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Friday 15 June 2012

Arab Spring

That problems are arising in Egypt after the removal of President Mubarak comes as no surprise to those of us that predicted no good would come from the 'Arab Spring'. After the latest general election the interim ruling Government-the military-has ruled the results illegal in many of the seats and quashed the result, meaning that they keep hold of power. Ostensibly it is to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from gaining power and introducing an Islamic republic and presumably Sharia law in a demonstration of the notion that the public cannot be trusted to vote correctly.
As I suggested in a previous article, see here and here, Egypt is an important player in the Middle East peace process, accepting US 'investment' in exchange for not posing a threat to their allies, Israel, and the Egyptian Military understand this. Handing power to the Muslim Brotherhood would bring turmoil not only to Egypt but the whole area. The people of Egypt will therefore have to keep on voting until they learn to elect the 'right' party. A bit like the Irish voting on EU matters.
It is not only Egypt. Libya is now a crock of shit with widespread unrest in the country and Syria, the latest country to suffer widespread civil unrest. David Cameron and William Hague are in the forefront of world leaders telling President Assad to step down but what do they think will happen if he does so. Do they not imagine that the Sunni majority will not seek revenge on the Alawite community which Assad leaves? If they do the war will spread to Lebanon. The question is this. What benefit will the murder of thousands of innocent people ultimately bring to the country if Assad leaves. The Country will be thrown into even worse turmoil with competing groups fighting to take over in a no-holds-barred fight for power. To see what it might look like, see what is happening in Iraq where dozens of bystanders have been killed recently in coordinated bomb attacks across the country. Ask the families of these dead if they think they are better off under 'Democracy'.
What is it about 'Democracy' that makes the British leadership promote it so virulently when it is clear that it doesn't work and is directly responsible for the deaths of millions of innocents? Are all these dead women and children a price worth paying for their increasingly outdated ideology?

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