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Tuesday 7 May 2024

It's happening. Don't say you weren't warned 2

 In this blog 0f 2019 we warned of the danger of immigrants being allowed to stand for election to positions of power. See:

Well, so many have been elected I'm beginning to wonder if my worst fears are being reaised and this is a concerted plan that will eventually lead to the UK becoming an Islamic state. One Muslim faction have sent an eighteen long list of requirements that have to be met if Keir Starmer and the Labour Party want the Muslim vote. Remember that Islam takes no prisoners. There is no real tolerance of non-Muslims; their God, Allah, is with them in every aspect of life and don't you forget it.

There is a precedent for this; the Muslim takeover of the Iberian peninsular in the eighth century. It took over six hundred years to expel the Muslims and restore a Christian rule.

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