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Friday 14 January 2011


With the New Year being a time to take stock, many Tories must be wondering when, if ever, David Cameron is going to do what he promised. He has failed miserably to act on Europe, his promise on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty has evaporated. Bankers are awarding themselves even more massive bonuses despite the banks being largely owned by the public and with a huge wave of anti-banker sentiment sweeping the country, Cameron promised action.

Further embarrassment has arrived with the announcement that prisoners are to be given the vote because of the threat of legal action under the tems of EU legislation. Norman Tebbit has urged tories to vote UKIP in the Oldham bi-election. Worse, one of the Tories former donors has become a UKIP supporter. You can't blame them when Cameron has gone native over Europe, saying that nothing can be done. Absolutely pathetic! If Cameron doesn't wake up to the reality soon he will find half his vote going to Nigel Farage's party. And why not? From what I've seen the man talks perfect sense on a lot of matters.

The Barclay's top man is said to be in line for a bonus of about 6million pounds.  At a Parliamentary sub-committee hearing he suggests that the failed banks should have been left to go under, along with the savings of a lot of working people. Is Cameron happy with this situation, whereby the country is run according to best bank practice? Unless someone in the world grasps the 'banking' problem and stops their progress towards total global domination of power, we will ultimately reach a bipartite state in which the bankers rule and the rest slave. He who has the cash is King.

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