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Tuesday 26 February 2019

The genetics of character

An article in the Daily Mail reports findings from Pennsylvania University that shows how some aspects of character  may be inherited from their parents. see:

The research on over 700 sets of siblings was carried out by The Pennsylvania State University and led by Amanda Ramos, a PhD candidate from the department of psychology. 'A lot of studies have shown a link between parenting and these virtuous traits, but they haven't looked at the genetic component,' Ms Ramos said.

The Davies Hypothesis, see:
however has looked at the 'genetic component' and posits the view that although parents may pass on these traits, genetically, it is not exclusively their preserve. It is possible for a child to inherit the character of a forebear from many generations earlier.

see the blog of 23/02/2019, below.

Gradually, bit by bit, they are uncovering what was uncovered in the Davies Hypothesis years ago but will it be acknowledged? I doubt it but maybe, one day!

Saturday 23 February 2019

The source of evil

The judge at the trial of a sixteen year old youth described his crime as one of the most evil acts the court had ever heard. The boy had been found guilty of the rape and brutal murder of a six year old girl. But from where did this evil come from?
It is a question we have tried to address on several occasions, most recently in the blog, here. Character is a combination of nature and nurture. Since this act of barbarism owed nothing to do with his parents and manner of upbringing, it also didn't protect him from harbouring other dark thoughts. Indeed, many have suggested that had he not been caught he might have become a serial killer.
His evil personality must have come from a previous time and it is here I maintain that as an embryo he inherited the character of an evil forebear, a character that couldn't be suppressed by his nurturing. This character might have come from many generations previous, from either parental line and passed on with the genes. If this boy had had children this barbaric trait would be passed on through the generations until nature reintroduced it.
But how does nature decide which character a new child will inherit? All is revealed in my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Where was Shamima Begum radicalised?

Despite the case of Shamima Begum being given much prominence, there has been nothing in the media about the means of her radicalisation at fifteen years of age. Which mosque did she and her family attend? Who preached there? These are questions that need to be answered until the person or persons who led to this woman's predicament and betrayal of her Country of birth are found and tried on inciting a crime.

Tne Premonition Code- the role of dreams

The Daily Mail published an article on 20th feb 2019 on ‘Precognition’, the headline claiming that we CAN see the future in our dreams.

The article highlighted a book: ‘The premonition Code’, by Dr Julia Mossbridge and Theresa Cheung  an author of books on ‘spiritualism’.

Dr Julia Mossbridge explored the phenomenon of precognition, as research shows the body gives unconscious signals to prepare for the future.

It seems to me, however, that behind the story, there is an underlying belief in an afterlife with which I strongly disagree. There is a short period after clinical death when the brain processes images, often reported as bright lights etc after trauma or surgery when the heart momentarily stops. However, this is not the same as saying that our ‘soul’ survives death and lives on in another place. Nor can I accept that it is possible to know the future beforehand because it never, in reality, exists.
But what of the assertion that the body gives unconscious signals to prepare for the future. This is entirely consistent with the views expressed in my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions first published in 2013.

In my book I explain that the role of dreams is to prepare our bodies for what comes next as we age. The messages are often subliminal and abstract and derive from our brain’s database. This data is derived from our own experience and those of inherited characters (souls?) going back to the very beginning of life.

How does this differ from the work of  Mossbridge and Cheung? They claim that our dreams see the future, whilst I assert that they anticipate the future with information that derives from the past.

Monday 18 February 2019

Young voters

Have you noticed that those apologists for the jihadi bride who wants to return to the UK, cite her young age for being radicalised are the same ones who want to reduce the voting age to sixteen. They claim the future belongs to the young and they should have a say. Bollocks! The future doesn't exist and the anticipation of its coming requires the knowledge and wisdom of those with experience.

Saturday 16 February 2019

Returning jihadi

A young 'British' woman, born to a Muslim family, left home aged fifteen to help the Islamic State terrorist group fight in Syria. Now, aged nineteen, she has been found in a refugee camp, nine months pregnant with her third child, the first two having died, according to reports, from malnutrition. Despite showing no remorse or expressing any regrets about her action she is asking to be repatriated to the UK to have her child (with the NHS).
One school of thought suggests that she made her decision, contrary to the culture and values of the country of her birth, and she should now suffer the consequences. Indeed, she renounced her claim to be British and therefore all benefits that accrue from such allegiance.
The other idea is that British sentiment is above holding grudges and should welcome the woman back to be sympathetically rehabilitated, being particularly anxious for the welfare of the newborn.
It is claimed that the youngster was 'brainwashed', with two other youngsters, and without the knowledge of her parents left the country and made her way to Syria. Her family expressed astonishment that she would do such a thing, itself strange when she was brought up according to Muslim values. But who knows her character?
It is my contention, that this young girl inherited in the womb, the character of a jihadist and nurturing in an essentially Muslim family did nothing to assuage her inner feelings. It is possible that this inherited character, him or herself, also inherited the character of an Islamic fighter etc, perhaps going back through the generations to the times of Saladin. That she shows no remorse suggests that her devotion is so deep that my view has some relevance.
It's difficult to demonstrate this progression through the generations but I have previously given an important example. see my blog:

