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Friday 22 June 2012

Miliband's 'apology'.

Click on the following link for a response to Ed Miliband's worthless apology, couched in terms that I couldn't aspire to.

Miliband has apologised for the last Socialist Government's immigration policy. They have accepted that they should have regulated Banks better which to my mind is a euphemistic acceptance that their policy of continued spending whilst the treasury vaults were empty contributed massively to the Country's current economic woes. Now we are seeing the result of Socialist education policies were elitism is sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity and social engineering nonsense, leaving people of talent to despair for their futures in a country where their skills are undervalued so as not to upset the idle and feckless supporters of the Labour Party.
They are useless with Immigration, Education and the economy and yet forty percent of the poulation would vote for them next time out. Is it any wonder that Democracy has run its course and the people cannot be trusted to vote correctly. The poor people of Egypt know this to be true. They wanted 'Democracy', thousand were killed for it, and now they see that it is a hopeless illusion. They now want another revolution, another round of deaths, mostly women and children and to achieve what? If they keep voting for the Muslim Brotherhood they will never know peace like the Palestinians in Gaza consistently voting for Hamas and their warmongering attitude to their neighbours.
Stop this nonsense now! Countries need to be run by a small body of people who have ONLY the Country's interests at heart. It is my belief that most people couldn't care less for politics and politicians. They need and deserve to be ruled wisely and well. That is all.

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