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Monday 27 May 2013

Threat to lads mags

It seems as if the legal profession is at it again; drumming up more work, no doubt at the expense of the tax payer through legal aid.
A spokeswoman from Cherie Blair's Matrix chambers explained on television this morning that because some women may find the images on the covers of lad's magazines demeaning their display might be construed as amounting to Sexual Harassment. A test case is being prepared for presentation before a court.
They never give up, do they? More and more legislation, interfering with more and more aspects of daily life, giving them greater scope to line their bottomless pockets with other peoples' wealth. Remember; these people, popularised by favourite TV programmes, don't make or create anything; they only interpret and charge huge amounts of money, usually the general publics, for the privelege.
Many women will not mind seeing others spread over the covers of these magazines, some might argue that it is 'empowering' but I suggest that the vast majority will simply ignore them. But, hey! Why let that stop these miserable briefs from ruining the enjoyment of some men and putting pressure on the already small profits of local newsagents?
The 'learned' profession's greatest success is the hateful Human Rights Act, which contrives to defend the undefendable; ignoring the inconvenient truth that someone's 'right' almost always infinges that of another.
The government should ignore the siren voices of the many barristers amongst the ranks of parliamentarians and curb this shamefully wasteful profession before they reduce life to a miserable and expensive farce.

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