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Sunday 5 May 2013

UKIP success

Well done, Nigel Farage! Now, find the outstanding candidates you'll need to fight the next by-elections and the General Election. Not career politicians but those who have experianced real life, working for a living. people who on the electoral trail can honestly say: 'I hear what you're saying because I've been there.'

Opposition leaders tried to be disparaging on television later, insisting that UKIP were merely a party of protest and saying that in the aftermath of their election success, the electorate will want to know what they 'are for'. Time and time again it was said when the message is already loud and clear. They want the UK out of Europe, control of the Country's borders and other common sense policies. For too long the establishment in Westminster have been returned to power and carried on ignoring the will of the people and doing what they wanted to which is kow-towing to the vested interests cramming the lobby.

How satisfying for Farage to hear from politicians who before the Council elections referred to UKIP in disparaging terms, refer to the same party in placatory terms; it was humiliating. Non more so than that silly old sod, Kenneth Clarke who referred to UKIP as 'clowns'. For too long this man and his ridiculous notions of what is good for the people, has occupied important positions of State.
You were correct, Mr. Farage, in saying that the current Prime Minister cuts the defence budget to boost overseas aid, drags his feet over European Parliament reform, wants to build windmills all over England's green and pleasant lines, lists gay marriage as a key priority for Government. Is it any wonder that the people voted as they did?

There was news too on the economy from the Chamber of Commerce that said that exports were up, mostly to nations not in the EU. Surely it is simple common sense, as UKIP suggest, for the Uk to concentrate on making sales to the rest of, the mostly English speaking, world; much of it in the Commonwealth.

We all, at least those of us who want a shake up in the establishment to reflect the Nations disaffection with the current two party state, look forward to seeing how UKIP progress. We may get a chance sooner rather later with the news of the arrest of an MP on charges of alleged rape.

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