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Monday 5 April 2021

Dangerous Times

 Thank goodness that there were no atrocities committed over the Easter time. However these are dangerous times.

It is reported that Russian troops have been seen massing on the border with Ukraine suggesting that they may be thinking of annexing the Eastern zone populated by many Russian speaking peoples. In the far East, the Chinese are flexing their military muscles by laying claim to more islands in the South China Sea and building new ones to house their ever burgeoning forces and promote their power. Could an invasion of Taiwan be imminent?

It is no coincidence that this adventuring comes at a time when both leaders of these countries have secured for themselves lifelong leadership. They have overturned custom in their personal quest to become respectively Tsar Putin and Emperor Xi Jinping.

What will the West do if the Ukraine and Taiwan are invaded? Both actions will precipitate a time of great tension. To do nothing will only legitimise the empire building and yet to oppose militarily might lead to World War. Trade embargoes seems the only solution but generally these only really effect the poor people and the leadership of these Countries consider this an irrelevency.

Now, I have some sympathy for this, apparently efficient form of government, getting things done, but it all depends on the man or woman at the top. If of good intent, like HM Queen Elizabeth II, all is good. However, history is full of evil Kings, Tsars and Emperors who have no regard for the people they rule. We shall watch with interest the course taken by these two all-powerful leaders. 

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