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Friday 9 February 2018

Harvesting eggs, Character & Astrology

A breakthrough in the harvesting of eggs from a small fragment of ovary has been hailed by those seeking help in cases of low fertility. see Daily Mail report:

Such eggs are taken to maturity and frozen, waiting to be fertilised at a later date. But how important is the date of fertilisation, the date of conception of the new embryo or strictly speaking, zygote. Well, I think it may be quite important if you are interested in the character of the resulting human being. I believe that the lunar calender, as in many natural events, both on land and in the sea, plays a part in fashioning the final product.
The Davies Hypothesis suggests that nature designates a character, taken from an earlier ancestor, either maternal or paternal, to an embryo according to the date of conception and the exact timing of the lunar cycle. It is for this reason that people born at the same time of year have roughly similar characteristics. Of course, the final character is  mixture of nature and nurture but nevertheless a case can be made for thinking that there may be, after all, some truth in astrological star signs. If, for instance, a childless couple want an Aries child, typically a born leader, they can calculate a date for the fertilisation to take place in the laboratory.

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