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Saturday 18 May 2013

Redefining 'marriage'

Government minister Philip Hammond suggested on the BBC programme 'Question Time' that the government legislation allowing for same sex 'marriage' had caused widespread dismay amongst whole swathes of the population because it attempted to redefine the word 'marriage'. Apart from these measures not appearing in either of the manifestos of the Tories or Liberal-Democrats, He had some sympathy, it seems, with those that claim that 'marriage' refers to the union of men and women for the purposes of natural procreation.
I can understand the wish of homosexual couples to be regarded as equal but for the life of me isn't it obvious that they are not and the very nature of their relationship precludes the use of the word 'marriage'.
If the legislation goes through, will heterosexual couples wish to call their relationship by another name to distinguish their special circumstances?
Suggestions please for a new word, representing heterosexual marriage.

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