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Monday 1 June 2015

The Resurrection retold

Christianity depends on, for its core belief, the notion that Jesus died on the Cross to atone for all the sins of mankind and rose from the dead three days later.
To most Christians this is fact; beyond dispute. But is there another possibility? Could it have been a trick, one so cunning that it has fooled millions of believers over two millenia.
At the time of the Crucifixion, people would have been aware of Tetrodotoxins, powerful drugs found in some plants, fungi and more famously in puffer fish. Small amounts of tetrodotoxin will kill but in minute doses, the drug simply shuts down the main bodily organs leaving the victim without any signs of life. Breathing and heartbeat are undetectable, the skin pallor takes on a deathly hue leaving any observers to believe that the victim has indeed died. In hot climates, bodies are quickly buried, unaware that the so called 'deceased' are still alive. It takes the body THREE days to recover from the poisoning, whereupon the victim's normal functions recover. It is not therefore surprising to hear of buried corpses 'rising' from the dead, dazed and disorientated, giving the appearance of a 'zombie'.
What if Jesus took some of this drug on the road to Calvary, leaving sufficient time for him to reach the place of execution before the drug took hold? Following his crucifixion, Jesus would have been observed to have died. A spear thrust into his side by a Roman Legionaire would have elicited no response, confirming the fact. When Joseph of Arimathea asked if he could remove the 'corpse' permission was granted and Jesus was taken down and placed in the tomb. This timely act by Joseph was important. It was the Roman custom to hasten death on the cross by breaking the legs of victims, as happened to the other two at Calvary that day. By taking down the body of Jesus when he did, Jesus still retained the use of his legs when he came round. Three days after taking the drug, Jesus would have recovered, alive and intact although his manner and appearance would have shocked those who knew him.

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