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Thursday 28 June 2012

A day of Revelations

On the same day, two widely different revelations have been made that show a gulf of difference betwen those on the one hand who give everything in the cause of duty, the airmen of Bomber Command and others, Bankers, who shamelessly take everything they can get their grubby hands on.

The Queen unveiled today a memorial to the tens of thousands of airmen who died in the service of their country with Bomber Command. Thousands of men and women volunteered for missions knowing that their efforts might save the Nation from defeat at the hands of Nazi Germany but that they were unlikely ever to return to their families and Country. These 'ordinary' folk are true giants. Their gallantry and sacrifice should serve as an example to all and shine as a beacon highlighting what is best of British and the Commonwealth men and women. We are proud of them and salute their memory.
War is brutal and devastating and should not be entered into lightly. Remember that if war is declared: IT SERVES NO PURPOSE TO COME SECOND and should be prosecuted with every device available to the Nation.

The Financial Services Authority have exposed serious malpractice by Barclays and other banks regarding the setting of the inter-bank interest rate known as Libor. Barclays have been fined £290m and in accepting the charges the Chairman of the bank has declined to take his scheduled bonuses. Other Banks including RBS and HSBC are also thought to be involved.
Barclays share price has dropped by 15% thereby penalising innocent stockholders by reducing the value of their holding. The profits of the Company will suffer possibly reducing the dividends and again depriving innocents of their income. One must ask if these senior bankers really care about anyone else but themselves coccooned as they are in the airy world of massive self appointed salaries, huge pensions and perks beyond the reach of the ordinary shareholder. Nor do they really care about the ordinary innocent employee in Bank branches who are doing their best. The senior management can't spend their working days worrying about the day to day business of computer glitches and the inconvenience caused to their customers because they are too busy devising more and more ingenious financial instruments to accumulate personal wealth, usually at the expense of the vulnerable.
All at Barclays should be pursued to find who has been involved in wrongdoing and sent to prison. The bank accounts of ALL senior bankers should be frozen so that money doesn't mysteriously evaporate to Swiss numbered accounts or those of the wives. All those found guilty of malpractice should be stripped of their assets. These people are the opposite of those described above. They don't deserve to be lionised as business models because far from being 'giants' they belong to the class of life usually found in the gutter.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

More Rip-off Lawyers

For those who might think I was being particularly hard on the legal profession in my last post we have not had to wait long for another example of their wilful waste of public money to fund their disgraceful money grab.
Human Rights lawyers are claiming that work experience plans announced by the Government are in breach of article 4 of the Human Rights Act. This is an example of lawyers not accepting the spirit of the legislation and the will of the people through their elected Government to work in the National Interest. Instead the legal profession scan every opportunity to seek out opportunities to fill their own coffers at the public expense.
Why would anyone want to pursue a career in law, a line of work that is rapidly becoming as disreputable as Estate Agency and Financial Advising.

Monday 25 June 2012

Lawyers bleed the NHS dry

A report highlighted in the Daily Telegraph shows how much the legal profession is taking from the NHS in extortionate fees for claims made under the no win-no-fee system. To read the article click on the link below.

Lawyers take lion's share of pay-outs

It is surely time to rein in the Legal profession. They are unaffordable, anti-social and frankly, in many instances, an affront to the notion of Justice. If finding loopholes in the tax system is a blight on the financial services sector then exploiting loopholes to thwart the rule of law likewise is the trademark shame of the solicitors and barristers. Criminals released on a 'technicality' ferreted out by a solicitor is a slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen in the land.
How often the judges words, 'Awaiting reports' makes one's hairs stand on end with indignation. Why does the judge need to delay sentencing, prolong the legal debate at further costs to the taxpayers with more fees for the fat cat lawyers? Surely he doesn't need reports after a trial in which all the evidence is revealed. After being found guilty, sentence him or her. If there are mitigating circumstances, the effects of his incarceration on family, the consequences on his prospects for work etc, the guilty should have thought of these before committing the crime.

Too often, the legal profession is glamourised in TV dramas such as 'Judge John Deed' or 'Silk'. They should come with a Government Health Warning that these people are costing the nation an unsustainably huge fortune and that many of them are not properly serving the law-abiding community. Since so many lawyers are Members of Parliament I'm not holding my breath, because like their still practising brethren, they don't do any real wealth creating work, manufacturing or inventing products. The Minister of Justice has spoken of curbing the 'no win-no-fee' culture but this time we need action not words or the NHS will continue to be bled by the parasitic legal leaches.

