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Wednesday 22 May 2024

Election 24

 Has there ever been a UK election, now fixed for 4th July, where there has been seen a paucity of men or women of stature; natural born leaders of men. Who amongst the current crop of MPps would you go over the top for? Starmer? Sunak? None of them or their current fellows have the panache , the vision to see through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond.

I had hopes for Penny Mordaunt but I doubt she has the courage to say the unthinkable. The UK needs to scrap the European Court of Human rights, Assert their right to demand immigrants adapt UK standards, many which will be in opposition to Islamic canon. The problem is that if you posit solutions to the UK dilemma it is to attract accusations of Fascism. This will have to be faced. Who has the backbone to take it on? Who has the balls to put the UK first and foremost?

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