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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Jeremy Hunt

There is growing demands in parliament for an independant enquiry into the part played by Culture Minister, Jeremy Hunt in the takeover of B-Sky-B by News International, the media company owned by Rupert Murdoch.
Who cares? I feel sure that the general public have more important matters to think about. Isn't it a truth that no Minister can be completely immune from some interest in almost every aspect of Government and in all cases has to be trusted to be acting in the National Interest, even if this leads to charges of hypocrisy.
An independant enquiry as sought by Clegg would cost the public purse millions of pounds at a time when they are trying to save money and at the end of the day prove precisely nothing, as will happen with the Leveson enquiry.

Ministers who don't act in the National Interest should be charged with treachery and publically hung. That should concentrate the mind.

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