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Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Heaven Paradox

A man in Australia believes he is Jesus and that his girlfriend is Mary Magdelene. The pair are attracting a good deal of attention and a 'cult' following.

Not for the first time, reality copies a theme from one of my stories. In one of the tales from my latest novel, 'The George at Bustington', a footballer believes he is Jesus and his girlfriend is called Madeleine. In the story, the footballer, in reality, Graham, comes face to face with the 'Heaven Paradox', when a spirit tells him the truth about his own parents.
Graham's mother discovers that her husband had an affair with her sister. Blameless, on her death, his distraught mother consoles herself that she will ascend to Heaven. However, her husband and sister, on their deathbeds, repent of their sins and mindful that Jesus said that he was the Truth, the Light and the Way and only through Him could they find the Lord, ask him for access.
Knowing the truth, the paradox that confronted Jesus (Graham) was this: if his father and aunt ascend to Heaven, what of his mother? For her, will Heaven become her Hell?

In my tale, Graham realises he cannot unravel this paradox and gives up his role as Messiah.

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Tuesday 28 May 2013

An Appeal





Antiquities Roadshow (ChristmasEdition). A noveletta. The three Magi seek expert valuation of their gifts.

APSARAS: Adventures of an Englishman in Thailand.



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Monday 27 May 2013

Where was God?

The most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Australia has testified that child abuse by priests has been going on for over thirty years and has been covered up by the Church. However, despite his senior position, the Cardinal, George Pell, denied knowing anything of this abuse. Do you believe him? No word to the wise from God or Jesus, then!
Over six hundred Children have been abused, all losing their childhood and some their lives. What a disgrace and yet, following other instances around the world, there are still those who believe in all this nonsense. There are still those who will cling to their beliefs that a God of Mercy exists, despite the obvious corruption of the Church they follow and the evil and vile behaviour of the clerics that serve them. Is God out when all this goes on or doesn't he care?
If I was a believer I would want to know what God was doing while all this was going on and I wouldn't be fobbed off with illusions of grandeur like Job.
It's not only the catholic Church that stinks of perversion. The Muslim community need to ask themselves why Allah allows so much hatred and division in Islamic countries where, after thirteen hundred years, the citizens still don't know whether it is more correct to be shia or Sunni? Is Allah out when prayers are asked, five times a day, or doesn't he care?
The Jews in the Nazi concentration camp asked Yahweh in a mock trial why he forsook the inmates of Auschwitz and they found him guilty of dereliction of duty. Was Yahweh, the God of Abraham, out or did he just not care?
The answer, of course, in each case is neither. The God of Mercy was and is not out, and the question of whether he cares or not is irrelevant. The truth is he is not there: Like all the ancient Gods such as Ra and Zeus, God, Yahweh and Allah doesn't exist. He never did!

The Catholic Church's leading 'exorcist', Father Gabriele Amorth, claims he has carried out 160,000 exorcisms of demons.

Read more:

What a pity he cannot save the world and rid his Church of demons.

Threat to lads mags

It seems as if the legal profession is at it again; drumming up more work, no doubt at the expense of the tax payer through legal aid.
A spokeswoman from Cherie Blair's Matrix chambers explained on television this morning that because some women may find the images on the covers of lad's magazines demeaning their display might be construed as amounting to Sexual Harassment. A test case is being prepared for presentation before a court.
They never give up, do they? More and more legislation, interfering with more and more aspects of daily life, giving them greater scope to line their bottomless pockets with other peoples' wealth. Remember; these people, popularised by favourite TV programmes, don't make or create anything; they only interpret and charge huge amounts of money, usually the general publics, for the privelege.
Many women will not mind seeing others spread over the covers of these magazines, some might argue that it is 'empowering' but I suggest that the vast majority will simply ignore them. But, hey! Why let that stop these miserable briefs from ruining the enjoyment of some men and putting pressure on the already small profits of local newsagents?
The 'learned' profession's greatest success is the hateful Human Rights Act, which contrives to defend the undefendable; ignoring the inconvenient truth that someone's 'right' almost always infinges that of another.
The government should ignore the siren voices of the many barristers amongst the ranks of parliamentarians and curb this shamefully wasteful profession before they reduce life to a miserable and expensive farce.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Why DO you believe in God?

