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Thursday 16 December 2010

Harrier Jump Jet

Another tragedy. The Harrier Jump Jets are about to fly for the last time to save money. A superb piece of equipment designed and built in the UK, it was so impressive the Americans and others bought it. In another demonstration of crass stupidity, the British have not built on their success and developed this aircraft for modern warfare, unlike the US who have made modifications to enhance its performance.
This dereliction of duty follows on another flying tragedy; that of Concorde. Another British (and to be fair, French) design that was at the forefront of aeronautical engineering was left to whither and die rather than lead the way to a new generation of ground breaking aircraft. Now I expect the Chinese, the Russians and the US to lead the way and the Brits will have to import the new technology rather than exporting it.
I despair at the succession of British politicians who let slip the advantages forged for us by UK educated scientists of the highest order. It's no wonder they want to go abroad where their skills are appreciated.
We once led the world in Nuclear Technology, now we lag behind Iran because of mostly Lemming (Labour) governments listening to the stupid 'green' arguments. The result is we will have to buy technology from France, which because of the time scales involved will lead to a hiatus in energy supply and a landscape full of bloody windmills. The science averse members of parliament have bought into the climate change, caused by man, argument tying the country into unnecessary commitments on carbon emissions and other stupid legislation to do with sodding footprints. Sometimes you just want to shake some of them until they rattle.

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