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Friday 26 March 2021

As i was saying...

In my blog of the 23rd March I was arguing that minority immigrant groups have grown to such numbers that they are challenging the culture and norms of British society. 

Yesterday it was reported that a teacher at Batley Grammar School had to go into hiding as a Muslim mob protested outside. His so called mistake was reveal a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed in a religious instruction class despite his right to freedom of speech. A spokesman from the local mosque said that the teacher had insulted two million Muslims worldwide conveniently ignoring that Mohammed had trashed the views of many more Christians and Jews.

It is the British way of life that we are free to comment, ridicule and question all aspects of life even if it encourages apostacy. When demanding that the British adopt different standards they are behaving like a conqueror race rather than guests. Be warned. When coming to the UK, being welcomed and encouraged to practice their religion the Muslim community ought to accept this British tradition. To do otherwise is to be rude.  

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