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Sunday 2 January 2011


There is news today of the closure of the former Cadbury's factory at Somerdale, outside Bristol. This after the new owners, Kraft, had promised to keep it open, whilst continuing to pump money into new and cheaper factories in Poland. Kraft has already transferred the running of Cadbury's to their European headquarters in Switzerland.
Meanwhile, the man who oversaw the sale of this iconic British confectioner, Ian Carr, has been awarded a knighthood for his services to industry. The 'City' thought he'd made a good deal for the company shareholders.
This is another example of what is going wrong with the world of commerce. It's all about cash; nothing else matters in the rush to accumulate as much of this spurious commodity as possible. There is apparently no other game in town as people and corporations acquire more and more of the stuff in a global polarisation of the distribution of wealth, spearheaded by the bankers.
'In a good deal for the shareholders', say the City is a euphamism for profit taking by those that manage the big pension funds and other financial services such as the hedge funds at the expense those who have built and continue to sustain the company. I am not a socialist, far from it, but I do believe that wealth should be achieved by those that make something, invent something or enrich peoples lives by their skill in the arts. It should not be made by manipulation of markets, by people whose only interest is building a pile of cash for themselves. Nor should knighthoods be awarded to people whose best endeavours are to create cash piles for the undeserving at the expense of those trying to build something of benefit to the community in which they live.

There has to be a better way!

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