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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Freedom to speak the truth versus religious dogma.

 The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has asked Islamic countries to boycott Western states that allow the alleged, blasphemous characterisations of the prophet Mohammed.

So strong is his apparent belief in the prophet's veracity, I wonder that he ever, in quiet moments, considers why the non-muslim West seems so much more advanced than the Islamic States. Surely, under the guidance of their God they should be more advanced in technology and civilisation. The English speaking West has seemingly prospered despite the Qu'ran being written in Arabic. Why? Has he ever considered why, since the days of the Prophet, there has been no further clarification of the position, no further advice on whether Muslims should follow the Sunni or Shia practice. They are killing one another and yet no intervention from Him on high. There has been nothing, a deafening silence from the Almighty for millennia and yet to listen to the likes of Imran Khan we are talking of an omnipotent god.. 

To Imran Khan what I've said may be blasphemous but nonetheless is true. What he proposes is that freedom to speak the truth about religion should be outlawed whilst embracing, in the twenty-first century, the unverified 'truth' of religious dogma.

This blog maintains that religious belief in gods, unverified by rigorous scientific evidence, should be abandoned whilst adopting  a view that living bodies especially advanced forms have a spiritual dimension allowing for an understanding of the supernatural and the abstract. It is the view of this blog that churches and other places of worship should cease to pander to imaginary gods and instead heal the spiritually unwell in the same way that hospitals cater for the physically ill.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Football Betrayal

 In 2012 this blog lamented the sale of so many British companies to overseas buyers and investors.

Yesterday we heard of the formation of the European Super League, supported by the UK's top six clubs, mostly foreign owned, which will destroy the fabric of Football in Europe. This betrays the trust of fans who have followed their clubs for as long as a hundred and fifty years and is one of the bedrocks of communities. But what do the owners care? Nothing comes in the way of their greed. One feels that the prime motivators are the Americans. Dissatisfied that their sporting franchises cannot match the 4 billion global fans who regularly support (real) football the Americans turn to Europe. It is no surprise that the whole shebang is being backed by JP Morgan, an American Bank with global reach. Why should they do it? Simple: greed, unadulterated greed and an eye for the creation of a global brand. As for the fans; they don't give a damn about the people that turn out every week to support the Club they love.


Liverpool fc:  Fenway Sports Group. US

Manchester United fc: Manchester Utd fc. Major shareholders, Glazer family US

Manchester City fc: Sheik Mansour. Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates

Chelsea:  Roman Abramovich. Russia.

Arsenal: KSE, 100% owned by Stanley Kroenke US

Tottenham Hotspur: ENIC. Major shareholder Daniel Levy. UK 

As a Manchester City supporter I hope that all resources will be mobilised to repel this odious development that essentially removes the element of competition and promotes 'elitism'. This in turn means that for the chosen clubs there can be no prospect of failure and therefore eternal economic prosperity.

Throughout the lockdown due to the covid epidemic, watching football has been a joy for millions.

People not greed should motivate FIFA, UEFA and the UK government to stop this disgrace.  

Saturday 17 April 2021

HRH Prince Philip

Today marks the funeral of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

This blog, staunchly royalist, wishes that the Prince Rests in Peace and would, were it of faith, echo the words of Theresa May in the Commons, that he: 'Rise in Glory'.

May her God save the Queen.

Thursday 8 April 2021

British Justice- a joke 2

 A report in the Daily Mail again illustrates that British Justice is a joke.

Twenty years for pure evil. No respect for the victim whatsoever. She has been let down by a system and institution that is so full of its own importance that it cannot identify a fundamental flaw, namely the lack of consideration of victims, unheard in the clamour for justice of the accused. He will get counselling, rehabilitation, accommodation etc whilst the victims of his crime will get cold sympathy. It's crazy. The victim is dead; her life ended prematurely by an 'arsehole' who had no regard for her right to the chance of life. Instead of being maintained by the community, he should forfeit his life and his family made to make reparations to the family of the deceased.

Russian Torpedo

 Following my blog of the 5th, a report in the Daily Mail of 8th April 2021 suggests that the Russians are finalising the development of a new weapon, 'Poseidon'.

This is not a defensive weapon. Difficult to detect and almost impossible to stop, this huge torpedo can travel unseen across the globe and destroy utterly target cities and coastlines.

Tsar Putin has demanded it is ready for deployment in 2022. But why? For whatever reason, one can assume that it will make the rest of the world a less safe place.

Monday 5 April 2021

Dangerous Times

 Thank goodness that there were no atrocities committed over the Easter time. However these are dangerous times.

It is reported that Russian troops have been seen massing on the border with Ukraine suggesting that they may be thinking of annexing the Eastern zone populated by many Russian speaking peoples. In the far East, the Chinese are flexing their military muscles by laying claim to more islands in the South China Sea and building new ones to house their ever burgeoning forces and promote their power. Could an invasion of Taiwan be imminent?

It is no coincidence that this adventuring comes at a time when both leaders of these countries have secured for themselves lifelong leadership. They have overturned custom in their personal quest to become respectively Tsar Putin and Emperor Xi Jinping.

What will the West do if the Ukraine and Taiwan are invaded? Both actions will precipitate a time of great tension. To do nothing will only legitimise the empire building and yet to oppose militarily might lead to World War. Trade embargoes seems the only solution but generally these only really effect the poor people and the leadership of these Countries consider this an irrelevency.

Now, I have some sympathy for this, apparently efficient form of government, getting things done, but it all depends on the man or woman at the top. If of good intent, like HM Queen Elizabeth II, all is good. However, history is full of evil Kings, Tsars and Emperors who have no regard for the people they rule. We shall watch with interest the course taken by these two all-powerful leaders. 

British justice- a joke

 It has been reported that a man jailed for the sexual abuse of young girls in Rochdale has been released early and seen walking the streets despite his sentence including his deportation to his native Pakistan.

Imagine how the victims of this man feel about justice. They are suffering a life sentence as a consequence of this mans criminality and yet in no time at all he is free to resume his life. It's a fxxxing disgrace. 

Think, for once, of the victims. He needs to complete his sentence; no ifs and no buts.

That's not all; somebody in the department of justice knows this has happened. They too must be disciplined. No ifs or buts even if it inflames local passions! 

Justice for VICTIMS first.