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Sunday 1 July 2012

Vague Hague

On the Andrew Marr programme today, the Foreign Secretary was vague about the prospects for a UK referendum on the Country's relationship with the EU. Forgetting the problems that might be caused by the Scots exiting the Union, his talk of the Tories having a policy before the next General election demonstrated once again why our Democratic process is out of date. The next General Election will be in three years time. The EU could well be federal by then and it will be harder for the UK to negotiate withdrawal.
David Cameron has written in the Sunday Telegraph saying that contrary to previous indications he is not opposed to a referendum  but I'm bound to wonder why he has spoken now if nothing will be done until after the next election. Surely it can't be because he doesn't want to be wrong footed by Ed Miliband who is already making referendum noises. That Cameron should be playing politics with such an important subject tells us all how corrupt the process is. Watch out for a referendum with unintelligible options and the prospect of successive votes until the people get it right. No wonder politicians are regarded in the same light as investment bankers and other snake oil merchants.

Now we hear that politicians are claiming that they need a four day week to save their social lives. It makes you sick when our armed forces are in Afghanistan putting their lives at risk every second of every hour of every day for six months at a time.The solution for unhappy politicians is simple: if you don't like the hours resign in shame. You should be in it to SERVE.

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