I like this from Hilary Mantel's Man Booker prize winning novel, Wolf Hall:  'You ... person,' he says; and again, 'you nobody from Hell, you whore-spawn, you cluster of evil, you lawyer.'

Friday 22 June 2012

Miliband's 'apology'.

Click on the following link for a response to Ed Miliband's worthless apology, couched in terms that I couldn't aspire to.

Miliband has apologised for the last Socialist Government's immigration policy. They have accepted that they should have regulated Banks better which to my mind is a euphemistic acceptance that their policy of continued spending whilst the treasury vaults were empty contributed massively to the Country's current economic woes. Now we are seeing the result of Socialist education policies were elitism is sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity and social engineering nonsense, leaving people of talent to despair for their futures in a country where their skills are undervalued so as not to upset the idle and feckless supporters of the Labour Party.
They are useless with Immigration, Education and the economy and yet forty percent of the poulation would vote for them next time out. Is it any wonder that Democracy has run its course and the people cannot be trusted to vote correctly. The poor people of Egypt know this to be true. They wanted 'Democracy', thousand were killed for it, and now they see that it is a hopeless illusion. They now want another revolution, another round of deaths, mostly women and children and to achieve what? If they keep voting for the Muslim Brotherhood they will never know peace like the Palestinians in Gaza consistently voting for Hamas and their warmongering attitude to their neighbours.
Stop this nonsense now! Countries need to be run by a small body of people who have ONLY the Country's interests at heart. It is my belief that most people couldn't care less for politics and politicians. They need and deserve to be ruled wisely and well. That is all.

Friday 15 June 2012

Arab Spring

That problems are arising in Egypt after the removal of President Mubarak comes as no surprise to those of us that predicted no good would come from the 'Arab Spring'. After the latest general election the interim ruling Government-the military-has ruled the results illegal in many of the seats and quashed the result, meaning that they keep hold of power. Ostensibly it is to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining power and introducing an Islamic republic and presumably Sharia law in a demonstration of the notion that the public cannot be trusted to vote correctly.
As I suggested in a previous article, see here and here, Egypt is an important player in the Middle East peace process, accepting US 'investment' in exchange for not posing a threat to their allies, Israel, and the Egyptian Military understand this. Handing power to the Muslim Brotherhood would bring turmoil not only to Egypt but the whole area. The people of Egypt will therefore have to keep on voting until they learn to elect the 'right' party. A bit like the Irish voting on EU matters.
It is not only Egypt. Libya is now a crock of shit with widespread unrest in the country and Syria, the latest country to suffer widespread civil unrest. David Cameron and William Hague are in the forefront of world leaders telling President Assad to step down but what do they think will happen if he does so. Do they not imagine that the Sunni majority will not seek revenge on the Alawite community which Assad leaves? If they do the war will spread to Lebanon. The question is this. What benefit will the murder of thousands of innocent people ultimately bring to the country if Assad leaves. The Country will be thrown into even worse turmoil with competing groups fighting to take over in a no-holds-barred fight for power. To see what it might look like, see what is happening in Iraq where dozens of bystanders have been killed recently in coordinated bomb attacks across the country. Ask the families of these dead if they think they are better off under 'Democracy'.
What is it about 'Democracy' that makes the British leadership promote it so virulently when it is clear that it doesn't work and is directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents? Are all these dead women and children a price worth paying for their increasingly outdated ideology?

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Internet security

There is growing concern about the safety of vulnerable young girls and boys who may become prey to paedophiles who use websites aimed at children.
Can the law be changed so that when identified, these people can be dragged from their houses into the street, publically humiliated and then shot dead?
Remember it could be your young daughter, niece, grandchild next. Do you want to share the planet and its diminishing resources with these people?

More Nigel Farage

More sense from the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage.

Watch his latest offering to the European Parliament. This time he delivers his verdict on the Spanish bailout.

