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Saturday 16 February 2019

Returning jihadi

A young 'British' woman, born to a Muslim family, left home aged fifteen to help the Islamic State terrorist group fight in Syria. Now, aged nineteen, she has been found in a refugee camp, nine months pregnant with her third child, the first two having died, according to reports, from malnutrition. Despite showing no remorse or expressing any regrets about her action she is asking to be repatriated to the UK to have her child (with the NHS).
One school of thought suggests that she made her decision, contrary to the culture and values of the country of her birth, and she should now suffer the consequences. Indeed, she renounced her claim to be British and therefore all benefits that accrue from such allegiance.
The other idea is that British sentiment is above holding grudges and should welcome the woman back to be sympathetically rehabilitated, being particularly anxious for the welfare of the newborn.
It is claimed that the youngster was 'brainwashed', with two other youngsters, and without the knowledge of her parents left the country and made her way to Syria. Her family expressed astonishment that she would do such a thing, itself strange when she was brought up according to Muslim values. But who knows her character?
It is my contention, that this young girl inherited in the womb, the character of a jihadist and nurturing in an essentially Muslim family did nothing to assuage her inner feelings. It is possible that this inherited character, him or herself, also inherited the character of an Islamic fighter etc, perhaps going back through the generations to the times of Saladin. That she shows no remorse suggests that her devotion is so deep that my view has some relevance.
It's difficult to demonstrate this progression through the generations but I have previously given an important example. see my blog:

We can also find another example in the context of Islam. It is claimed that the prophet Muhammad was himself a descendant of Ishmael the first born son of the patriarch, Abraham. But did the prophet inherit the character of Ishmael when he was conceived many generations later? Well, in two respects he did. They both had a visit from the angel Gabriel and both were warned that they would be at odds with their fellows. From the very beginning, the prophet was fighting the Meccans and the followers of Islam have been fighting ever since, and losing as this young woman discovered.
Now we come to the baby. The child's character, like everyone else will be a two part composite. nature and nurture. If it inherits a jihadist character, then some alleviation might be achieved with a traditional British upbringing endorsing the values that define the tradition of love, hope and charity. On the other hand, brought up in the confrontational manner of some mosques and families, fed on a diet of resentment, the child might, once again, rebel against the very people who gave his family a home.

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