real possibility regardless of the outcome of the talks. They are banking on a severence payment from the UK to shore up a shortfall in the post Brexit budget, insisting indeed, that this must be met before other talks can begin. The UK, quite correctly, are asking for details but none are forthcoming as there is apparently no legal basis for this one off payment. The UK negotiator has insisted the UK will meet its legal obligations but no more; now lets talk about foreign citizens and the Northern Ireland border. The EU bluff and bluster about there being no progress but how can there be if they refuse to talk ahead of the UK paying this extortionate demand.
The UK team, headed by D. Davis is doing a good job in the face of this provocation, standing up for the UK's rights. If the EU will not talk other than to demand ludicrous sums of money then maybe no deal is the only deal possible.
With regard to the Northern Irish, an article in the Irish Times recently suggested that it might be better for the Republic to quit the EU at the same time, as we suggested earlier. ( see: However this is likely to be resisted by those with an historical eye on previous Anglo/ Irish relations and those concerned a currency switch.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The problem of travellers

The people of Weston Super Mare were in no mood, recently, to host a group of travellers who descended on some playing fields. History told them that by the time the travellers moved on the fields would be ruined and covered with rubbish and detritus costing thousands of pounds to remove and more to sanitise.
It is a problem faced by many communities who bear the costs of allowing the travellers the right to their way of life, a life free of taxes or obligation to observe the norms and in some cases the laws of the land. In denying the travellers the right to squat, are the people of W-S-M racist? if they are why aren't the protesting left out in force calling them neo-fascists and nazis.
The answer is that we are, at core, all racists if we hold the view that family, friends and community come first. It is human nature established from the very beginning because history tells us that strangers in the community usually means they want your assets, your property or your women and we are naturally wary.
Let me ask this: how many of those who object to travellers camping nearby secretly hoped that Hitler had finished the job and eliminated all gypsies, Roma etc? I suspect that quite a lot of them would own to these thoughts as they recover from the filthy and lawless visit.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Fake or Fortune

Last night, 20th Aug, the BBC screened 'Fake or Fortune, a program that examines works of art for authenticity. Its subject this week was a work by John Constable, recalling a story within my novelette, 'Antiquities Roadshow: Christmas Edition', in which a well known expert values a painting he suspects is by the famous British landscape artist.

Written some years ago, the novelette anticipates the program when presenter Rupert Naas (real life Rupert Maas) does forensic work in collaboration with program presenter Leona Sluice (Fiona Bruce) on a painting thought to be by Murillo. It is a pity, In retrospect, it's a pity I didn't anticipate the part played by Philip Mould but nonetheless, the BBC might like to make a film of the story using the real life characters portrayed.
Antiquities Roadshow: Christmas Edition

Friday, 18 August 2017

Muslim Supremacy

A recent march through London by Muslims threatened the conquest of America by followers of Muhammed. Banners also claimed that Democracy and western culture was at death's door. There were no counter demos by the far left as was seen in Charlottesville, presumably because Muslim supremacy is not seen to be racist or in any way, fascist. In the UK, the Labour Leader, Corbyn wouldn't be drawn on blaming British born Pakistani men for abusing young white girls, claiming that all sections of society commit vile acts. Corbyn cannot speak because he needs the Muslim vote despite one of his own shadow cabinet members, a Muslim, suggested that it wasn't racist to discuss the matter.
Slowly people are becoming aware that unless the problem of Muslim Supremacy is tackled head on the situation will get worse, not only now but for generations to come. As I write the Spanish city of Barcelona has come under attack. ISIS has claimed responsibility whilst urging its 'soldiers' to begin derailing railway trains. It is war. Meanwhile in another part of Spain, thousands of Muslims are arriving in small boats bringing with them their unshakeable alien culture, contributing to the diaspora of hate.
NOW is the time for action. NOW is the time to tackle not only Islam but the lies and myths of all the Abrahamic religions. Who is brave enough to stand up and start the work?

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Charlottesville. Who provoked the violence?

For the sake of clarity, was the march by the fascists in Charlottesville destined to be violent or was the demonstration meant to be peaceful; an expression of their views, legitimately expressed under the freedom of speech provision of the democracy?
Is it a fact that the violence was occasioned only when this march was confronted by a rival mob. No rival mob, no violence, no deaths or am I missing something because since the incident the blame seems to be solely attributed to the White Supremecists etc. Even POTUS has been condemning the violence, first on all sides but later focussing on the 'bad' guys. Surely they have a right to their views even as Christians have a right to insist on a mythical God week in, week out and Muslims can insist that Islam is a peaceful religion despite thousands dying each week in the name of Allah. Let them speak and refute their arguments without confrontation relying on reason and logic rather than weapons.
At the end of the week, the number of people hurt or killed by neo-fascists will be insignificant compared to the numbers slaughtered around the world by jihadists or the many made homeless and in poverty as a result of banking practices. I don't see many confrontations with these forces of evil in Charlottesville, Virginia, or anywhere for that matter.