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Wednesday 13 June 2012

EU referendum

A spokesman for No. 10 says that there is no popular support in the UK for a referendum on the EU.

This fatuous and wrong response is typical of the Government's attitude to the wishes of the people. Readers of this blog will know that I'm no fan of listening to the wants of the general public, and in one way this opposition to a referendum wouldn't be bad if the motive was truly in the interests of the people, but it hasn't been proven to be so and in many ways is seen to be detrimental to the UK. It strikes me, that such truculent opposition to what is clearly the mood of the people indicates that remaining in the EU may be in the interests of senior politicians in the Conservative Party, behaviour which is at best disengenuous and at worst, treachery.
Constantly I hear, in support of the EU, the mantra that the 40% of the UK's trade is with the EU, rising to 50% in recent weeks as the temperature of the debate rises. Well, forgive me but my maths tell me that we ought to concentrate on the other 60%, which probably  means trading with the Commonwealth countries and other English speaking Nations such as North America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In doing so we will not have to obey their Human Rights laws or pump billions of taxpayers money into supporting an increasingly expensive bureacracy in return for which we receive scant recognition and obvious disdain.

If you want to retain the wavering support of the people, I say to the Tories, hold a referendum on continued membership of the EU. A simple YES:NO question when the people next go to the polls for regional elections. Failure to do so will rightly result in hundreds of thousands of voters switching to Nigel Farage and UKIP.

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