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Friday 17 May 2024


 Having just read the novel called 'origin', written by Dan Brown I thought I might comment on his two basic questions posed in the novel; where do we come from and where are we going?

'Where do we come from?' is a question that has exercised mankind from earliest days particularly those who fall into one of the two camps,. science and religion. To the religious minded they already know the truth. God created the heavens and earth; the Bible says so and then created Adam and Eve. Simple.

For the scientifically minded, the consensus seems to be that life came into existence from a primeval soup starting with the chemistry/physics/ biological chance formation of single cell lifeforms. The problem here, though, is from whence came the laws of these disciplines in the first place. Who or what made the laws?

In conventional science there is no answer because scientists claim that in all current theories there can be no knowledge of what happens at time zero. Even Einstein struggled to explain the infinities etc. however, I think I have a solution and it involves absolute nothingness.

When nature decreed that the square root of one had two, not one, correct answer it validated negative numbers. By this simple ruse it was possible to identify nothingness as a balance of positive and negative values paving the way for a dual universes. Something from nothing.

Clearly, it is necessary to have the correct recipe to create viable, functioning universes but in the infinite nothingness that is reality, there are an infinite number of combinations or permutations. When they occur these serendipitous conjunctions, which must include time and the essential constants, spark a creation process. Remember that everything needed for a viable universe is already part of the infinite nothingness.

Once the new universe is created one of natures prerogatives is achieved. Nature abhors  nothingness as it abhors a vacuum and therefore once started the new universe  continues to expand converting nothingness into more something, a duality, the universe we know and exist in (Plato's 'phenomenal')and another we cannot know (Plato's 'noumenal').

The universe will therefore continue to grow into the infinite nothingness I call the pleroma. But what of mankind? In the book, Brown takes the view we came from a single cell creature born in the primordial soup. By the end he suggests that we will be part mechanical, humans fused with robots with an enhanced brain capability.

When we ask what is the future of the human race, survival of the fittest will still be the prime consideration. The human brain will not be able to evolve as rapidly as technology enhanced hybrids and humans will eventually become extinct.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

It's happening. Don't say you weren't warned 2

 In this blog 0f 2019 we warned of the danger of immigrants being allowed to stand for election to positions of power. See:

Well, so many have been elected I'm beginning to wonder if my worst fears are being reaised and this is a concerted plan that will eventually lead to the UK becoming an Islamic state. One Muslim faction have sent an eighteen long list of requirements that have to be met if Keir Starmer and the Labour Party want the Muslim vote. Remember that Islam takes no prisoners. There is no real tolerance of non-Muslims; their God, Allah, is with them in every aspect of life and don't you forget it.

There is a precedent for this; the Muslim takeover of the Iberian peninsular in the eighth century. It took over six hundred years to expel the Muslims and restore a Christian rule.

Monday 6 May 2024

It's happening. Don't say you weren't warned

 The English local Council elections have just been held with a huge swing to the Labour Party.

The Tories unde Rishi Sunak have failed on almost all their promises particularly that concerning immigration. In November 2021 this blog highlighted the danger of unmitigated Muslim immigration into the Country. see below:

Well, the numbers have reached such a level that Muslims, men in particular, are taking up Council positions, voted in by ever growing numbers of their fellows. One newly elected Councillor in Bradford reportedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar'! on his election. Only the tolerant English would tolerate this upheaval in our nations demographics with the attendant threat to our history, culture and way of life.

The Rwanda scheme is useless. The Country needs leadership with balls to turn back the boats in mid channel and return those Muslims already in the UK or risk the Country becoming an Islamic state. Londonistan is half way there already with a large number of wards in Muslim control under a Muslim mayor.