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Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Heaven Paradox

A man in Australia believes he is Jesus and that his girlfriend is Mary Magdelene. The pair are attracting a good deal of attention and a 'cult' following.

Not for the first time, reality copies a theme from one of my stories. In one of the tales from my latest novel, 'The George at Bustington', a footballer believes he is Jesus and his girlfriend is called Madeleine. In the story, the footballer, in reality, Graham, comes face to face with the 'Heaven Paradox', when a spirit tells him the truth about his own parents.
Graham's mother discovers that her husband had an affair with her sister. Blameless, on her death, his distraught mother consoles herself that she will ascend to Heaven. However, her husband and sister, on their deathbeds, repent of their sins and mindful that Jesus said that he was the Truth, the Light and the Way and only through Him could they find the Lord, ask him for access.
Knowing the truth, the paradox that confronted Jesus (Graham) was this: if his father and aunt ascend to Heaven, what of his mother? For her, will Heaven become her Hell?

In my tale, Graham realises he cannot unravel this paradox and gives up his role as Messiah.

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