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Saturday 24 February 2018

Siemens in the UK

There was news this week that the giant company Siemens has demonstrated its faith in a post Brexit UK by announcing greater investment in the Country. It is not the only one, other Companies and global Banks have recently announced further investment. But why?
Money; that's why! These huge corporations can see trading advantages, located in a Country that is both in and out of Europe. They have faith that common sense (and money) will ensure that the UK and EU will come to a satisfactory arranngement despite the hard line rhetoric of Commission leaders, fighting to protect their fiefdom. Huge European conglomerates, hamstrung as they are by EU laws and rules, can see the advantage of  using a UK base, with better opportunities to exploit a more global reach.
How can we know this is going on? Just listen to the louder, more urgent rhetoric from the Commission, their appointment of more hard-line executives to enforce member states toe the line.  The UK, handily placed with its Commonwealth ties, will become a hub for world-wide trade and it is this that is the underlying theme of Brexit and the one that ensures that it will happen..
If the EU persists as it is, then, as the UK plans are realised, a huge surface bridge between Kent and the European mainland will be inevitable to deal with the trade and the County will become one giant warehouse.

Friday 9 February 2018

Harvesting eggs, Character & Astrology

A breakthrough in the harvesting of eggs from a small fragment of ovary has been hailed by those seeking help in cases of low fertility. see Daily Mail report:

Such eggs are taken to maturity and frozen, waiting to be fertilised at a later date. But how important is the date of fertilisation, the date of conception of the new embryo or strictly speaking, zygote. Well, I think it may be quite important if you are interested in the character of the resulting human being. I believe that the lunar calender, as in many natural events, both on land and in the sea, plays a part in fashioning the final product.
The Davies Hypothesis suggests that nature designates a character, taken from an earlier ancestor, either maternal or paternal, to an embryo according to the date of conception and the exact timing of the lunar cycle. It is for this reason that people born at the same time of year have roughly similar characteristics. Of course, the final character is  mixture of nature and nurture but nevertheless a case can be made for thinking that there may be, after all, some truth in astrological star signs. If, for instance, a childless couple want an Aries child, typically a born leader, they can calculate a date for the fertilisation to take place in the laboratory.