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Thursday 23 May 2013

Why DO you believe in God?

The murder of a serving soldier in Woolwich by two machete wielding men, brings the horror, found all over the Islamic world, to the streets of London.
The Prime Minister insists the Country will not'buckle' in the face of terrorism, but will he rue the day he was so complacent as a man on the deck of a sinking ship might ask: 'Water; what water?'
Wherever you look in the warring world, Nigeria, Mali,Iraq, Afghanistan, southern Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, to name but a few, we see that the problems are not caused by Ennuits, South American Indians, Scandinavians or people from Malta. The problem is caused by the followers of Islam and around the globe the main victims are innocent women and children.
This should be said loud and clear. No pussy-footing about, no prevarication. The teaching of Islam should come with a health warning; madrassas feeding hatred should be closed down. To reassure the indigenous British peoples, and the peaceful Islamic communities, no new mosques should be built and those that promote violence should be closed down. When you are surrounded by a raging inferno you do not build a house of wood.
I would like to ask the Muslim community today, why it is that their faith generates so much hatred and violence, much of it within their own communities, and how can they have any confidence in what that faith teaches? Then, I would ask all the other religious communities exactly the same question.

A woman on TV, speaking from her hospital bed, horrendously injured by the Oklahoma hurricane thanked God for her deliverence. Why would anyone who has suffered the loss of friends, homes and in her case her husband, 'Thank God'? WHY? Thanking him for all the horror and death?
She further asked God to 'look after him', referring to her husband. May I respectfully suggest that he's alright; he's out of it. The one who needs looking after is the poor woman. She's lost everything and for the life of me I cannot see evidence anywhere in this whole tragic event of the Mercy of God. In fact, when I look at life on earth today I have never been more certain of two facts; the spiritual side of mankind and the NON existence of a merciful, omnipotent God.

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