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Monday 3 January 2011

Scientists glimpse 'dark flow' lurking beyond the edge of the universe

In a report by Roger Highfield, Science Editor of the Daily Telegraph, he says:

Distant clusters of galaxies are all shifting inexorably towards the same spot in the sky, beyond the boundary of what we can see, a baffling discovery by Nasa scientists that seems to challenge our understanding of the Big Bang.

A survey of hundreds of moving galaxy clusters, each of which contains hundreds of millions of stars, shows that they are defying expectations by moving at roughly two million miles per hour towards a particular location that may lie beyond the horizon of our observable universe.

This is not baffling when viewed from the context of the New Cosmology, where the 'Big Bang' never occurred. In the eternal and infinite Blackness, an infinite number of universes exist. They all came into existence the same way, not by creation but by dint of the fact that zero (or nothing) cannot be. It must be the exact balance of plus and minus 'matter'.

The universes seem to grow from nothing (It may be a quantum fluctuation). Some have been growing for aeons, some like our own universe for 14 billion years and is still growing as the interface between universe and Blackness (Pleroma) expands by an unknown process.* Each universe is composed of the same ingredients, so that when one universe, older and larger expands into another, younger and smaller, say, they seamlessly coalesce. To an observer in each of the universes, inflation will be seen to have taken place. Also, because the mass of the older universe is larger, similar matter in the smaller universe will be pulled towards the point of contact, producing the observed behaviour.
At the point of coalescence, information (including life) can be exchanged between the universes and time is unchanged. Time only comes into existence at the interface between a universe and the Blackness, and since the universes expand into eternity so does time. Good news for those who worried about a 'Big Crunch'.

*  The process must involve matter described by negative dimensions including the term 'i' or the square root of minus one. Our own universe is a duality consisting the part we see and live in and a complimentary part that pervades our own and which we cannot perceive. I personally believe that our brain has the capacity to perceive but has not yet been enabled by evolutionary pressures.

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