The murder of a serving soldier in Woolwich by two machete wielding men, brings the horror, found all over the Islamic world, to the streets of London.
The Prime Minister insists the Country will not'buckle' in the face of terrorism, but will he rue the day he was so complacent as a man on the deck of a sinking ship might ask: 'Water; what water?'
Wherever you look in the warring world, Nigeria, Mali,Iraq, Afghanistan, southern Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, to name but a few, we see that the problems are not caused by Ennuits, South American Indians, Scandinavians or people from Malta. The problem is caused by the followers of Islam and around the globe the main victims are innocent women and children.
This should be said loud and clear. No pussy-footing about, no prevarication. The teaching of Islam should come with a health warning; madrassas feeding hatred should be closed down. To reassure the indigenous British peoples, and the peaceful Islamic communities, no new mosques should be built and those that promote violence should be closed down. When you are surrounded by a raging inferno you do not build a house of wood.
I would like to ask the Muslim community today, why it is that their faith generates so much hatred and violence, much of it within their own communities, and how can they have any confidence in what that faith teaches? Then, I would ask all the other religious communities exactly the same question.

A woman on TV, speaking from her hospital bed, horrendously injured by the Oklahoma hurricane thanked God for her deliverence. Why would anyone who has suffered the loss of friends, homes and in her case her husband, 'Thank God'? WHY? Thanking him for all the horror and death?
She further asked God to 'look after him', referring to her husband. May I respectfully suggest that he's alright; he's out of it. The one who needs looking after is the poor woman. She's lost everything and for the life of me I cannot see evidence anywhere in this whole tragic event of the Mercy of God. In fact, when I look at life on earth today I have never been more certain of two facts; the spiritual side of mankind and the NON existence of a merciful, omnipotent God.

Sunday 19 May 2013

EU Membership

The Prime Minister has otlined his plan for dealing with the problem of EU membership. Simple put it is to renegotiate the terms of the UK's membership and then to give the people an opportunity to vote in an 'in/out' referendum.
However it takes two to negotiate and I simply ask: What if the unelected EU leadership refuses to take part? What leverage does the Prime Minister have unless he threatens to withdraw the UK's millions? Quite frankly, I see Mr. Cameron's posturing as just that. He, I suggest, is a committed europhile, procrastinating in the hope that the problem goes away. Messrs Portillo, Lawson and Gove already realise this and others will surely follow.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Redefining 'marriage'

Government minister Philip Hammond suggested on the BBC programme 'Question Time' that the government legislation allowing for same sex 'marriage' had caused widespread dismay amongst whole swathes of the population because it attempted to redefine the word 'marriage'. Apart from these measures not appearing in either of the manifestos of the Tories or Liberal-Democrats, He had some sympathy, it seems, with those that claim that 'marriage' refers to the union of men and women for the purposes of natural procreation.
I can understand the wish of homosexual couples to be regarded as equal but for the life of me isn't it obvious that they are not and the very nature of their relationship precludes the use of the word 'marriage'.
If the legislation goes through, will heterosexual couples wish to call their relationship by another name to distinguish their special circumstances?
Suggestions please for a new word, representing heterosexual marriage.

Monday 13 May 2013

The face of evil?

Has anyone else noticed the resemblance between these two evil men?

Should men who look like this be arrested immediately?

Friday 10 May 2013

Church of England attendence figures.

Apparently the Church of England have announced attendence figures for 2011. It shows that weekly attendence at services has stabilised at just over a million people per week, whilst there has been a modest rise in the number of baptisms, both Christenings and adult baptisms.The biggest surprise, though, was the number of people attending Christmas services compared with 2010 with a 14.5% increase.

'So the National Secularists and British Humanists can stick that in their pipes and smoke it.' says the blogger, archbishop-cranmer, affectionately referred to as 'his grace'.


I must say I would be more impressed if the increases were seen at Easter, the principal festival of the christian calendar. That the dramatic increase in the figures occurs at Christmas might indicate that families see attending Church with its traditional carols more as an entertainment than a religious service. The lessons, even reflect stories known to the children from their re-enactment of the nativity stories at school.
The very timing of the Christmas services, falling so closely to the pagan celebration of the shortest day of the year, helps merge the two traditions with the affectionately held trimmings of christmas trees, mistletoe and full feasting merriment.

Isn't it the case that rather than show an increase in Christmas Christians we are just seeing the hijacking of religious festival by families, searching not for a reconnection with a spiritualist tradition but for a bit of Yule-tide jollity to celebrate the lengthening of the days and the anticipation of spring and regeneration. When the better weather is with us at Easter time these Christmas Christians are nowhere to be seen and the Church is once again preaching to the converted.