Jeremy Hunt

There is growing demands in parliament for an independant enquiry into the part played by Culture Minister, Jeremy Hunt in the takeover of B-Sky-B by News International, the media company owned by Rupert Murdoch.
Who cares? I feel sure that the general public have more important matters to think about. Isn't it a truth that no Minister can be completely immune from some interest in almost every aspect of Government and in all cases has to be trusted to be acting in the National Interest, even if this leads to charges of hypocrisy.
An independant enquiry as sought by Clegg would cost the public purse millions of pounds at a time when they are trying to save money and at the end of the day prove precisely nothing, as will happen with the Leveson enquiry.

Ministers who don't act in the National Interest should be charged with treachery and publically hung. That should concentrate the mind.

EU referendum

A spokesman for No. 10 says that there is no popular support in the UK for a referendum on the EU.

This fatuous and wrong response is typical of the Government's attitude to the wishes of the people. Readers of this blog will know that I'm no fan of listening to the wants of the general public, and in one way this opposition to a referendum wouldn't be bad if the motive was truly in the interests of the people, but it hasn't been proven to be so and in many ways is seen to be detrimental to the UK. It strikes me, that such truculent opposition to what is clearly the mood of the people indicates that remaining in the EU may be in the interests of senior politicians in the Conservative Party, behaviour which is at best disengenuous and at worst, treachery.
Constantly I hear, in support of the EU, the mantra that the 40% of the UK's trade is with the EU, rising to 50% in recent weeks as the temperature of the debate rises. Well, forgive me but my maths tell me that we ought to concentrate on the other 60%, which probably  means trading with the Commonwealth countries and other English speaking Nations such as North America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In doing so we will not have to obey their Human Rights laws or pump billions of taxpayers money into supporting an increasingly expensive bureacracy in return for which we receive scant recognition and obvious disdain.

If you want to retain the wavering support of the people, I say to the Tories, hold a referendum on continued membership of the EU. A simple YES:NO question when the people next go to the polls for regional elections. Failure to do so will rightly result in hundreds of thousands of voters switching to Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Republicans on the run

The Diamond Jubilee was undoubtedly a success that even those who espouse the Republican persuasion surely cannot deny. It is said that 80% of the population currently approve of the Monarchy as it exists today. This will be bad news for those who think that the Monarchy is an outdated institution that has no relevance in the moden era and that the money spent on the Civil List should be redistributed to the poor and needy.
During the celebrations small numbers of these Republicans have congregated with their banners to press their cause, only to find themselves shouted down by the chants and anthems of the Royalists. I believe that these people, including Mr. Tatchell, partypoopers everyone, have tried to draw attention to themselves and their pathetic arguments but attracted only ridicule.
It is well argued that money spent on the Civil List is returned a hundredfold with the income derived from the existence of the British Monarchy with, say, tourism. Besides, many of those very people who the Republicans reckon they represent derive their own pleasure from the Monarch and her family.
It is an institution unique in the world and the envy of many countries that can trace their political instability to the lack of the unifying continuity that a Monarchy brings. It is this continuity that the Republicans, burdened with their shoulder chip of envy, hate with its hereditary connotations but it is this that provides the stability that cannot be achieved with a Democratic system that requires elections every five years. This hereditary aspect is vital if each new generation of Royals grows up versed in the procedure and pageant of their position. They may be born into their position but it is essential if the Monarchy is to flourish that they grow up aware of their responsibilities to the people of the Country, a duty they assume for 'All the days of their life'.
Not many others would or could do it.

Republicans want an elected President as if we don't have enough elections; there are moves for an all-elected House of Lords. I maintain that the electorate CANNOT be trusted to vote in the best people to run a country. What was wrong with a House of Lords consisting of hereditary peers who as major landowners had the Country's interests truly at heart? What have we got now? Baroness Warsi is in trouble because of alleged fraud. She should never have been in the place since her family have only been in the country for one generation. I actually quite like the lady but you cannot tell me that she has the same perspective as a family that is listed as landowners in the Doomsday book. Some of the old peers might have been old and doddery but I'd rather them making decisions in the National interest than a bunch of self serving, hypocritical Socialists and newly arrived immigrants.


Saturday 2 June 2012

Her Majesty the Queen

On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth acceding to the Crown, I would humbly like to add my congratulations and best wishes.
Her steadfast devotion to her duty to serve the people of the United Kingdom and others scattered around the world has been an example to all.

May her God save the Queen.