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Sunday 9 January 2011

Len McCluskey

The Daily Mail reports that it has seen evidence that the Unite union under Len McCluskey intends to try and bring the UK to its knees with a national tanker driver strike.
It will be a test of the Prime Minister's resolve and I expect him to take a hard line on a form of protest that should have been consigned to history in the eighties when Mrs Thatcher occupied No 10.

Mr McCluskey is no stranger to laying waste working practice for the sake of his socialist ideology. As a young man he was a member of the Transport and General Workers Union that stifled the regeneration of his native Liverpool for so many years. As a youngster myself, I saw how the rest of the country, cities like Southampton moved steadily towards the twenty-first century but Liverpool, remained stuck in it's post-war ruination because of it's TGWU influenced labour town hall under the likes of Derek Hatton, paralysed any initiative. More recently he was responsible for the strikes that cost British Airways so much last year.

People like McCluskey must be taught a hard lesson that unions would be wise to heed. They cannot hold the country to ransom and the law should be changed so that workers who withhold their labour can be sacked by companies who withhold their reciprocal employment.

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