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Friday 4 November 2022

Scrap legislation that allows Government agencies to be sued

 I suggest that the ridiculous proliferation of 'diversity' officers in the NHS and elsewhere comes as Government agencies face unprecedented claims from people who claim to have been offended or had their human rights breeched. The situation is inflamed by aggressive lawyers, using tax payers funded legal aid, to pursue claims that most right thinking people find ridiculous.

It has only been possible to sue the government agencies such as the NHS and police since the late twentieth century. It's time this legislation was scrapped. The old argument for disallowing a citizens to sue was that it was not possible to make a claim against yourself since the citizen was also a tax payer.

Stop allowing people to sue. The agencies would then be protected from claims, allowing some mediation for special cases, saving the public purse, curbing the greed of lawyers and restoring some credibility to public services.