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Monday 6 May 2013

Protection for Football match officials

A referee has been killed during a match in the US. The recipient of a yellow card punched the official who later died.
Is it not time that FIFA took action to protect the officials, without whom, games could not take place? As far as I can judge, most players in the UK take their cue from the prima donnas of the Premier League they see on the television, constantly harrassing and haranguing, often as a pack, the officials at almost every decision. Quite clearly, this weekend, on a television close-up one could see a well known Liverpool footballer calling a referee a fxxking sxxthouse.
FIFA should ban this abuse completely. NO DISRESPECT. NO EXCEPTIONS. RED CARD.
While they are at it, spitting on the pitch should be outlawed on health and safety grounds at least. Again, no exceptions. Red card

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