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Friday 17 December 2010

Cosmic Background Radiation reveals older universe

Concentric circles discovered in cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) – the after-effects of the Big Bang – display evidence of events that took place before most scientists believe the universe came into being.

The discovery has been posted online on the website by respected scientist Professor Roger Penrose from Oxford University and Professor Vahe Gurzadyan from Yerevan State University, Armenia.

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The controversial finding points to the existence of a universe that did not begin 13.7billion years ago, as is generally accepted, but is instead a cycle of so-called aeons.

Readers of my blog know that I do not believe the universe came into being with a big bang. It just doesn't ring true. Rather it came about as a result of a quantum fluctuation in the eternal and infinite blackness, producing the world we think of as real and a parallel world of matter described in terms of negative dimensions that include 'i' the square root of minus one. This other world cannot ordinarily be perceived by humans because our senses are not yet equipped to receive the signals although I believe that our brain has the capability to do so when triggered by evolutionary processes. The whole universe is energetically zero and if an observer were to look at it from the blackness, he would see nothing.

One of the hypotheses I make is that the blackness is populated with an infinite number of such universes and that each is composed of these two parts which I shall characterise as 'real' and 'spiritual'. If I am correct, the physical properties of matter in the universes will be the same; the same dimensionless constants will apply and the electrons will have the same electrical charge etc.
In the creation process, the quantum fluctuation produces a 'real' particle and a 'spiritual' particle in an, as yet, unknown exothermic reaction, creating both matter and time. The excess energy triggers further splitting and so on, so that the universe expands for ever. The excess energy in the 'real' world is channeled back to the 'spiritual' world, maintaining equilibrium, through the actions of black holes.

Collisions between universes is rare but when they do, they result in an amalgamation. The creative waves of each universe approach each other and the universes open up to each other because they are totally compatible, producing a bigger universe. This will be seen as 'inflation'. Although one universe may be billions of years older than the other it makes no difference because at the point of contact, they are both creating new matter at time zero. However, the cosmic background radiation as observed from either one of the original universes will show irregularities.

One further point. During amalgamation, information can be transferred from the older to the younger universe so that, for instance, the possibility exists for evolved life to pass from one to the other.

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