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Friday 15 April 2022

The shame of the Russian Orthodox Church

Readers of this blog will know that we have no sympathy for organised religion. Now, the people can, of course, believe what they like but we hold that the priestly classes have throughout recorded history incited their acolytes to do dastardly deeds. Today, the Patriarch, Kirill, of the Russian Orthodox Church has asserted that the slaughter of the innocents, women, children, civilians constitutes a JUST war to recover the independent state of Ukraine for Putin's Russia. Is he mad? Has the man no shame? How can the mindless murder of people in Mariupal and other cities constitute a loving, caring will of God? How? 

We hear today that a coincidence of the Islamic culture of Ramadan and the Jewish festval of Passover has promoted widespread discord in Jerusalem with hundreds injured. 

When will this nonsense stop? It is a problem with the human condition that many believe what the priestly classes tell them about unproven, mystical and mythological figures. They do so to appease a natural fear of death and the aftermath relying on the fact that they cannot be denied by logical or scientific argument. But then they cannot prove the existence of deities by scripture and hearsay alone. Surely it is better that they suspend their rhetoric until they have undeniable proof in order to preserve life and stability in a dangerous world.