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Monday 25 June 2012

Lawyers bleed the NHS dry

A report highlighted in the Daily Telegraph shows how much the legal profession is taking from the NHS in extortionate fees for claims made under the no win-no-fee system. To read the article click on the link below.

Lawyers take lion's share of pay-outs

It is surely time to rein in the Legal profession. They are unaffordable, anti-social and frankly, in many instances, an affront to the notion of Justice. If finding loopholes in the tax system is a blight on the financial services sector then exploiting loopholes to thwart the rule of law likewise is the trademark shame of the solicitors and barristers. Criminals released on a 'technicality' ferreted out by a solicitor is a slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen in the land.
How often the judges words, 'Awaiting reports' makes one's hairs stand on end with indignation. Why does the judge need to delay sentencing, prolong the legal debate at further costs to the taxpayers with more fees for the fat cat lawyers? Surely he doesn't need reports after a trial in which all the evidence is revealed. After being found guilty, sentence him or her. If there are mitigating circumstances, the effects of his incarceration on family, the consequences on his prospects for work etc, the guilty should have thought of these before committing the crime.

Too often, the legal profession is glamourised in TV dramas such as 'Judge John Deed' or 'Silk'. They should come with a Government Health Warning that these people are costing the nation an unsustainably huge fortune and that many of them are not properly serving the law-abiding community. Since so many lawyers are Members of Parliament I'm not holding my breath, because like their still practising brethren, they don't do any real wealth creating work, manufacturing or inventing products. The Minister of Justice has spoken of curbing the 'no win-no-fee' culture but this time we need action not words or the NHS will continue to be bled by the parasitic legal leaches.

I like this from Hilary Mantel's Man Booker prize winning novel, Wolf Hall:  'You ... person,' he says; and again, 'you nobody from Hell, you whore-spawn, you cluster of evil, you lawyer.'

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