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Monday 6 May 2024

It's happening. Don't say you weren't warned

 The English local Council elections have just been held with a huge swing to the Labour Party.

The Tories unde Rishi Sunak have failed on almost all their promises particularly that concerning immigration. In November 2021 this blog highlighted the danger of unmitigated Muslim immigration into the Country. see below:

Well, the numbers have reached such a level that Muslims, men in particular, are taking up Council positions, voted in by ever growing numbers of their fellows. One newly elected Councillor in Bradford reportedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar'! on his election. Only the tolerant English would tolerate this upheaval in our nations demographics with the attendant threat to our history, culture and way of life.

The Rwanda scheme is useless. The Country needs leadership with balls to turn back the boats in mid channel and return those Muslims already in the UK or risk the Country becoming an Islamic state. Londonistan is half way there already with a large number of wards in Muslim control under a Muslim mayor.

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