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Sunday 28 March 2021

Easter atrocity. Have we been warned?

 Recent Islamist attacks in Mozambique and an Indonesian Cathedral during a Palm Sunday service are a cause for concern. 

As more and more people worldwide are turning away from religion, disillusioned with the obvious absence of a loving, caring all powerful deity, the Church leaders feel the need to bring their fading Ministries into the twenty-first century. However for some the need to fulfill Jihad, fueled by a manic religious fervour, seems the best way of furthering their fight and reversing the move to greater secularism. What better way than an outrageous attack on a seat of Christendom on the holiest day of the year.

It is in this light that I fear major atrocities occurring this year in religious centres around the world and whilst hoping I am wrong, exhort the authorities to be extra vigilant this Easter.

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