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Sunday 28 March 2021

Easter atrocity. Have we been warned?

 Recent Islamist attacks in Mozambique and an Indonesian Cathedral during a Palm Sunday service are a cause for concern. 

As more and more people worldwide are turning away from religion, disillusioned with the obvious absence of a loving, caring all powerful deity, the Church leaders feel the need to bring their fading Ministries into the twenty-first century. However for some the need to fulfill Jihad, fueled by a manic religious fervour, seems the best way of furthering their fight and reversing the move to greater secularism. What better way than an outrageous attack on a seat of Christendom on the holiest day of the year.

It is in this light that I fear major atrocities occurring this year in religious centres around the world and whilst hoping I am wrong, exhort the authorities to be extra vigilant this Easter.

Friday 26 March 2021

As i was saying...

In my blog of the 23rd March I was arguing that minority immigrant groups have grown to such numbers that they are challenging the culture and norms of British society. 

Yesterday it was reported that a teacher at Batley Grammar School had to go into hiding as a Muslim mob protested outside. His so called mistake was reveal a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed in a religious instruction class despite his right to freedom of speech. A spokesman from the local mosque said that the teacher had insulted two million Muslims worldwide conveniently ignoring that Mohammed had trashed the views of many more Christians and Jews.

It is the British way of life that we are free to comment, ridicule and question all aspects of life even if it encourages apostacy. When demanding that the British adopt different standards they are behaving like a conqueror race rather than guests. Be warned. When coming to the UK, being welcomed and encouraged to practice their religion the Muslim community ought to accept this British tradition. To do otherwise is to be rude.  

Thursday 25 March 2021

Liverpool's woes

 The arrest of Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson for alleged corruption and intimidation of witnesses and his subsequent stepping down from his duties highlights the fact that the City's problems with a Labour council persist.

Ten years ago this blog highlighted the adverse effects the Unions have had on Liverpool's development.


I will not repeat my observations here but merely say, with heavy heart, part of my family came from the City, that the electorate of Liverpool are acting like the metaphorical turkeys voting for Christmas, consistently voting in the people who hate capitalism and the forces to project the City forward.. That some of the Council functions are to be taken over by Central Government must be a step in the right direction but they will be pressured by a left wing, Union driven, resistance borne of a century of having their own way.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Anarchy looms

Young Labour MP Nadia Whittome recently on tv chose to avoid condemning the perpetrators of the riot in Bristol in which two policemen suffered broken bones, property and police cars were trashed. She is one of several young, female, firebrand. Labour MPs, largely ethnic, who increasingly promote the 'woke' agenda whilst railing against British tradition and history with special emphasis on alleged links to slavery. On social media, radio and television they are exploiting broadcaster's needs for sensationalism to push back the norms of the indigenous people under the banner of diversity and equality. 

The British people ARE a diverse bunch, essentially proud of our history and the part we have played in pushing forward the spread of civilisation whether through invention, civil organisations such as law and order and the development of civil service. So successful has been this programme that millions of people from across the globe have arrived in the UK to enjoy the delights of the kingdom despite the innate, hard wired sentiments of the indigenous population to be wary of newcomers. Despite this the Brits have tried hard to be welcoming and accommodate people of different cultures in the hope that they would assimilate the British way of life. Sadly, as the numbers increased they are promoting their own cultures and as each day passes, it seems to me, they want the Brits to conform to a new way of life. Remember, it is because of the failures of this culture that led them to the shores of the UK in the first place. The demands of this new generation of immigrants amount to a form of socialism including moving to become a republic with the dissolution of the monarchy.

This seemingly irreversible trend will push the essentially white British to the limits of their patience leading to trouble, possibly insurrection and anarchy,  It will be too late to say: 'I told you so' but the 'woke' crowd including Nadia, ought to remember to be careful what they wish for.  

Sunday 21 March 2021

Prime number mortality

At the risk of giving away too much information,  I am happy to have survived my seventy-third year as one who fears, irrationally, the prospect of dying having lived a prime number of years. I am, therefore, safe until my seventy-ninth year.

Is there a name for this? If not can I suggest: 'primortphobia'?

Thursday 18 March 2021

C. J. Sansom. Author. An appreciation

 In the ten years or so of this blog I can't recall reviewing a book or author other than myself. So now I feel I must say how much I've enjoyed two novels by C.J. SANSOM, 'Dark Fire' and 'Sovereign'. Well researched and beautifully written one is transported, in spirit and mind, to the sixteenth century world of Master Matthew Shardlake, barrister of Lincoln's Inn, London.

Edinburgh born Christopher John has been a real find for me, dissatisfied with the publishers promotion of largely American authors heading a production line of banality. I can't remember enjoying a book so much since 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel and I think its because the authors are so good at telling their stories with enough detail to authenticate their message without swamping the narrative.

And now to another book in the Shardlake series, 'Revelation'. Can't wait.

Monday 15 March 2021

Execute purveyors of porn

 Further to this blogs list of people who need to be culled we turn our attention to the problem of women's safety. In the light of the tragic and nightmarish murder of Sarah Everard there has been an outpouring of anger that the streets are no longer safe for women especially after dark. There has also been annoyance that the justice system is letting women down with fewer and fewer prosecutions for rape, stalking and sexual harassment.

One of the factors that promote this predatory behaviour in some men is the availability, especially on the internet, of pornography, increasingly of severe and extreme content. The makers of this material will say they are meeting demand but that is not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable to argue that the industry gives work to women. Let us be clear, the people who make and supply this are exploiting women for profit.

We are clear that the production of all pornography should be outlawed and that the purveyors of this material should be executed.

Men do need an outlet for sexual tensions and there are women who will voluntarily satisfy this need for a fee. It is the oldest profession. However it can be dangerous whilst unregulated and therefore a case can be made for the licensing of brothels to promote the wellbeing of workers in the industry.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

That interview

 The Royal family will deal in private the two principal issues raised by Meghan Markle in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, namely her mental state due to the nature of her work and the alleged racial comments regarding the skin colour of her first child.

With regards to the second point, surely it is a matter of curiosity to wonder about the physical characteristics of an unborn child; for example its eye and hair colour. Is curiosity now to be stifled because it upsets some peoples sensitivity?

We are all 'racist' to the extent that we always prefer the company of family, friends and community. 

Meghan was, she claims, stressed to the point of suicide because of the constraints afforded by an institution based on a unique sense of duty. As an american actress she was totally bemused by the tradition and protocols derived from a thousand years of practice. I fear that if you are a non-swimmer, you should not join the swimming club.

She says that she sought help but there could surely be no remedy if she was incapable of accommodating the changes she needed to make. I cannot help but feel that she was confusing the UK monarchy to the Mickey Mouse Hollywood dream of kings, handsome princes, beautiful damsels and magical castles. Did she understand that the Queen reigns, not because of some sort of British whimsy, but is crowned and anointed in the eyes of God to be head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith. To be part of the Royal Family is to adopt a special life of selfless duty. Clearly the Duchess of Sussex wasn't up to the job.