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Friday 23 March 2018

How to get something out of nothing

How to get something from nothing. How do universes emerge from the absolute nothingness I call the pleroma?
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Saturday 17 March 2018

Democracy under threat

The Sky political editor, Adam Boulton, writes that Democracy is under threat. See:

This Blog first hinted that democracy had run its race at least eight years ago. Amongst others, see:


With Putin in Russia, Xi JinPing in China, Trump in the US cementing their positions as dictator/leaders it is becoming more evident that it is unwise to trust the electorate; they let you down by voting for what's in their interests, not the Nation's.
In Thailand, the people continue to vote for inappropriate parties which subsequently have to be toppled by military intervention. It isn't the only one, nor is it restricted to Countries out of the top ten in GDP. Despite bringing the UK within a whisker of bankruptcy because of their policies and still pledging to spend, spend spend if re-elected, 30% of the population would still vote for Corbyn's socialist party. It is easy to see why commentators believe the system is failing the people when the electorate refuse to engage with Kennedy's entreaty for people to not think what the Country could do for them but what they could do for the Country.
Countries run by and for the peasantry will always fall below those run by leaders with vision and an eye for the well-being of the Nation as a whole.