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Friday 7 June 2013

Bilderberg world

The UK Prime Minister is to pay a visit to the secretive Bilderberg get together in watford over the weekend but will not be making public the names of those he meets or what is discussed. This is entirely consistent with a group of European and US 'movers and shakers' that have been convening each year since 1954, but is in direct contradiction of Cameron's stated wish for transparency in Government.
There is no fixed agenda nor are minutes taken but few people round the world now doubt that this gathering has wide implications for policies that stretch across the globe, not least in Europe where it is widely held that the European union and the Euro were spawned. The people of Europe have been hoodwinked into giving up the sovereignty of their own dispirate countries to join a body led by unelected officials following an agenda that seems to have nothing to do with the wellbeing of the people and more to do with the polarising of resources for those who really rule the World. When Europe is really subjugated to where will they turn their attention next. Asia? Africa? They will have their fingers in these particular pies already. They are softening up the Countries they see as being particularly vulnerable by fomenting unrest and war using whatever devices they can lay their hands on such as poverty or religious intolerance.
Those attending these meetings are not the top people in the Cartels, merely the 'chosen ones' who through their input define the current situation and through their insights show the way forward.
Who are the ultimate beneficionaries of all this information? You won't find their names amongst the invitees because they have nothing to say but much to hear. I can only surmise that they must be people of enormous wealth who are accountable to no particular nation. People who can move around the globe with impunity because they control so many world leaders. They must be the Bankers. You will know who I mean. They do.

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