Thursday 9 May 2013

A & E: An inconvenient truth

Faced with an anticipated shortfall in GP numbers, the last Socialist Administration renegotiated the terms of conditions, giving doctors a huge wage increase and waiving the requirement for 'out of hours' service. It is, however, an inconvenient truth that people do not necessarily fall sick during the hours of 9am and 5pm and as a consequence the hospital A & E departments are being overwhelmed with people desperate to find medical care and advice at night.
The socialists, predictably, are quick to point out that the coalicion, or more strictly, the Tories, cannot be trusted with the NHS, without feeling the neeed to point out their part in the story which has directly led to an extra 1 million people attending the A & E departments. Given that each patient needs to be assessed fully for fear of falling foul of the various health, safety and human rights legislation, it is becoming impossible to accommodate this increase.
Surely there is a need for realism, here. People should be more careful about falling ill; it is non productive, inconveneient and potentially divisive. If people insist on being sick, then they should accept that any treatment by the NHS should be free from the possibilty  of legal retribution. Repeal the human Rights legislation and those laws which allow Public Bodies to be sued. Under these conditions, doctors, might feel able to expand their services in pursuit of their calling. Working with the general public is never easy, particularly when faced with aggressive patients who insist on being given sick notes, and GPs and hospital doctors need to be protected from abuse at every level.

Monday 6 May 2013

BBC compensation

It is suggested that the BBC should compensate those abused by the broadcaster Stuart Hall. Let us be quite clear here; it is not the BBC that will be paying but the hapless License fee payers.
some years ago, parliament, probably at the behest of the money grabbing legal profession, passed legislation allowing the public to sue themselves and take public bodies, like the NHS and the Ministry of Defence to court. This is bad practice because it leads to innocent members of the public having to pay damages for the misdemeanours of others. Surely this is contrary to natural justice. But since when have the legal profession, the ambulance chasing brigade, allowed justice to interfere with their financial wellbeing. This law ought to be repealed.

Protection for Football match officials

A referee has been killed during a match in the US. The recipient of a yellow card punched the official who later died.
Is it not time that FIFA took action to protect the officials, without whom, games could not take place? As far as I can judge, most players in the UK take their cue from the prima donnas of the Premier League they see on the television, constantly harrassing and haranguing, often as a pack, the officials at almost every decision. Quite clearly, this weekend, on a television close-up one could see a well known Liverpool footballer calling a referee a fxxking sxxthouse.
FIFA should ban this abuse completely. NO DISRESPECT. NO EXCEPTIONS. RED CARD.
While they are at it, spitting on the pitch should be outlawed on health and safety grounds at least. Again, no exceptions. Red card

Sunday 5 May 2013

UKIP success

Well done, Nigel Farage! Now, find the outstanding candidates you'll need to fight the next by-elections and the General Election. Not career politicians but those who have experianced real life, working for a living. people who on the electoral trail can honestly say: 'I hear what you're saying because I've been there.'

Opposition leaders tried to be disparaging on television later, insisting that UKIP were merely a party of protest and saying that in the aftermath of their election success, the electorate will want to know what they 'are for'. Time and time again it was said when the message is already loud and clear. They want the UK out of Europe, control of the Country's borders and other common sense policies. For too long the establishment in Westminster have been returned to power and carried on ignoring the will of the people and doing what they wanted to which is kow-towing to the vested interests cramming the lobby.

How satisfying for Farage to hear from politicians who before the Council elections referred to UKIP in disparaging terms, refer to the same party in placatory terms; it was humiliating. Non more so than that silly old sod, Kenneth Clarke who referred to UKIP as 'clowns'. For too long this man and his ridiculous notions of what is good for the people, has occupied important positions of State.
You were correct, Mr. Farage, in saying that the current Prime Minister cuts the defence budget to boost overseas aid, drags his feet over European Parliament reform, wants to build windmills all over England's green and pleasant lines, lists gay marriage as a key priority for Government. Is it any wonder that the people voted as they did?

There was news too on the economy from the Chamber of Commerce that said that exports were up, mostly to nations not in the EU. Surely it is simple common sense, as UKIP suggest, for the Uk to concentrate on making sales to the rest of, the mostly English speaking, world; much of it in the Commonwealth.

We all, at least those of us who want a shake up in the establishment to reflect the Nations disaffection with the current two party state, look forward to seeing how UKIP progress. We may get a chance sooner rather later with the news of the arrest of an MP on charges of alleged rape.