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Thursday 28 June 2012

A day of Revelations

On the same day, two widely different revelations have been made that show a gulf of difference betwen those on the one hand who give everything in the cause of duty, the airmen of Bomber Command and others, Bankers, who shamelessly take everything they can get their grubby hands on.

The Queen unveiled today a memorial to the tens of thousands of airmen who died in the service of their country with Bomber Command. Thousands of men and women volunteered for missions knowing that their efforts might save the Nation from defeat at the hands of Nazi Germany but that they were unlikely ever to return to their families and Country. These 'ordinary' folk are true giants. Their gallantry and sacrifice should serve as an example to all and shine as a beacon highlighting what is best of British and the Commonwealth men and women. We are proud of them and salute their memory.
War is brutal and devastating and should not be entered into lightly. Remember that if war is declared: IT SERVES NO PURPOSE TO COME SECOND and should be prosecuted with every device available to the Nation.

The Financial Services Authority have exposed serious malpractice by Barclays and other banks regarding the setting of the inter-bank interest rate known as Libor. Barclays have been fined £290m and in accepting the charges the Chairman of the bank has declined to take his scheduled bonuses. Other Banks including RBS and HSBC are also thought to be involved.
Barclays share price has dropped by 15% thereby penalising innocent stockholders by reducing the value of their holding. The profits of the Company will suffer possibly reducing the dividends and again depriving innocents of their income. One must ask if these senior bankers really care about anyone else but themselves coccooned as they are in the airy world of massive self appointed salaries, huge pensions and perks beyond the reach of the ordinary shareholder. Nor do they really care about the ordinary innocent employee in Bank branches who are doing their best. The senior management can't spend their working days worrying about the day to day business of computer glitches and the inconvenience caused to their customers because they are too busy devising more and more ingenious financial instruments to accumulate personal wealth, usually at the expense of the vulnerable.
All at Barclays should be pursued to find who has been involved in wrongdoing and sent to prison. The bank accounts of ALL senior bankers should be frozen so that money doesn't mysteriously evaporate to Swiss numbered accounts or those of the wives. All those found guilty of malpractice should be stripped of their assets. These people are the opposite of those described above. They don't deserve to be lionised as business models because far from being 'giants' they belong to the class of life usually found in the gutter.

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