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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Anarchy looms

Young Labour MP Nadia Whittome recently on tv chose to avoid condemning the perpetrators of the riot in Bristol in which two policemen suffered broken bones, property and police cars were trashed. She is one of several young, female, firebrand. Labour MPs, largely ethnic, who increasingly promote the 'woke' agenda whilst railing against British tradition and history with special emphasis on alleged links to slavery. On social media, radio and television they are exploiting broadcaster's needs for sensationalism to push back the norms of the indigenous people under the banner of diversity and equality. 

The British people ARE a diverse bunch, essentially proud of our history and the part we have played in pushing forward the spread of civilisation whether through invention, civil organisations such as law and order and the development of civil service. So successful has been this programme that millions of people from across the globe have arrived in the UK to enjoy the delights of the kingdom despite the innate, hard wired sentiments of the indigenous population to be wary of newcomers. Despite this the Brits have tried hard to be welcoming and accommodate people of different cultures in the hope that they would assimilate the British way of life. Sadly, as the numbers increased they are promoting their own cultures and as each day passes, it seems to me, they want the Brits to conform to a new way of life. Remember, it is because of the failures of this culture that led them to the shores of the UK in the first place. The demands of this new generation of immigrants amount to a form of socialism including moving to become a republic with the dissolution of the monarchy.

This seemingly irreversible trend will push the essentially white British to the limits of their patience leading to trouble, possibly insurrection and anarchy,  It will be too late to say: 'I told you so' but the 'woke' crowd including Nadia, ought to remember to be careful what they wish for.  

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