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Tuesday 26 February 2019

The genetics of character

An article in the Daily Mail reports findings from Pennsylvania University that shows how some aspects of character  may be inherited from their parents. see:

The research on over 700 sets of siblings was carried out by The Pennsylvania State University and led by Amanda Ramos, a PhD candidate from the department of psychology. 'A lot of studies have shown a link between parenting and these virtuous traits, but they haven't looked at the genetic component,' Ms Ramos said.

The Davies Hypothesis, see:
however has looked at the 'genetic component' and posits the view that although parents may pass on these traits, genetically, it is not exclusively their preserve. It is possible for a child to inherit the character of a forebear from many generations earlier.

see the blog of 23/02/2019, below.

Gradually, bit by bit, they are uncovering what was uncovered in the Davies Hypothesis years ago but will it be acknowledged? I doubt it but maybe, one day!

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