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Tuesday 9 March 2021

That interview

 The Royal family will deal in private the two principal issues raised by Meghan Markle in her interview with Oprah Winfrey, namely her mental state due to the nature of her work and the alleged racial comments regarding the skin colour of her first child.

With regards to the second point, surely it is a matter of curiosity to wonder about the physical characteristics of an unborn child; for example its eye and hair colour. Is curiosity now to be stifled because it upsets some peoples sensitivity?

We are all 'racist' to the extent that we always prefer the company of family, friends and community. 

Meghan was, she claims, stressed to the point of suicide because of the constraints afforded by an institution based on a unique sense of duty. As an american actress she was totally bemused by the tradition and protocols derived from a thousand years of practice. I fear that if you are a non-swimmer, you should not join the swimming club.

She says that she sought help but there could surely be no remedy if she was incapable of accommodating the changes she needed to make. I cannot help but feel that she was confusing the UK monarchy to the Mickey Mouse Hollywood dream of kings, handsome princes, beautiful damsels and magical castles. Did she understand that the Queen reigns, not because of some sort of British whimsy, but is crowned and anointed in the eyes of God to be head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith. To be part of the Royal Family is to adopt a special life of selfless duty. Clearly the Duchess of Sussex wasn't up to the job.

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