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Saturday 1 January 2011

Ford Prison riots

When will the authorities realise that Prisons have got to be managed differently. Going easy on inmates is not only a slap in the face to the innocent population and tax-players but counterproductive. A culture of alcohol in the prison was reported as long ago as 2008.
The Government must stop listening to the left wing do-gooders and treat inmates as the scum they are. At Ford they could have managed 200 inmates with just two prison warders if they were permanently locked up. WHY THE HELL WERE THEY ALLOWED A NEW YEAR'S PARTY? They were in prison, for heaven's sake, for anti-social behaviour. Deny them the human rights they denied their victims and lock-em up. In solitary, without telephone calls, without family visits, without television except for educational programmes. In fact denied everything that the innocent might expect. When I am King, the relatives of the imprisoned will be required to pay for their food.
Prisons cost too much. The Justice bill is too much. Legal aid must be slashed. Protection of the innocent should include reducing the cost of proving guilt- making it easier for the prosecution of villains, especially those involved in organised crime.

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