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Sunday 9 January 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

A gang of Pakistani men have been given large prison sentences for 'grooming' white girls for gang rape purposes. It raises a few questions.
Jack Straw, the Labour Party ex-Home Secretary after 13 years in power has now said he is concerned about the practice without explaining why he didn't take action earlier.
Who are these vulnerable white girls, some as young as thirteen? What are their parents doing or more accurately not doing? Are their needs for attention so great that they leave their common sense behind? Is it drugs?

The convicted men will presumably serve their sentences in different prisons. No doubt they will make prison officer's lives a nightmare by forming ethnic  groups with special demands and needs according to their human rights. Their incarceration will also cost the tax payers a huge amount of money. I say it again. These people want locking in a solitary cell with no priveleges. No visitors, no internet, no mixing with other inmates, no television except for educational programmes and cost of feeding charged to their families.

If this regime is not to be implemented, is it too much to hope that other inmates will demonstrate to these men their distaste for what they have done.

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