We can also find another example in the context of Islam. It is claimed that the prophet Muhammad was himself a descendant of Ishmael the first born son of the patriarch, Abraham. But did the prophet inherit the character of Ishmael when he was conceived many generations later? Well, in two respects he did. They both had a visit from the angel Gabriel and both were warned that they would be at odds with their fellows. From the very beginning, the prophet was fighting the Meccans and the followers of Islam have been fighting ever since, and losing as this young woman discovered.
Now we come to the baby. The child's character, like everyone else will be a two part composite. nature and nurture. If it inherits a jihadist character, then some alleviation might be achieved with a traditional British upbringing endorsing the values that define the tradition of love, hope and charity. On the other hand, brought up in the confrontational manner of some mosques and families, fed on a diet of resentment, the child might, once again, rebel against the very people who gave his family a home.

Wednesday 13 February 2019

The cost of justice

Picture the scenario. An elderly lady is out shopping for a few groceries when she is mugged by an habitual criminal and her little money stolen to feed his drink and drug habit. The lady is clearly a victim and the perpetrator exhibits free will. Dismissing the notion that his addiction takes away his free will and therefore his culpability, how is justice to be found and at what cost?
We shall look at it from three perspectives; the crim’s. the lady’s and the tax payer’s the unwitting third party.

Tax Payer




Police & trial

Police time & Legal aid
Victim of crime award


6 months. Serves 3
Never fully recovers


In jail
After serving sentence


£500 per month

£800 per month?

From the perpetrators perspective, he has lost his freedom for three months but during that time he’s been largely free from worries about eating, mortgage repayments etc. He’s been amongst his mates, entertained with sky sports etc, fed three times a day and warm. Hardly a deterrent; more an inducement to act with impunity, exercising his free will to commit crime.

The battered elderly lady, lives the remainder of her life in fear. Rarely goes out, knowing that her assailant will be back soon, posing a threat to her and others. Although she had no free will whatsoever, she suffers a life sentence of fear and despair at the injustice of it all.

Thirdly, the tax payer, who picks up the bill for all this. This single, almost trivial crime will have cost the innocent taxpayers £20,000 direct costs plus £2000 a month say in maintaining the criminal. The tax payer has no free will in this.
The notion of justice in the UK and other ‘enlightened’ Countries, is in my opinion misplaced. The cost of justice outlined above is prohibitive. I would suggest unsustainable but what can be done? Kill them all! Probably it is better that judges should declare that guilty people have lost their civil rights and be sentenced to prisons that allow for no association, no entertainments, no visits etc. Only education.

The idea that everyone deserves a second chance is like the concept of a backstop. Let it be known that there is no backstop; do not err on the side of criminality. Not once. This is the best way to keep the lid on the cost of ‘justice’.

Friday 8 February 2019

Immigrants in power

A survey of the members of the UK parliament reveals that as many as 51 members (out of 655 or so) are the sons and daughters of immigrants or second generation immigrants. There are another eight members who are possibly third generation offspring.
A further fifteen, however, are immigrants to the United Kingdom. all these people have passports that claim they are British but, I suggest, this is just paper. To be properly British requires one to have been born into a society built over not centuries but millenia. The total amounts to be about ten percent of the total number of MPs. These immigrants, by and large, come from Countries that can give no lessons to the UK in the democratic process so why do they feel they have something to offer?
These results make no statement about the political leanings of the members, they represent all sides, nor does it question their competence or abilities. Nor is it about ethnicity, it solely questions whether or not it is right that these newly arrived people should play a part in the legislature of the UK. To me they are being hugely presumptuous in assuming that they can just arrive and tell their long established citizens how they are going to live and behave. It is like being a newcomer in a street and being invited into a neighbours house only to tell the host what temperature to set the heating and what channel to watch on the television. To my mind it's rude and presumptious.
I suggest that to stand for Parliament, candidates should be at least third generation residents whilst second generation immigrants can stand in local elections to allow representation of and for their communities. Direct immigrants to the Country should not be eligible to stand.